[Marikakuu – Maria-sama ga Kakumei] – Softcore Yuri and Mecha’s island![?]

this is not captain viridian

A short,short time ago…

This is a game about quite-well known pure maidens who attend a certain-religious academy.

A stroke courses through my weak,fragile body.

At the reflection of my eyes is the screen of the completed [Marikakuu – Maria-sama ga Kakumei].

Suddenly,a message appears on my Skype,not helping my situation even a bit.


The facts were at hand.


Snatching any hope left in me,the creature vanishes into the unknown from whence it came.

“This video format…whoa…”

MariKaku done!

Regarding the score/tears[aka gems collected on each stage],there is a chance that I missed one,max.three at least!I’m pretty sure I’ve went all over the stages,checked every possible and reachable place,so yeah…I don’t know.Overall,my goal was mostly to complete the stages and the game itself.Score and the tears/gems are pretty much on the same level as…the coins in a Mario games for example.What I want to say is that I don’t consider them an actual factor for completing the game with 100% satisfaction rate.If what I said is wrong and I did get all the stuff,then that’s good!I guess I can add it as a [+] for the 100% completion.

No,I am not making excuses.The game is nice,but I don’t feel like going for a mere gems for one reason or another.

Hi!This is a game that seems strongly inspired by Yoshi’s island in terms of graphics.[NICE!]It revolves around mostly on puzzles,platforming and fighting enemies with different varieties.Overall difficulty is low to average.I was excited for the idea of switching between characters with different traits in them.To some extend it was pretty fun,by which I mean the first stage.After that,one of the characters felt pretty…needless.Useless?[Yoshino is quite rad tho.]Overall,the game did not made that much use for the character’s different skills and whatnot.Some levels felt pretty sloppy and the spam of enemies on various places did not felt great at all.Luckily,one of the characters can ignore most projectiles and use her special power for a long-period invincibility.[Shimakodoublejumpeasyplatforming.]That being said,the special powers of the other two were pretty much identical.[KILL!EVERYTHING!]Bosses were funky,pretty fun,to some extend challenging.[Not really?]Music was quite alright.[Yumi.]

Enemies were pretty rad.Some were quite…dumb.Dumb and funny.It’s quite an alright game,but it really feels like it could have provided more in terms of gameplay.Like more levels…Or more usage of the character’s powers.It feels like the people working on this focused more on the media that comes with the game [OP/ED] and the art,than the actual game…But I guess that could be just me…I don’t know…Not that great of controls…eeehhh…uh…umm…

5 out of 10 feels just about right for this game…


Spewer – That one popular game which everyone played.BLERGH!


A fame well earned.We outta discard the stereotype of “Famous person X,along with another famous person X made it popular,ect”,despite the real fact that they did increased it’s popularity quite a bit.This game really stands up for it’s self as a whole,being quite solid in terms of ideas and directions towards which it’s heading.I don’t think there is something that I can say about it that you’ve haven’t heard or read already.If you haven’t tho,I’m pretty sure that you’ll find a better and deeper look into it,than my own personal insights.

What?You are still here?Oh…

For one thing,the gameplay was quite enjoyable,to a certain points being “Time to use the white pill!”.Through the whole course I hated those parts.But the black and yellow pills were really fun to use.Red was just…plain boring to be honest.Overall,the puzzles and varieties of this game made it a pleasant experience.Even the simple plot managed to add quite some flavor,especially at the end.It was adorable and…really mellow.I really liked it.The length of the game felt quite alright.Not too short,nor too long.It’s not something that tries to make you hang on it for a long time,for one reason or another.That being said,even the extra content felt great.It was like: “If you really enjoyed the game,here’s some more levels for you to do!” And those levels where really fun too and then…


The graphics and art were pretty alright.Nothing too fancy.Pretty good.Same goes for the music.There were parts where the physics of the game felt really weird.Lack of control.Alas,it was not that big of a deal to a point where it would ruin the whole experience.

Great,but not all that exciting.Just great.

Spewing 6.8 out of 10!

spewer done!

Gotta love dying to them spike,without touching them,by being near the edge of a safe platform.Blergh,blargh,blurgh…VIDEOGAMES!

HEART STAR! – How I killed one hour of my life with pleasure


So this is a game…It has a high rank on Newgrounds/ AND it’s hella cute and adorable.It revolves around platforming and whatnot crap,yeah,yeah…you know how these games go.But I enjoyed it!It’s made really well!For once I actually didn’t complain about the music or gameplay…pretty solid game.IT’S SHORT!That’s what I didn’t liked.Maybe they could have made more levels and add more gimmicks…but it’s fine.I am fine with the way this game is.


One solid 6 out of 10 for this game.

Heart star done!