Middens + Gingiva – Guns and Gums. From beyond here and today.


I praised these two games in the past briefly, if I remember correctly. They both focus on a fantasy science fiction theme with a heavily abstract and obscure aesthetic. The world built around them is truly beautiful and I’ve fallen in love with it over the years. These are games where looking at the art brings your mind to places you were not expecting to visit any time soon. These are games where the soundtrack breaks through the locks of your subconscious, opening and invoking various feelings that were either left in the past or never saw the burning daylight.

The universe is a vast place, isn’t it…?

Beyond that though, “Middens” and “Gingiva” don’t shine all that much when it comes to actual interactive gameplay. Blatantly put, they are pretty much art safari. Walk around, start a fight with something weird that caught your attention and proceed through a simple, turn- based RPG battle. This can quickly get tiresome, despite all the interesting worlds that you get to traverse and all the unique characters that you get to interact with. There is but a slight difficulty at the start, before you level up two or three times, then, the rest is pretty much a cakewalk. It doesn’t help that you get a whole lot of good stats and abilities to the point where you can overpower pretty much anything. [Except for that one optional boss in that one special event in “Gingiva”.] This applies to both games.  The items in these games are pretty much unnecessary, literally! \_[ =O=]–+ HA, HA! No, but really! The vast amount of consumables and equipment are more or less there to fit in with the whole RPGMaker theme.

The plot elements in “Middens” and “Gingiva” are pretty engaging and intriguing, featuring things like proper gun control, escaping harsh labor, the true nature of rushed marriage and so on. It gets in touch and addresses real life situations and values, which is something you don’t really see in video games all that much. At least not without wearing proper glasses, that’s it…