🍲 Ore no Ryomi 1 + 2 🍲


Bring the pretzels and the beer, ‘cuz now we are cooking with fire! Man, this sure does bring me back to a good time filled with joyous memories… I used to play “Ore no Ryomi 2” in middle school all the time, along with a friend of mine. We really liked to do a co-op, where one of us will operate the letter keys and do the cooking, while the other would use the mouse to accept and deliver orders, along with reading out the various recipes that needed to be done. The funny thing is that I never payed attention to the title of the game back then, so when I was looking for it recently, it took me a while to find it. Other things that I didn’t know is that there was a first game and that both of these games were inspired by another game for the PS1. In first place, I decided to search for these games because I saw their sequel, “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” and I was like, “Didn’t I play something similar back in the days? I really had a good time with it, didn’t I?”.

I did.

The spaghetti sauce in this game is within’ it’s simple, yet fun structure. You get to tend to your own restaurant, buy upgrades for better income and to make certain chores a bit less of a pain, set up menu to serve and you are good to go! The first game is pretty linear, with only a few options, but it’s still quite fun. The second game kicks it up a notch by adding achievements, challenges, rating system and all that jazz. Also, way more meals that you can serve. So how does these games works anyways?

Once you set up your options, you start a day. Orders show up on the left side of the screen and you click on each one to accept them. You can do only one order at a time, so it all comes down to learning how much time does each one takes. Delivery is not restricted to any number, so that also because pretty important to know the further you progress into the games. The cooking is done by reading the request by the client, the recipe for it, which is also accomplished by legend of keys and their mapping to the ingredients, pressing the corresponding keys in the correct order and serving the final result.

Striving to avoid mistakes and have as many perfect days as possible is what makes this game so fun and challenging. Getting that extra income makes quite the differences when it comes to progress. It also lets you bring the game to a higher difficulty sooner, which rewards you further even more for doing good. Multitasking becomes hell with progress, especially in the second game during the new addition of rush hours. Me and my friend used to laugh a whole lot during those. They were hard, sometimes even ridiculous due to RNG, but amusing, really amusing!

In the end, the games do have their issues. Their repetitive nature gets boring after a while, even with a fully upgraded restaurant. You gradually learn how to deal with orders and how to just let go sometimes. Not every day can be a perfect one and accepting that fact would help you move on to a brighter future. The newspaper articles have a very specific time period to their content, which hasn’t aged well. Along with that, they also bear a man’s first casual attempt at comedy. At least I hope it’s like that and not just a fully developed routine.

Both games are free, so if you can afford their sequel, just have some fun with them instead! For all the money that you can’t afford to spend, it’s a deal you can’t really complain!