Tower of Heaven – CLIMB HARDER![…or not.]

tower of heaven

When the title of this game pops up somewhere,people tend to be like: “OH M(AN T^HAT’S SUCH A GRE@AT GAME AND IT’S% SO HARD BOY OH BOY///.That’s why I was excited to try it out and potentially be rewarded with a good experience from the playthrough.What I got however can only be described in two words:

“It’s short.”

I mean,yeah.That’s pretty much it.It’s a really short platformer.There is a notch of difficulty in the game which can be easily overthrowed after the first few runs.Typical platformer game with the “Trial and error” character.I was not really fond of the gimmick in the game.Going room after room with various rules taking power and changing your game experience,only to be removed in the end for the last,most challenging room?I don’t know about that…

I mean,none of these things are bad in any way whatsoever.It’s just that my expectations were a bit higher.For what it is however,this game is pretty solid platformer with quite a challenge.Although,I have to be fair,I had fun only when I decided to do a no-death run.

Tower of heaven DONE FOR REAL!

I really liked the vasual theme and the music in the game.Plot felt pretty casual.Not too bad.Not too bad indeed…

I’ll just throw in a 6.7 out of 10 and pretend that I am a chicken.Bwock!

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