Super Gears N Gators – [⚙️ = 💔 ]


Struck by the Gear’s teeth the Gator recalls their most intimate memories.

The intense pain caused by the sharp, rusty metal transports them far away to the places of their memory.

They remember the delicious taste of home- made pizza served for lunch by their mother.

They remember the feeling of being rejected by the first girl they had a crush on.

They remember the early mornings where a cat would always climb over a nearby cherry tree.

And they recall at last, the sound of plead echoing in the night, as their body squirmed under the heavy assault of the acid rain.

Then finally their body respawns again…



Codename: Gordon – … :)


I find it a bit weird that I used to own a PC that would not be able to run this game,back in the days.The only way for me to play it was through the way-more-superior-than-mine PC that one of my friends had and would lend me to use every now and then.Man,that was such a long time ago…There was such a hype for Half-Life 2 back then and indie game development was blooming,which in one way or another led to the creation of this game.Codename:Gordon!A Half-Life 2 as a 2-D PLATFORMER?Now that,that managed to grab me right away.For its time,that was a pretty impressive idea!Nowadays however,It wouldn’t have impressed me in the slightest though…

Codename:Gorden offers to the player a full pack’o platforming action,along with elements of puzzles,original plot,classic Half-Life 2 characters,enemies and weapons/items,various difficulties for all ages and minds AND an unlockable bonus game.Now,I used to play this game all the time,always on the easiest difficulty,but for the LR19,I went through a whole new playthrough on the highest difficulty.

Gameplay in a nutshell – Direct approach towards the enemies would usually means death or a huge loss of HP/Battery.[GROUNDBREAKING DISCOVERY!]That being said,the enemies have a pretty basic patterns and tend to not respond if they are attacked from certain angles.Moving controls are alright,while jumping will make you praise God almighy each time you manage to successfully go over a pitfall or another obstacle.Grenades obliterate everything!They are the perfect tool for dealing with enemies fast and easy,thus letting you keep your physical and mental state intact.[?]/  There are five[six] weapons in the game – The crowbar,the pistol,the MP5 and the gravity gun.The crowbar is more or less your “Headcrab removal”,if any of them manage to jump on your head.The pistol is as good until you get the MP5.The gravity gun is pretty much a “Puzzle time” tool.By that I mean you’ll get to pretty much use it to solve puzzles to pass by areas or to dispatch enemies that would otherwise drain your stats by a lot.

There are also two bosses in the game,wherein the first one is pretty much a game filler.Regardless of the difficulty level or how you dodge its attacks,you are bound to win,simply because you just have a higher amount of HP.I’m not sure how the second boss fares on easier difficulties,but I don’t remember having any actual problems with it back in the days.On the highest difficulty however,I simply tanked its attacks,while tossing all the possible grenades I can carry at it,potentially finishing the work with the MP5.It’s kinda dumb how you can abuse the spawning powerups in the arena where the boss is.By not moving too further within’ the arena,the boss would not spawn,thus you can stock on all the ammo and powerups until you are full.OH MAN,CHEESING A GAME!I mean,come on!Actual dodging requires way too much work for how much I get paid and I don’t get paid at all!/////////////////

Codename Gordon DONE!

…AND THEN YOU BEAT THE GAME AND YOU UNLOCK THIS BONUS MINIGAME,WHERE YOU GET TO CHASE CROWS WITH YOUR CROWBAR!Ha ha!Get it!Crows…and crowbar…It’s a full-fledged-high-school-comedy-club all over the place.

I guess my conclusion on this would be that the game is pretty alright.It has its ups and downs,mostly downs,but hey!2004 was quite a long time ago…oh well.

I like the art.The music was alright.Not a big fan of the level design.It’s not bad but…egh…yeah…Plot was just there.It’s kinda amusing to a certain degree…I don’t know.

Have my 5.7 out of 10,Mr.the 2D-Gordon!

ViViD – This post is just like my other ones:[/]


ViViD is a platformer that follows the story of Burt – A guy who goes on his way to the nearest hospital to get his daily medical prescription.From two to three screens into the game,he realizes that it pretty much reminds him of “Jumper”.A sudden feeling of fear washes over his whole body!As he finally makes his way to the hospital,he is greeted by the doctor there,who gives to Burt his prescription,which pretty much adds a gimmick to this solid “Jumper” clone,which doesn’t really changes a lot.Burt calms down…


I’ve mentioned before,in the “Tess” post that it doesn’t really matter how a certain game was made or by what it was inspired.There is always a point of resemblance in everything,not just video games and a lot of people have said before that “Original concept” is a term that more or less describes something non-existant.When we create something,we tend to do it because we got inspired by something or someone.When we observe or experience a creation or an idea,we usually tend to find resemblance within’ it and something that we knew already – That itself really depends on how vast our knowedge in certain aspect is.Still,my point with saying all this is that while it doesn’t really matters regarding the quality of the product,finding a resemblance can help us understand it better and even let us get adjusted to it easier.


I am going to be honest – This game didn’t really impress me with its music,plot or the gimmick of playing a platformer while being on the various effects of drugs.[AKA Shaky screens,slowdown/speedup,zoom in,ect.] If anything,those things could have been improved or even remade.[Removed is an option too!Ooops…I didn’t said that!]

I didn’t really cared about the graphics and visuals.The only thing that made me like this game is the formula that many other games that I’ve played and known tend to use.Precise//semi platforming,lots of fast-paced interactivity and a quick respawn/redo option.That’s what I like about Jumper and any other game using the formula.By making this resemblance,I managed to find what I really liked about ViViD and I could focus on it,thus,spending some pretty nice time with the game itself.

Of course,you can go with this through the negative version as well.At that point however,there isn’t much for you to do but drop the idea/project/whatever and just move to something else.Otherwise you might find yourself being stuck in a repetative loop,which leads to nowhere else but more disappointment.

ViViD gets a 5.6 out of 10 from me!

Flare,The Vault and the video#games.Where is all of this heading to?


Nowhere.At least for a time being,it’s pretty much just fooling around,testing the waters,figuring things out.I have my own personal emotional discomfort do deal with as well at the moment,so things might not go as smooth and fast as they were intended to.


For the sad and depressing future,I’ve prepared a few things.One of them is a new page called “Junk box”,which will deal with achieving various things.By things I mean completing hacks and mods of various games,reaching a certain “status” in multiplayer games,collabs. and MORE!I am not sure when I’m gonna add it,but it’s something to look forward into the future.


Another thing that I was thinking about for a long time was adding an “Achievments” page,which is to deal with achieving records and whatnot on certain games.Alas,the hype for this died as soon as I kicked out the few people that agreed to participate and be part of this blog,so this page might not see any daylight soon.


I’ve mentioned in my old blog and at the start of Lab.Room 19 that I am going to make a brand new blog for No-Kywln only,which is to deal with things related only to it.Regarding to this,I’ve decided that I am going to let Lab.Room 19 adopt the project,along with any other future ones that I might end up working on.


The Lab.Room 19’s Vault[And potential future Junk Box]hold many secrets – Good and bad,pleasant and unpleasant,it’s a secret to everybody,but what lies within’ the iron box.Each Volume will consist of 50 entries[25 for Junk box].Every 25 entries will drive Hji to do something out of character,something unexpected.[Unusual?]Good or bad,you are the judge.At 50,what lies inside the Vault will awaken,consuming the games for it’s [futile?] existance,changing the world around [IT] in the process.[What about Junk Box?]

It’s still something I am working on,so bear with me…


Miku’n Pop# – Good times!Aliens!PLATFORMING!Why did this took me four days to complete?


That’s what I get for picking doujin games with the idea that I can do them in a single day!


I liked the idea behind Miku’n Pop#.It was a really pleasant mixture of /original Mario Bros and /Bubble Bobble,and the unique set up of experience the game differently,depending on which character you pick to play with.That being said,there are lots of them,featuring both classic and original Vocaloid character to fanmade and pretty much “Who?”.You also get three game modes and the power to change the game aspect from # to b.What does that mean?You’ll see…


First day was pretty much trying the normal mode and figuring stuff out.Controls felt weird,but they were not really sloppy or getting in the way of being able to play the game.Different stages with different themes,enemies and bosses!We also get the classic “recolored” enemies,but I’ve never found that to be annoying or bad design.It’s more like…a way to indicate that you’ve advanced…I don’t know.It’s a [Flare] thing.Beat a boss and you can play with…her.It’s pretty much only female vocaloids and the only 2 males in the game are supporting characters.Collect keys to unlock characters after you beat them!Not enough keys?Replay the game ’till you get enough!If enemies corner you,they will beat you to death,since there are no invincibility frames in the # version.Changing to the b version[MAIN MENU] solves that,but I prefered to play the game the intended way.I got handsomely rewarded with lots of anger and rage.GOOD TIMES!Getting a game over rewards you with 1 credit!1 credit = 1 continue!Get over 5-6[?] and the game gets tired of you and pretty much gives you unlimited continues![Found that during the boss rush mode/spoilers].The normal mode was really enjoyable and it really set me up in a good mood for this game.

AND THEN it was the next day,where I went for the EXTRA mode,which is pretty much like normal,but with the addition of two new stages,more enemies and the removal and addition of new levels in the other stages.Before diving in the EXTRA mode I had the pleasure of trying some of the characters that I unlocked and…they really sucked.They are really hard to control and their attacks are really sloppy.Some are great at clearing levels,but they have hard time beating bosses.Other are the other way around.[I dare someone to beat all the modes with Haku or Gumi!]Then a series of me getting constant game overs begun,had to replay EXTRA few times,got glitched out of a wall[Way to go developers!]and not having inv.frames after a hit really blew!Having to replay the whole game of 9 stages with 10 levels each and redoing and learning things like “where to stay to be safe” and whatnot really sucked.Once I finished it however,I was really pleased with it…


I lost all of my credits for the game after I turned off my laptop.Extra mode was locked,even though I unlocked it.I had to replay the game once again![Day 3]

It was pretty nice.It had new bosses added and a level for replenishing your HP/POW after you beat certain number of bosses.It takes a few tries to do,but it was enjoyable to play.Then you get a code,but that code doesn’t do anything cuz…I guess it was for unlocking all the characters,but I already did that anyways so…oh well!


The sprites and animation in the game were really great!The overall difficulty of the game was pretty average and progress was pretty much based on the amount of continues,learning curve and the tiny Hachune Miku hidden in each stage that pretty much gives you extra powerup in terns of HP refill/score/dmg all enemies on screen/ect.I loved that you get to pop enemies and collect things from them.[Food/Jewels – Bosses] In game jokes and funziehs!VOCALOID CULTURE!

But that glitch and the fact that you have to start all over when you game over…it really killed my mood for the game.This and perhaps the fact that I did not enjoyed myself playing most of the other characters.

Have a solid 7 out of 10!A good doujin game,yet it could have been more,with few fixes here and there.