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I spent most of my life living high up in the mountain. Among pine and rocks, in a pitiful excuse for a town where I’ve set up a nest. The nearest body of water is a pretty shallow river. We don’t talk about that river. It’s a boring river. I’ve never seen any fish in it, but they do say that it gets a bit more lively as it goes further down the mountain into the plains.

I’ve never wanted to go on that school trip during high school. By no means I wanted to have fun at a beach or dip into the lukewarm waters of the sea itself. I still remember the awful daily breakfast that we would get composed of dry bread and the worst tarator I’ve ever had. Among other awful memories from that trip, the one that stuck with me over the years was how I almost drowned when I decided to dip into the sea for the first time in more than a decade.

Kunoichi Drowned DONE!

If I have to describe the experience of gradually losing oxygen and having water rush inside your nostrils, ears and eyes, all of which is done in differently timed segments, depending on the waves mood, I would say that it was pretty exciting and thrilling. It’s a type of fear which taught me that there is no reason to fear death. Even the cases where pain is a major factor would usually end in a pretty unique bliss. Fear? What fear? Fear gets alight by misunderstanding and lack of proper information. If you’ve known death even a little bit so, you would not have any actual reason to fear it.

During the moment when I was drowning, I felt a lot of sadness building up inside me. It was not however due to my life being endangered, but more so because I felt… really lonely. Even with all the people around who were on the verge of panic, it felt like I was all alone in the whole universe. I wonder why that was?

Perhaps this is the feeling that invokes ultimate fear in the minds of all who live when it comes to the subject called “Death”…

It’s a trip beyond wild, honestly.

Answering some of the worst questions I’ve ever read online


Q: I love Anime!!!

A: There are but exactly four Anime shows that I actually enjoy. Everything else is either complete garbage or mediocre, to the point where it gets really boring after a few episodes. Unironically, for fun and giggles, yes! Anime is great!

Q: Hey loser! Where is your girlfriend?

A: I’ve never been really dedicated in pursuing love and lasting relationships. For one thing, the issue comes from the fact that I have a really awful personality, which I tend to reveal to people once I get comfortable with them. The other gatekeeper is the fact that I am quite shy, so making the first steps is usually a real struggle. I also have issues regarding obsession. The rest I blame on work and studies.

Q: I personally enjoy the new “Star Wars” movies…

A: I always loved “The Empire Strikes Back”. The separation of the main characters, their adventures and the eventual reunion, along with Vader’s ultimate revelation. The battle on Hoth is also one of my favorite in the “Star Wars” movies, even though it’s not as spectacular as many others. I just like how the Snowspeeders handle in battle the AT-AT units.

Condom Man DONE!

Q: Sega does what Nintendon’t!

A: I just really like the Game Gear and its library of games.

Q: Well, this season I reached Diamond 3 playing mainly Jarvan jungle and I really think that I have improved over the last few years.

A: The thing about video games is that usually people don’t want to talk about them, even while they are playing them. There are a few freaks of nature here and there though.

Q: Roa- chan is so cute…

Virtualtubers vary from O.K. to being awfully boring most of the time. Surprisingly, putting a 3D animated character on your screen during LP or streaming does not really impress me as much as I thought it would. Though I did something similar recently and I have been considering jumping into this awful trend. It really depends on what day I’m gonna get soup for lunch.

CMan - Aladdin edition DONE!

Q: Why and when should you follow your dreams?

A: If there is any flavor that I think would ruin a perfectly good beverage, that would be success itself. I am quite lazy and irresponsible by nature, I don’t need a reason for it, really.

Q: Which Touhou would you fuck?

A: Akemi Homura.

Q: You are not funny!

A: I’m not.

/ On another note, I would like to share the fact that I really dislike the facehuggers from the Alien franchise. There is something that makes me feel really uneasy when I look at them and boy, let me tell you about all the awful nightmares that I’ve had that involves those disgusting creatures…

Good Night!

Miminazori + Miminazori ONLINE – A tight fit


Wake up and harass the maids! – A classic fetish trend of a two decades past, which has seen a decline over the years, naturally. What is it about it, really? Is it the uniforms? The clean and elegant clothing that might fill one with the desire to ravish the wearer? Could be the status that a maid upholds. No badger would decline a pretty girl (or a boy) who can tend well to the house and can cook one ‘Hell’ of a soup. Literally! Spicy soups are the best, especially during winter season, along with some fresh bread! We had it all when it comes to anime maids back then: Robot maids, ninja maids, monster girl maids, eldritch abomination maids, image board maids, elegant maids, drowning maids and of course, but not least, the smoked cheese craving maids. It was a paradise for a man of culture, ethics and awkward social interactions!

The Miminazori games have a decent selection when it comes to fulfilling one’s natural urges to lewd anime maids. By decent, I guess three is as good of a number as any other. You have the young, little sister and animal ears complex girl, with curious attitude towards anything, even nuclear physics. Then there’s the tsundere elf, who, following the natural order of all things, is bound to be bullied until the end of eternity for her insecurities towards acts of lewdness. The ONLINE game features another elf girl, who is the shy and submissive type, that would probably even agree to be tied to the bottom of a ship and sail the seven seas, without a single complain about her situation. All and all, the plot in the two games is pretty easygoing. As far as the adult content goes, most of the stuff is pretty vanilla, with minor exceptions here and there. I would advice you to think carefully about bringing this game to church though…

The gameplay of the Miminazori games consist of using a cursor to traverse though a tight path from point A to B, while avoiding going out of bounds. There is a decent amount of levels that pack up lots of gimmicks to keep things interesting. From moving platforms and hurtful projectiles to hidden traps and… some pretty tough boss fights! I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this game at first, but it turned out to be lots of fun! The difficulty is pretty high, but you have unlimited lives so… Even then, having to redo some of the later stages every time you die can feel quite punishing… Is that a good thing? I personally enjoyed it! Another thing that I liked about this game is the way it handles replay value and difficulty curve. Initially, you start by playing the easiest routes and once you finish those, additional paths open up somewhere in the stages that lead up to harder challenges.

I really wish to commend the very last stage of the “Miminazori” game. The pressure it had on me really got me going from start to finish and that’s a feeling I haven’t experienced in years. Thank you for this beautiful work!

AGS Graveyard Shift – A quest to see some chest


While browsing through old AGS entries, I tend to find quite a lot of interesting things. Among the beautiful and forgotten indie adventure games, there also lie utter garbage nonetheless. I’m not even surprised that there was a decent amount of people who went on to make a bunch of adult- themed titles as well. This has been always the case for the gamesoft industry since pretty much its early years of bloom. And really, isn’t that the case for other aspects of life as well, not only video games? Adult theme content… Why do we feel the need to put it to exposure? I know this is not the first time that I am reviewing product of this genre, but I felt like sharing my fascination with this type of work. In general, I play adult games because 90% of the time they tend to be pretty bad, in a very amusing way. This game that I picked, “Alien Rape Escape”… it’s quite amusing in that way as well…

Alien Rape Escape DONE!

This really reminds me of old, late 70s, early 80s cheesy adult movies, where they had quite a wacky swing on the overall plot. A midget invites a lady actress to take part in a movie, but once the pure and innocent girl arrives at the studio, it is revealed to her that her employer plans to get her involved in pornographic activities, with a dopey looking alien as her partner to make matters worse. She refuses to comply and her employer refuses to let her go, switching sides to becoming her captor. One thing leads to another and the lady manages to lock herself in a safe room…

It’s also the future or something… I guess.

From there on, you are to solve a few, not- so tough puzzles, in order to escape the building. The charm in most of them lies in the fact that they involve things like adult sexual toys and whatnot. I can’t say it adds to their appeal more than to their silliness. The game is quite short, but I had my issues of getting stuck on some of the puzzles for a good five minutes or so. There are only that many things with which you can interact though, making the gameplay pretty linear.

What’s even better is that there is a patch for voice acting, which I really, really enjoyed! It’s the type of adorable awful, like one’s girlfriend who wants to be an idol, but has no basic grasp on professional singing, let alone the other additional perks regarding the profession. After all…

…it’s just an appealing fantasy.

Is there something wrong with that?

Being in prior to getting stuck and the consequences that follow up


As a person with a decent experience when it comes to video game consumerism, I do get to face a whole lot of titles that I just can’t really handle. I can’t say for sure that age is of any importance when it comes to that matter, though getting tired easier is quite noticeable at this point of my life. There is the matter with one’s persona as a whole when it comes to dealing with video games and I am quite thankful for my stubborn nature and the affinity for giving even the worst of the worst a chance.

The most often issue that I tend to have is lack of knowledge when it comes to said video game that I have to deal with. There are games that hide content quite well. When it comes to extra content that I might have potentially missed, I do tend to consult with a manual or additional sources, AS LONG AS I HAVE CLEARED THE MAIN GAME AND I’VE SPEND ENOUGH TIME EXPLORING IT IN ADDITION, JUST TO MAKE SURE! Now, when that is being implemented to the main game, it becomes a living hell! A sanatorium of deep sea choking madness, one that would leave you in bad shape for marriage!

There is also the issue with huge and repetitive content, which, while being quite the downer at first, is easily solved through taking notes. As the years go by though, I do try to avoid submitting to using such solution. I rather prefer to use my brain and try to remember stuff than just blandly writing it down. An exercise for the mind is what you need really to keep yourself up as the flesh goes to rot!

Nukanakucha! DONE!

Lack of proper skill is also a thing for a lot of the games that I face. With that also comes two very important questions: Am I enjoying the game and willing to spend enough time grinding on it to improve my skill? You know that you’ve really fallen for a certain game when you are willing to go as far as the difficulty setting can challenge your skill cap, all in all while taking little to no consideration regarding potential defeat or time loss.

I huge question that I tend to ask myself is as to when to and should I expand my horizons? The truth is, there is always something for me to find and play. However, as I pick more and more titles, the chance that I drop something is rather bugger than the chance of me properly completing it. Coming back to something after a while is fine, but if that takes months to years, I come to realize that the time that I’ve spend on it previously is nothing but wasted and gone… and not for good…

Lack of consistency is truly my everyday nightmare and I HAVE TO WAKE UP!