·きのこの森の少女 – Beware of the woodland fiery shrimp!

girl mushroom woods

There is not much to say about this title, given that I’ve already made a fantastic video that covers all its essential bits in terms of gameplay, sound, graphics, plot, character design and whatnot. In addition,there is also a dedicated description in the video that provides further insight regarding the high quality of the product!

I’m just really sad that such a great video game wasn’t received well during its initial release… True, not everyone can read Japanese or be a fan of the blue – colored main menu… But if only people waited for that crucial [1.2] version update, they would have been completely overwhelmed by the new ENGLISH interface, along with the stylized, mushroom- brown background.- [/As seen in the video/]/ Of course, let us not forget about the Girl’s unique spin move, which gives her the sort of personality that you see rarely in characters from video games nowadays!… – Another new addition that can only be seen in version 1.2!

Alas, the judgement of humanity tends to be rushed, usually missing on the most important of details – Those of pure heart become prisoners, while the real culprits still walk among us, still tormenting us with the impossible art of star- riding…


[Melly]Melly’s Futanari Island + Melly 2: Futanari Dreamland ~


But did you actually know that Toffi-sama is making [pornographic] games for the internet?! You can go to this place : https://toffisama.wordpress.com/ , you can donate money, games are PROBABLY going to be made due to your generosity, after which you can give even more money for the heck of it! There goes my free advertising, so let me now introduce you to two of the works by this person.

“Melly’s Futanari Island” and “Melly 2: Futanari Dreamland” are games made in Fighter Maker, in addition to using the 3D Woyman Custom Maid service, which provides with and lets One make quality 3D models of pretty much anything, mostly tuna cans and watermelons with short temper. As the titles suggest, the games revolve around a futanari named Melly, who due to the miracle of science had to leave behind her life of being a normal girl.The first game introduces her transformation and her attempt at reverting it, while the second one portraits Melly accepting the new change. As a whole, the plot is just so-so, but it does a decent job at filling the gap and providing this game with a bit of a charm. You can easily go  along with it, since it doesn’t really take or add anything in general to the games.

Given the fact that both games have cheat mode/ endless mode , all of which can be accessed right away, without the need for passwords or beating the games, most players are bound to ignore the gameplay element as a whole and just enjoy the pornographic material.The reason for that is since the gameplay is not all that impressive as a whole! Melly stays still on the left part of the screen and enemies come towards her from the right. Enemies attack from three positions – Top, middle and bottom.Melly must repel enemies if she wants to avoid [WHY?] potential rape events.The controls for this game consist of three buttons, which let you perform attacks regarding the three positions. In the first game, due to your luck in obtaining a Belt of Giant Strength and Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, you can deal with enemies just by throwing small rocks at them. In the second game you use a crossbow, which is faster and looks less silly. Each game has it’s own map with levels, which consist of different enemies or bosses. Levels with enemies require you to destroy a certain number of them, while boss levels require number of direct hits to be inflicted on the boss itself. Enemies and bosses have their own and unique ways of attacking and dodging your weapons of mass destruction, so don’t expect them to always come straight at you! Enemies and bosses attack in random patterns, at random speed, which ends being quite the challenge for the player’s reflexes. [IF THE PLAYER ACTUALLY BOTHERS WITH TAKING THE CHALLENGE!]


The best thing about these two games is probably the decent variety of enemies and the various animated sexual scenes for each one of them. To be fair, I dig the 3D models. They look fairly nice, at least to me. The games cover a lot of fetishes – Some scenes show quite the creativity and are interesting, some are just outright plain and boring. Regarding that matter, I guess it all depends on the player’s personal taste.Difficulty wise, both games are quite forgiving, with the first one being pretty easy overall. The second one is a bit more tough, so if you are feeling being up for a challenge, try to clear it without using cheat mode or continues! Can’t say much about the variety in level themes. If anything , the first game feels a bit more colorful than the second one. In terms of soundtrack, these games either lack one or my machine can’t load and play [all] the files. I don’t know and I should not press this matter any further…

I caught my breath for a moment because of the seriousness in this post. With this, I can’t place a proper score whatsoever.

Video games are loneliness…


Mach’s noch einmal, Sven – Brand new, 3D – sheep fucking!


Jumping from the first to the 7th game in the Sven Bømwøllen series, as this one is rather easier to 100% than the others. But I don’t pick and play games just to add them as cleared on the list to raise my REALLY IMPORTANT GAMING SCORE ON WHICH MY LIFE DEPENDS! I play those games for fun.

“Mach’s noch einmal , Sven” can be described as a fairly fun game. As a whole, the idea around it seems to be a 3D graphics approach, all and all while trying to keep to the original gimmick in the series. By original I mean the one from the first four games, as the next two in line got turned into platformers, which in my opinion didn’t really enhance the series as a whole. There is also a two player option, which makes this game all that better to share with a friend and have some fun, just like with the third and fourth game in the series.Overall, this game feels like a potent remake of the first game, but with lots of fixes.More different levels, balanced alien power-up, new interaction with power-ups as a whole, better ways to kite the opposition… Sadly, regarding the enemies that you have to avoid, there are only Lars and Wøtan. No hunters and cute lil’ Brømse, but they weren’t in the first game so… I don’t know. Personally, I would have loved to see them in 3D and being part of this game.OH WELL! I also want to mention a little something- something that really impressed me, that being how the in- game levels changes to day or night depending on your clock. Pretty neat! In addition to the arcade mode, there is also a mission mode, where you have to clear levels under certain conditions. It’s fun, but rather short. I guess there’s only that much that you can do with the resources in the game…


…and then you have those disappointing end game screens. What a downer! Along with that I should also point out how various terrain graphics tend to glitch out, with characters being able to walk on them freely rather than being restricted to. How many times did they test this game? Did they just rush it and put it in the oven for some desperate cash? I don’t know and I really hate the dog model. Way to go to give Wøtan the downs. I just can’t hold my excitement regarding ramming my ram dick into the asshole of a retarded canine.

This is a 5.7 out of 10 material, alright!