RA Invasion [Part 11] – Balloon Cat


A very late RA Invasion post. I’ve been having issues with my internet connection since Friday, last week. I received pretty sloppy support regarding the issue from my internet provider, wherein even up to now I’m having brief moments where the connection times out and whatnot. This problem happened before many times, so I am not stranger to it. If anything, I am glad that of recent years, the issues has occurred less and less, with the internet connection getting better and more stable overall. A moments like the current one that I am dealing with can be a real pain in the ass though.

Tama and Friends Sanchoume Kouen: Tamalympics [Game Gear]

Tama and Friends Sanchoume Kouen - Tamalympics DONE!

This is a game that I failed to do during the “Attack! A month to the 500th entry!” A compilation of four mini- games, which pack a fairly decent challenge. I really can’t say much about the original source material this game was based on. It’s some Japanese animation series featuring cats, I don’t know. I bet it’s pretty good, despite the fact that it looks to me like your typical generic show featuring cute animals.

This game has practice mode included and the option for showing explanations of how each mini- game works and controls. There is a mini- game where you kick sand into a bucket, while dealing with moles who will try to stun you, alongside one of them moving the bucket around. Probably the easiest mini- game of the four, where it’s mostly about focusing on filling the bucket and not so much on retaliating against the moles as a whole.

Then, there is the game where you have to jump on tires, logs and over gaps. It can be pretty tough, up until you learn the pattern, but even then, one can get confused easily regarding a proper control input. This game combines the usage of holding a direction plus the jump button, all and all while there are also jumps that happen in the background, which require only a single usage of the other available action button. There are two red balloons which you can grab. The first one will help you skip on a fairly easy section at the start and the second one is a trap that leads you to your total DEMISE! Oh, the classic values of retro games supposedly aimed for younger audiences…

The slide climbing mini- game can be pretty awful, until you figure out the proper timing on tapping the action button in order to ascend up. Thanks to RA, I was spoiled on a secret shortcut which makes this mini- game… still quite the challenge. Not a very reliable shortcut, even after you find it, but it’s really, really rewarding. If you manage to get it two times in a row, the slide climbing becomes the easiest challenge of the four pretty much. Again, it’s a pretty finicky task…

P.S. [DOG]

Last, we have swing hell, Hokkaido Malibu. You press left and right while on the swing to build up momentum and then you jump of it using one of the two action buttons when you think the time is right. The thing is though, during my playthrough, I never learned when the time is right and when it is not. I think you are supposed to avoid jumping from the swing when the dog shows up and wait for an air current to boost you up. Even then, regardless that I have taken this into consideration, most of my jumps would shoot up a random distance. Is the requirements for a good jump a bit picky? I’m still not sure. For the most part, it was more of praying to the video game gods for the perfect jump, rather than timing things out perfectly. Then, there is the yellow balloon in this level, which sends you all the way to the end of the track. I got it twice during my run, with a sweet time of three hours in between each successful attempt.

The thing about this game is that you don’t really have to try all the much in order to rack up a good amount of points. First place is easily reachable with a decent effort put into each mini game. HOWEVER, if you want to see the credits roll, you have to get over 400 points! This is where things like getting the yellow balloon on the swing become pretty much “A must”. Even then, accomplishing that hellish task might be for nothing, if you screw up one of the other three games. During my RA run, I even came close to 399 points and that was… It was a very awful feeling to have.

How do I know about the credits thing? I always do a check up on games once I finish them, in order to make sure I’ve gotten everything they have to offer. Sometimes there are obscure things like this one that a person can easily miss on. Thank God for the internet!

trending purple


For me, it all started with robot toys and who had the one that can move and talk. I never had one of those, my parents never bothered buying me one and frankly, I don’t think I really cared about owning one at any point of my childhood. I learned to read at age two and a half and up until my fifth birthday, my everyday life revolved around playing with a constructor kit, reading and making a total of two friends on the street. I made my own robots using the constructor kit and with my friends, we would play with them, alongside coming up with missions for our creations and whatnot crap to entertain ourselves. My friends owned actual robot toys, but they discarded them the moment I offered them to play with the constructor kit, which we could use to design robots the way we wanted them to be.

Then came the video games, where everyone was all about owning the best console or PC, with the newest and most popular video games. 3D graphics baby and open world? That’s what I’m talking about! But then I’m like, listen guys, this is “Abe’s Exoddus”! That game is called “Oni”! This is “Heroes 3 of Might and Magic”! Freakin’ “Neverwinter Nights”! Nope! Flare you idiot, the best games right now are “Half- Life” and “Grand Thief  Auto 3”! Go play your shitty obscure shit while we gun down people left or right because that’s fun! You know that something is fun when everyone else is into it. Question no the quality of the trending product, like I questioned everyone else around me at the time for not being able to beat “Super Mario Bros.” while using warps AND playing a bootleg hacked version where you can never be hurt once you pick up a mushroom. There is just no point to it, the answer is quite obvious.

Next in line is high school and it’s all about who dated who, where and when did they had sex, who was the first one in class to own a car, who had the best grades and to what school they were planning to go once they graduate, only to drop out a few years later and why did I get punished for finding out that my teachers had relationships with some of the students who were still underage?


Within’ the human’s nature for trending, there is but not a single drop of justice. You’ll be ripped and torn apart like a rag doll for trying to apply a change, unless you find a way to do it in a way that can convince a smelly old cheese that it could become a beautiful and delicious cake.

When I look at myself in this day age, when I think about it, I can’t even bother to bring myself to watch up to three episodes of any anime whatsoever. Cocoa flavored ice cream though, now we are talking!

RA Invasion [Part 10] – Return to Puzzle island


A pretty short but satisfying RA Invasion weekend, where I beat a game that I’ve been meaning to for quite a while now. I’ve piled up on a lot of games recently that I either haven’t touched or spent enough time on. Worst part is that a lot of them were generous gifts from some pretty nice people and I don’t want to make them feel down for neglecting their gifts. That’s why I think that for a time being, I am not going to add new stuff, until I clear at least 80% of the titles that I currently have on my machine. That goes for my RA entries as well, so there is also the possibility of me dealing with less games per post, given that the difficulty rises or the game itself is long in terms of play time.

Moai- kun [NES]

Moai-kun DONE!

“Moai- kun” is a pretty underrated puzzle- platformer for the NES by Konami. It’s like “Boulder Dash” meets “Nuts & Milk”, a combination that works surprisingly well. There is the issue with having to get used to how far your weak jump can get you and the game kind of requires you to be a bit more precise in your platforming. Jumps don’t have to be exactly pixel perfect, but doing them as closer to the edge of a platform as possible is a must. Of course, mastering the ability to actually do jumps from exactly the edge lets you shortcut on a decent number of levels. As a whole, levels are one screen big only and honestly, 75% of them are pretty simple. The puzzles revolve mostly around pushing and piling up rocks, either to clear or create a path. It’s nothing too complicated and there isn’t too much room for error, which lets you find the proper solution quite easily. First few stages of this game do a pretty good job of teaching you as much about the mechanics of this game as you need to know, really. The game follows the idea of having a difficulty curve composed of throwing a few hard levels in between easier ones, that are there to let you take a breather. I really enjoy this way of handling a difficulty in a video game. There are lives in this game, but you earn extra one after completing a level. It’s pretty easy to stock up on a decent amount and even if that’s not enough, there is still a password system that one can use. This is probably the first retro puzzle game featuring extra lives that I’ve played, where the developers knew how to handle their distribution along with the overall game difficulty. There is a decent variety of enemies in this game, but luckily, you have the means to deal with them, even though your attack is pretty short ranged and needs a bit of a good timing. As you progress into the game, there aren’t a lot of additional gimmicks for you to handle, but the ones that you encounter still freshen up a playthrough quite well. The ice levels are actually fun and enjoyable and the fire breathing Moai heads in the last few levels can be threatening, but they are still pretty impressive in terms of presentation.

For me, the biggest issue with this game was level 34. Every other time when I’ve tried to beat this game for other entries, I would play this game up to that level and give up there. This time I spent a good 20 something lives and once I managed to solve it, it felt really satisfying. This game handles both platforming and puzzles reasonably well and I’m glad I finally managed to finish it.

Also, that one RA achievement for this game, where you have to beat level one in ten seconds. Honestly, I don’t think I could have done it with my current setup, AKA a keyboard. I TRIED FOR A GOOD 30 MINUTES TO DO IT… It just seems impossible. Maybe I could have asked my friend to lend me his controller, but why even bother him, when I can just turn rapid fire on? Still, the achievement feels a bit out of place, but then again…

…lots of other sets have abominations like that as well. It’s not something new and surprising, yes?

End of the Universe


Two months is all I needed to realize that in this day and age, people have downgraded in terms of social norms beyond a big mac salvation. You order up, you get to open the box, but don’t expect the actual burger to be put together properly, let alone has cheese included. Payment is of course required…

I ain’t paying for no service of that kind! Obviously, the correct answer to this issues is that I simply have to make my own meal. Surprise, surprise, why still haven’t I learned at my age to never expect anything nice from any person in disguise?

Back to my ghost shell I guess…