Fukawa- chan – Cracking open all the safes in the universe!


No school supplies or Sudoku puzzles will be spared in this “Danganronpa” fan game, starring Touko Fukawa, because everyone nowadays can make a game in one sandwich- making session! Well, clearly, it also depends on the cook’s preferences and perspective on how a good sandwich should be. The vast majority of nowadays community of chefs see the perfect recipe involving a good amount of waiting until enough rot accumulates, the various parts of the sandwich being put inside many containers, all of which the consumer needs to assemble, SOMETIMES there might be a more exotic approach, where the sandwich has been already halfway eaten! Me, i just prefer a lot of mustard!

I actually find “Fukawa- chan” to be a pretty decent, for how short and scrapped the game is. Take into consideration that I have never played any “Danganronpa” game before and I have no idea what is what and who is who. I know things vaguely. Still, from how Touko Fukawa is characterized in this game, I feel like the author colored the dog green. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before about a lot of things, it’s unlikely that this will change in the future! I do like it though. Fukawa sounds a bit silly, Cute- silly!

The gameplay revolves around solving a number of puzzles. That being said, they are pretty decent and I even got stuck at a certain point. [ First safe inside the school/] There is also that silly Sudoku puzzle, which I went and fully completed, even though I didn’t need to. The rest is just trash gathering/ hoarding and finding numbers to open safes. I am still confused about that one puzzle where you can force your way through, which I did. What was the logic behind those paper- posters? Did the quality of the paper matter or am I missing something here? Huh…

Fukawachan DONE!

I really liked the absence of NPCs and the feeling of emptiness through the whole game. On purpose or not, it feels quite nice – it is a change of pace from the usual RPGMaker stuff that I play…