Why this? – Happiness is a Warm Shower, “everyone”!

if only

In This Short Flash Game

I See A Timer Decreasing

I Take A Shower

Why This DONE!

1 out of 10. I wanna say that this would have been better if it wasn’t a game, but that would have been a total lie. No media can fix the plain, boring and horrid nature of this… Why this? Why, indeed?

…and here I thought that after the timer reaches zero, a spooky zombie would jump out of the tombstone! Instead, let’s just have some nonsense codes for… another game? Uh… Huh? What?

I am now on [RetroAchievements] and that’s quite the thing!

3rd turn story!

Mainly, I decided to register just to have fun. Then I thought that I might use the opportunity to further update the JunkBox and solidify and enhance the value of various entries in the vault. As a rule, I would do only games that I have cleared for LR19 first! I do not plan to use “RetroAchievements” as my main method for super-clearing games, but rather, as a way to add more entries to the JunkBox.

Honestly, it sounds like a good way to work on entries, but some achievements are way out of the way regarding actual super-clear, to the point of being stupid and really silly!

I’LL GET YOU YET, BIDEO GAEMS! – http://retroachievements.org/user/FlareEX

Toss the Turtle – Any results whatsoever are solely due to a high skill level!

Toss the Turtle

Here we are onto a classic from around seven years ago,”Toss the Turtle!” A launcher,flash game – You can guess that by the fact that you have to launch the game in order to get some lunch,a feature witch can be also explained simply with the words “Press buttons,wait for results.”


The magic of this game usually lasts for about 5 to 10 rounds,after which,depending on your goals,you either close it or it becomes a long journey to the west.The satisfaction of saving enough money to buy and aquire a new upgrade does not last for long either.The key elements in these types of games are usually the interactive obstacles that let you keep going or stop completely.And I’ll be honest,the ones in this game are not really all that fun and interesting after you get them two or three times.Then again,this game was one of the first of its kind,so comparing it to other titles from the same genre that came way after would be pretty harsh and unnecessary.

IT LACKS ENDING SEQUENCE!This is a plus,a much desired flavor indeed!

Toss the Turtle 1.1 DONE!

Then you realize that the biggest challenge this game has to offer is the one where you have to play it for five hours,but you are too smart for that annoying bit,so you leave the game open at the shop and instead,you decide to spend those hours on making the biggest eggplant pie ever!

…but you still have to hit /number of certain enemy type,so thats still another hour or so of literal “Press and wait.”

Yeah,distance traveled does not bring satisfaction,unless it’s a part of an achievement.Achievements and interactive obstacles – Those are the fish and the butter of these games.

I give this trutel a launching score of 5.5 out of 10!