Lab. Room 19’s closet


Nothing of interest here, [WHO IS THIS PERSON?!?!] but a mere adorable skeleman, along with my silly dreams and goals. Some might come true, others might remain on the wall as a part of an obscure comedy act. I am quite the actor when it comes to that kind of play!


Finish 1001 video games: “Super-clear-lab-room-19-rules-only.What a sight would that be!”

Finish “An Untitled Story” on Insanity Difficulty!

Finish “The Quest of Ki” with no continues used.[All 100 levels!]

Acquire “VA-11 HALL-A” and super-clear it!

Develop a LR19 game.[As long as I get to work with at least one more person and the project is not too major!]

Super-clear “Eryi’s Action“!

Super-clear “FTL: Faster Than Light”!

Acquire all of the “Umihara Kawase” games and super-clear them!

Super-clear “Rokko Chan”! [Completed]

Acquire an original Famicom console.

Super-clear every existing game on a certain console!

Super-clear 1001 NES titles! You can do it NERD!

Can I beat the default world record on Sutte Hakkun of 193490 points, from [2008.12.18]?

Become a proud owner of a “Panorama Cotton” teacup!

Finish all 999 levels of “Bird Week”!

Clear the “No Death” mode of “Norse by Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings”!

No death run of “Oddworld Adventures”.

100% Run of “Claw”.

Super-clear “Celeste”.


Memories Past Tragedy Forget Me Not

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