The Trials of Odysseus Kent – Video tape killed the blow- up doll!

bideo tape

I remember that the first movie that I’ve watched on a video tape was “Robin Hood” by Disney. It was around ’95/’96 or so, when I was still blooming as a kid. I quite enjoyed the movie for its colorful and charismatic characters, along with the heart- warming, comedy bits to it. I haven’t seen or read anything about “Robin Hood” related until then, so it was more or less my first experience with the legend. The fact that every character was a different animal enhanced the magic even further for young ‘Me’.

Weirdly enough, the dub for the movie in my country was done by one person only. The whole narration felt like a story told by that person, with the voices of the characters being directly connected to it, rather than being solely cast for each different scene. I think there might have been scenes where most of the dub was pretty lazy, but honestly, I haven’t seen that movie in like… over two decades now!

Around the time I got my Famiclone, my brother also introduced me to the concept of recording things from the T.V. on a video tape via the VCR. I remember recording beating “Mortal Kombat 2” by Hummer Team on the “Robin Hood” video tape, after the movie ends. I also remember the silly fact that I paused at some point, because I needed to use the bathroom real bad. Sadly, the tape actually belonged to a friend of my mother, so we had to give it back… after six years of the initial rent. [?] R.I.P. my very first LP…

Kent DONE!

By the end of the 90s, I’ve managed to create lots of good memories with my family and the various movies that we’ve watched on video tapes. “Mulan” was a movie that I really enjoyed, especially due to the fact that I was hyped for it beforehand by reading about it in various magazines. Everyone in my family was fond of it and I didn’t even knew that there was a sequel? WELL THEN… I remember seen almost all of the “Asterix & Obelix” movies made until and around that time. The one where they go to America had a spotlight on T.V., being praised by all and all. When I saw the clip with the song they sang at the Indian village, I was completely captured by it. Seeing it a few years later, I thought it was pretty neat. When you are within’ the age range of five to ten, everything seems neat and awesome, really. Is it because I didn’t knew better? Was content quality higher back then? Could it be because my life was just easier due to me leeching off my relatives? WHO KNOWS!

I could tell you the sad tale of the fate of video tapes during my teen years, but I prefer not to. All that you should know is that I was happy and not a single bit of change in the system can kill the memory of a thousand sombrero snacks being eaten!

“The Trials of Odysseus Kent” is an adventure game, where you can give pornographic video tapes to a creepy, perverted man, who, in exchange, will provide you with all the blow- up sex dolls in the universe. That’s it, of course, after he’s done with them and the major damage is already in effect. Then again, who said that rising an army and taking over the world would be an easy task?

LR19 Spooky Mystery Video Games Mixer!


This is the first and potentially not the last post where I talk about five games that I’ve played for the new Halloween- themed volume. What is October to you? To me, October is the month where I hide inside my room during the cold weather and shove all the poached pears in the world inside my abyssal mouth. Spook times!!!

Basketball Nightmare [Sega Master System]

Basketball Nightmare DONE!

The only enjoyable thing in this game to me were the animated cutscenes that play during the slam dunks. Indeed, they are pretty rough and stiff, but I find them charming nevertheless. The overall gameplay feels like a watered- down “Tecmo NBA Basketball [NES]”, where you can also stand in front of your active opponent, which stops them right in their tracks, either until they realize half a minute later that the ball can be passed down or you steal it from them. There is quite the weird RNG when it comes to successful shots, regardless of their range! I liked the variety of the monster teams that you get to play against in the story mode. However, playing and beating each of them ends up being quite the boring task and I have no idea how I did it on my first try! Wait, I do! I kept blocking their active players!

Drac’s Night Out [NES]

Drac's Night Out 1.1 DONE!

You are Drac and you have to go out on a date with this one girl each day, for five times in a row! Every round, you have to exit your home first and then find the house where the girl lives. Exiting your home is pretty challenging, given that it gets invaded by villagers constantly. Lucky you though, you can activate traps or call for the help of various monsters. If a villager is hurt, you can consume them for blood [HP] and you transform once you’ve accumulate enough of them. Once you transform, you turn into a bat, which lets you go through a part of the level fairly quickly, ignoring all danger and whatnot. There is also a fall damage and shoes that you can collect which grant you speed and the ability to jump over wide gaps, villagers, traps and something that I didn’t knew until I finished the game was that you can jump on villagers to stun them! The house is divided by five sections and for each round, you have to exit through the door on the lowest floor, on the same section you woke up. On each new round, Drac wakes up at a different location on the highest floor. During your descend, you are free to go to other sections, which is also a key element at certain times. As the rounds go by, some traps and monsters can harm you as well and the villagers speed and invasion pace increases by a bit. Here’s few hints from me:

/ You can jump over rolling rocks and wheels if you are close enough to them and time your jump well./ [Without shoes!]

/Careful when you transition to the first section of the house on round two, as it is possible to get stuck quite early, but I guess you can [EAT] your way out of it. [?]/

/At the start of round three, to avoid fall damage when you transition to section four, you can start your jump from section three./

/The light switch needed to remove the darkness in round four is located two floors below you, on the left. It’s quite safe and easy to access, but it took ME a while to find it! At the start, I went as far as to play half of the section in complete darkness…/

/Grinding villagers for transformation can save you lots of time, mainly doing annoying transitioning from one section of the house to another and dealing with hordes of pesky villagers. There is also a switch towards the end of round five which you can access easily as a bat, rather than trying to go for the shoes and learn the platforming momentum, which will cost you a few falls./

Drac's Night Out 1.2 DONE!

The second part of the game takes a different turn from the early platforming and puts you into a top- down perspective. As Drac, now you have to locate the house of the girl, which of course is done by asking/ consuming people for directions and items. The early rounds are quite generous as they provide you with a map and the bridges in town are still intact. Later rounds, the game make you find a map from a merchant and the bridges are removed. How important those factors are depends entirely on the girl’s location, which is always randomly generated. You know, given that she is the only lady in town that can afford to dress in plain, semi- dark blue [?], it’s obvious that she comes from a rich family that probably owns half the town. There is also now the classic mob with pitchforks and torches, which are sadly, an instant GAME OVER for Drac if they come into contact with him. While I do think that the time limit within’ the game and Drac’s HP meter are quite generous, getting stuck on a path between two mob groups is probably one of the worst feelings in the video game universe, especially on later rounds, ESPECIALLY if you are going for a no- death run… Here’s be hints from me:

/As houses have both front and back exits, the same applies to entrances! I know, it’s amazing! Few people would be willing to enter through a door they can’t see though…/

/Need to cross the river but bridges are out? Trapdoors inside some houses can lead you across. You just need to find the correct houses!/

/Mob groups are the worst thing in the universe, but they can’t harm you during your transformation. [In this part, Drac transforms into a dog/ or wolf???] Pick up some shoes to boost your speed up even further during your transformation and you’ll be flying through half the town in now time! [Not really, but still, the feeling is pretty great!]

Scooby-Doo: Curse of Anubis – Pyramid of Doom!

Scooby-Doo - Curse of Anubis - Pyramid of Doom! DONE!

I was never all that big of a fan on the whole Scooby- Doo series. I remember watching a few episodes, back in the days, simply because there wasn’t anything else, more interesting, running at the time. So do I remember. At that time, the kids in my school would go crazy over the series for some reason, making conversations and topics about it for the whole day. When I was asked about my opinion, I would state that I have no interest in things that are not/related to] video games and at the time, our country wasn’t big on importing any Scooby-Doo games whatsoever.    [?]

“Scooby-Doo: Curse of Anubis – Pyramid of Doom!” is a flash game that I picked randomly a few days ago. It features and isometric view and pushing block elements, along with a limit regarding how many steps you can make. The goal is to reach the exit door in each room. Blocks serve as a mere obstacles and are not required for a specific arrangement. The ten levels that I played felt pretty decent. Maybe there could have been more, with additional gimmicks? It took me two tries to complete the game with what I assume is the highest possible score?

The thing about the game is that you have limit on your steps, not an actual time limit. Thus, you can take your time to plan your path ahead quite well. The whole isometric perspective might add a bit of a weird feeling to it, but it’s nothing too complicated really.

Scooby-Doo Mystery [Sega Genesis]

Scooby-Doo Mystery 1.1 DONE!

Scooby-Doo as an adventure game was a fairly satisfying experience. One can argue as to how it can’t match other titles in the genre of the time in terms of visuals and ESPECIALLY sound, but as a whole, I personally had no problems with any of those. The game features two chapters which are pretty short, but there is enough puzzle- solving and exploring to satisfy even the veterans of the High Mountain Adventure Game Club Dragon Breath VII. Some items are quite well hidden, so I suggest looking carefully and interacting with things in many ways as possible. There are no dead ends or bullshit- logic at hand, which is nice. Not always, but as a whole, quite nice. If you are in the mood for some casual and comfy adventure game, featuring the two blockheads from the Scooby-Doo series, you are in for quite the ride!

I like how the game gives you indirect hints/ direction through Scooby, who follows you around everywhere. You even get to interact with him at a certain, single, one point! It’s a nice little touch, but I liked it quite a lot.

Scooby-Doo Mystery 1.2 DONE!

Sweet Home [NES]

Sweet Home 1.5 DONE!

This is a survival- horror, top- down perspective game that I’ve put on a hold even since I learned about it around 2009. I saw it first on some forums, then I briefly saw some LPs, it was suggested to me by friends and foes, by my own self and eventually, there it is! 2017, Halloween blast baby, “Sweet Home”…    IS REALLY SWEET! Man, I really do regret not playing it sooner…

Sweet Home 1.4 DONE!

In the game, you take control of five people, who get locked inside an old mansion – house- building, which turns out to be haunted. Finding an exit and learning more about the ghost who locked you up are your main priorities, as well as trying to keep as many members of your party alive as possible.  You can control each person separately or you can put them into groups of up to three people. Each character has their own special thing, like one can open locked doors with a key, other can cure ill- stats, burn ropes and so on. If someone dies, you lose on their special item, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get stuck! There are additional items that can replicate the effect of the special item that the death member possessed. There is a maid in the game and I really liked that, since you don’t see those often in games like this, especially with the power to ACTUALLY clean garbage and open new paths! Honestly, the whole cast of the game is pretty awesome, despite how simple and generic they might seem at first sight.

Sweet Home 1.2 DONE!

Each character has a limited inventory space, so a few reasons to keep as many people alive as possible are to keep items organized and to avoid needless backtracking. There are quite a lot of items within, the game – Some are needed to open new paths, other are needed for solving a certain puzzle. There is also an item which restores HP and WEAPONS! That’s right! Apart from just going around the house, collecting items and solving stuff, you also get to FIGHT! Randomly generated encounters put the lovely cast of “Sweet Home” against some pretty neat foes! Not so neat in terms of names, but visually, every enemy in “Sweet Home” I found to be pretty cool. Spooky cool!

Sweet Home 1.3 DONE!

You get experience from fighting enemies, which makes your characters stronger, up to a maximum level of 20. The battles are easier when done in a big group of three and with acquiring better weapons. While you don’t need to level up every character in the game, you do need at least three or two of them to be tough enough to face further encounters and the boss of the game. Having all your characters leveled up and well equipped lets you move them more freely, potentially dealing with encounters easily and using them from whatever part of the game you might need them. I think that Emi and Akiko are pretty important during the whole course, as locked doors and ill- stats are the things most presented within’ the game. Thus, having them leveled up and geared well is a good strategy for a successful run.

Sweet Home 1.1 DONE!

Leveling up comes naturally and no actual grinding is needed as you progress. I like how rewarding leveling up and obtaining good weapons is, to the point where it makes your group virtually untouchable by attacks from normal encounters. The logic behind the puzzles is pretty solid and easy to follow. There are two VERY WELL hidden items, which I didn’t managed to find until after I finished the game. Honestly though, they are not all that great, not game- breaking at all! More like optional, depending on how much free inventory space you can afford, really.

Playing this game, I could see how it managed to inspire various series and titles that came years after it. “Sweet Home” was like a grand feast, but I’m full. Full, full! Not just nap time- full. Damn! What a good game!

Emily Enough: Imprisoned – Hiding spot –


If I am to praise this game for what best it has in store for the player, that would be the fact that it manages to portray in an interesting and charming way the various necessities composing our ugly world. While the game is pretty old at this point, certain bits like people and situations from it can still be seen in parts of our own lives nowadays. For how well it aged, this game is alright in most departments, except maybe for that “one” thing in the actual gameplay. Ahem!

What sold me on playing “Emily Enough: Imprisoned” back in the days was the idea of a main character being a little girl who went complete nuts over a silly thing, murdering her whole family and being sent to an asylum as a result, from which you need to help her escape. I was expecting this game to turn into a hack and slash, murder hotel killing spree, but instead, it taught me the horrors of office work. The main idea felt pretty fresh and innovative years ago, but now, to be honest, it feels a bit dull.

In general, as an adventure game, “Emily Enough: Imprisoned” has the essential flavor for a good time: Interesting dialogue, simple, but enjoyable characters, decent areas for exploring and fairly easy-to follow puzzles. Though for the last one, I do suggest that you get your finest magnifying glass, given the fact that most essential objects and items in this game are tiny and kind of hard to spot on your first try. If you do manage to get past this silly theme, then please, enjoy “Emily Enough: Imprisoned”! I did, even though for some reason I remembered this game as a let-down. I guess the craving for blood and death in hapless, teenager me was not satisfied?

Emily Enough Imprisoned DONE!

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that the ending still feels pretty boring and unsatisfying. I wonder if the guy who made this game was planning on a sequel to fill in for it? I would have loved to see more of Emily, but for how much time has passed, I’m not really counting on it… sadly…

Every now and then, I noticed music playing in the game. This can tell you just enough about that aspect!

5.9 out of 10 is a score good ENOUGH for Emily! And a thumb up.  No heads down.

Cedric and the Revolution – Featuring : More goddam’ elves that are probably going to overtake this site,UNLESS…! [?]


Good evening and welcome to the late night LR19 show, where I write about video games from the past and present, but mainly from the past. “Cedric and the Revolution” is an adventure game, starring an elf blacksmith and his apprentice, who are on their quest to fight against high taxes, caused by “a” king’s clumsy nature regarding DEMON POSSESSION evasion. While it’s no surprise that one on such position would be a natural target, we could question such act, given the status, resources and overall power that “a” king would have. Then again, for all we know, high-ups tend to be pretty eccentric and pickers of rather unusual hobbies. Is it because of boredom or the overwhelming weight of the crown? STAY TUNED AFTER OUR SHORT COFFEE BREAK!

[If you don’t drink at least one cup of coffee, the text bellow would most likely be restricted from viewing!]

This game is rather short, mainly composed of two parts – Town Square and Inside the Castle. The initial first part is quite easy and gives you enough time so you can get used to the interface. The puzzles are easy to follow and you are bound to eventually find yourself within’ the second part, sooner or later. While the second part is a bit tougher and requires more sweet meat to clean it up, adventure game veterans would have little to no trouble. For all I remember, back in the days, me and a friend of mine used to toss this game around all the time, until we figured the part with the candles, which I think is the one puzzle- factor that decides heavily on you being stuck or not.

Cedrevolution DONE!

It’s not like this game does anything new with the genre. What you would see and do, you’ve probably done so in other adventure games as well, already. By no means this puts the game in a bad spot, no! This is a pretty clean title, with enjoyable graphics, sound and dialogue. If I am to critique this game for something that I didn’t enjoy, it would have probably been the fact that the first part and the second part feel pretty similar in terms of gameplay. Three is the favored number by this game, so expect your main tasks to revolve around that, one way, straightforward.

Honest elven 6.8 out of 10 for this old class’ from the pas’.

The New Adventures of Zak McKracken – Long ago, there was a leather jacket…


…and I never really knew about the existence of adventure games until the start of the new millennium.I never grew up with classic Sierra games or the early “Monkey Island” games or whatever crap there was back in the 90s.The first adventure game that I was introduced to via a PC- Games magazine was “Escape From Monkey Island”. The magazine even had a demo disk of the game.Long story short, I was pretty impressed by the graphics and the gameplay felt quite unique, which was a pretty normal reaction coming from a person who grew up mainly with NES action platformers.I guess the china men of many bootleg titles never saw any potential with importing NES adventure games , given the fact that they would not really appeal to kids, since they would require a proper translation, which is a big no-no in the world of making easy money by using no amount of actual work.


A few years later I got another PC- Games magazine that had an article about other adventure games, like “King’s Quest” and “Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders”. Sadly, none of those titles were on the disk that came with the magazine, but instead, there was another, full game, made by fans: “The New Adventures of Zak McKracken”. Back then I didn’t knew the game was made by fans, so I assumed it was an official work and an actual sequel to the original game.Also, the game was entirely in German, so I couldn’t progress at all.Imagine a 10 years old kid trying to solve a new type of video game in a language he didn’t understand at all! That was me, and my brother was of no help whatsoever too! Our biggest goal was to just leave the apartment and see what’s outside.I don’t know how, but we never managed to accomplish that!

So even more years later, I got the game yet again, but this time there was an English translation.I even had experience with other adventure games by that time.Here’s my opinion about this game as a whole in one sentence: “Hiding key items in tiny places within’ a huge background is not fun!” As for the rest of the puzzles, they felt overall average. Everything else is quite fine in terms of graphics and music, and I like the various references to things from the ages past.[ I used to spent a lot of time with Zak’s tv that had Star Wars music and shit-quality slideshow of episode IV.] I got to play the first game later after, but I never had the time to play through it, cuz of school projects and whatnot.I would say tho, Zak McKracken’s universe is pretty great.The fangame itself might not be as good as the original or other fan titles, but if anything, it has quite the place in my own history with adventure games.

No score was given.