OneShot – But not really!


This game was requested many times by “camelpuncher”, a person who gets shot at least once a day, because that’s what living in a capital city is all about!

“I wish I could make a beautiful, unique and involving puzzle game on RPGMaker” – The spider in the corner of my room.

When I was first introduced to “OneShot”, I had weird expectations about the game. With its concept of having only one chance, one gameplay session, I thought it would try to be mean and send me over to the abyss of canned tuna, if I screw up at some point in the game. However, it turned out that the game is pretty generous about it, a bit too much for its own good perhaps. Getting the bad ending depends literally on you choosing to quit at any point, before you get to the end. Apart from that, the game also makes auto- saves and forces you to take brakes every now and then. It’s a one- shot type of deal where you can really take your time, but not really! Considering how short “OneShot” is, the player is unlikely to be in real need of a break between every ten to twenty minutes of a gameplay session. Given that we live in the era of busy machines, office parties and where everyone has some mental disorder, the job edition, there could always be a case of someone making use of those breaks – A true hardcore gamer who plays only for a bit each day, while investing the rest of their time into “actual” work. The word [actual] here can be understood in more ways than one!


In my opinion, if one is to make a short game, a good idea would be to work on making the game leave a strong impression on the player or having a decent replay value. With the way and idea this game was made, both of these are pretty much nonexistent. The game restricts itself for the sake of appearing unique, without the need to really do so. I notice the lack of commitment and dedication from the plot and the main character. So here we are, this is Niko, a cat person, but not really! Just because someone has the features of a cat creature, that does not necessary makes them related. You get to save a world by bringing a big light bulb to a place, but not really! The world is already dying due to other reasons and your quest won’t fix that – As acknowledge by the game itself via the words of a certain NPC. Now why is that? Did this game really need to try and appeal deep and whatnot itshowuwantittobe crap?  Maybe it was all experimental – After all, there is also a remastered version of the game on Steam, which supposedly covers most of the problems presented within’ the original release. Supposedly.

OneShot 1.1 DONE!

The art in the game is pretty great. Same goes for the music. They manage to create a pretty unique atmosphere, that fits well with the few location that you get to explore in the game. The character design is decent, but you usually meet characters once and off you go then. You are, after all, on a quest to save the world, but not really, as we just discussed. The puzzles are alright, but they are not all that difficult, mainly due to the fact that “there so much you can do” syndrome is presented. Watch out though! The game will break the fourth Chinese vase and try to make YOU part of the game, while installing many copies of “Earthworm Jim: The simulator” on your computer PC machine, without your permission! Your hidden bitcoin stashes might also be in danger!

4.7 out of 10!

The Trials of Odysseus Kent – Video tape killed the blow- up doll!

bideo tape

I remember that the first movie that I’ve watched on a video tape was “Robin Hood” by Disney. It was around ’95/’96 or so, when I was still blooming as a kid. I quite enjoyed the movie for its colorful and charismatic characters, along with the heart- warming, comedy bits to it. I haven’t seen or read anything about “Robin Hood” related until then, so it was more or less my first experience with the legend. The fact that every character was a different animal enhanced the magic even further for young ‘Me’.

Weirdly enough, the dub for the movie in my country was done by one person only. The whole narration felt like a story told by that person, with the voices of the characters being directly connected to it, rather than being solely cast for each different scene. I think there might have been scenes where most of the dub was pretty lazy, but honestly, I haven’t seen that movie in like… over two decades now!

Around the time I got my Famiclone, my brother also introduced me to the concept of recording things from the T.V. on a video tape via the VCR. I remember recording beating “Mortal Kombat 2” by Hummer Team on the “Robin Hood” video tape, after the movie ends. I also remember the silly fact that I paused at some point, because I needed to use the bathroom real bad. Sadly, the tape actually belonged to a friend of my mother, so we had to give it back… after six years of the initial rent. [?] R.I.P. my very first LP…

Kent DONE!

By the end of the 90s, I’ve managed to create lots of good memories with my family and the various movies that we’ve watched on video tapes. “Mulan” was a movie that I really enjoyed, especially due to the fact that I was hyped for it beforehand by reading about it in various magazines. Everyone in my family was fond of it and I didn’t even knew that there was a sequel? WELL THEN… I remember seen almost all of the “Asterix & Obelix” movies made until and around that time. The one where they go to America had a spotlight on T.V., being praised by all and all. When I saw the clip with the song they sang at the Indian village, I was completely captured by it. Seeing it a few years later, I thought it was pretty neat. When you are within’ the age range of five to ten, everything seems neat and awesome, really. Is it because I didn’t knew better? Was content quality higher back then? Could it be because my life was just easier due to me leeching off my relatives? WHO KNOWS!

I could tell you the sad tale of the fate of video tapes during my teen years, but I prefer not to. All that you should know is that I was happy and not a single bit of change in the system can kill the memory of a thousand sombrero snacks being eaten!

“The Trials of Odysseus Kent” is an adventure game, where you can give pornographic video tapes to a creepy, perverted man, who, in exchange, will provide you with all the blow- up sex dolls in the universe. That’s it, of course, after he’s done with them and the major damage is already in effect. Then again, who said that rising an army and taking over the world would be an easy task?


it's pretty neat

Случи се, когато се връщах от близкият магазин и трябваше да се скрия на завет от силният и пороен дъжд. Тогава си спомних нещо, което приятелката ми беше казала преди известно време.

“Една вечер, когато бях още дете, играх на една много трудна видео игра. Моята баба ми каза, че накрая на играта има лоша риба тон, която била причината за прогресиращата и ракова болест. Тогава и казах, че когато порасна голяма, ще победя рибата и ще отмъстя за нейната смърт.”

Тогава, тя ме погледна и добави, “За това откраднах [Сега Дриймкаст], при което ме хванаха и арестуваха… Ей! Не ми се смей…”

Не знам защо ми беше толкова смешно тогава. Може би, защото тя бе толкова сериозна относно видео игри.

“Както и да е, когато се наядеш, обади ми се”, каза тя.

Пуснаха я от затвора за видео игри, след известен период, и от тогава до сега измина много време.

Не знам защо отново се събрахме заедно. Аз бях добър вьв видео игрите, а тя не! Факт беше, че ние винаги се засичахме по едни и сьщи форуми и чат стаи, по чисто сьвпадение.

Вероятно просто исках да се вьзползвам от нея и да я накарам да стане един от читателите на ужасният ми блог.

Завьршените игри започнаха да се трупат, но ние имахме нужда от пари. Решихме да си набавим малко от интернетската биткойн банка. Не бях готов за обира, но реших, че ако ще го правим, би било по- добре да загрея с няколко спийд- рьна преди това.


In all my seven years on, I’ve had lots of fun and I managed to meet some really nice and awesome people. While my site is not all that heavy on traffic, I am still glad that I manage to receive feedback from people, even if it’s via private messaging.

Stay tuned for more, yet to come! Lab. Room 19 have been just warming up ’till now! [A proper warm- up requires two years of “quality” posting, that’s it!]

Fukawa- chan – Cracking open all the safes in the universe!


No school supplies or Sudoku puzzles will be spared in this “Danganronpa” fan game, starring Touko Fukawa, because everyone nowadays can make a game in one sandwich- making session! Well, clearly, it also depends on the cook’s preferences and perspective on how a good sandwich should be. The vast majority of nowadays community of chefs see the perfect recipe involving a good amount of waiting until enough rot accumulates, the various parts of the sandwich being put inside many containers, all of which the consumer needs to assemble, SOMETIMES there might be a more exotic approach, where the sandwich has been already halfway eaten! Me, i just prefer a lot of mustard!

I actually find “Fukawa- chan” to be a pretty decent, for how short and scrapped the game is. Take into consideration that I have never played any “Danganronpa” game before and I have no idea what is what and who is who. I know things vaguely. Still, from how Touko Fukawa is characterized in this game, I feel like the author colored the dog green. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before about a lot of things, it’s unlikely that this will change in the future! I do like it though. Fukawa sounds a bit silly, Cute- silly!

The gameplay revolves around solving a number of puzzles. That being said, they are pretty decent and I even got stuck at a certain point. [ First safe inside the school/] There is also that silly Sudoku puzzle, which I went and fully completed, even though I didn’t need to. The rest is just trash gathering/ hoarding and finding numbers to open safes. I am still confused about that one puzzle where you can force your way through, which I did. What was the logic behind those paper- posters? Did the quality of the paper matter or am I missing something here? Huh…

Fukawachan DONE!

I really liked the absence of NPCs and the feeling of emptiness through the whole game. On purpose or not, it feels quite nice – it is a change of pace from the usual RPGMaker stuff that I play…