Femspray + Prince Dickless – Take me to fetish side


My own personal fetish is finding and playing video games of low popularity that contain sexual themes, which could put even grown up adults in the uncomfortable box. Now, such games are all over the place, even within’ the library of the AGS engine. I never thought that I could stumble on a title that contains pornography on the AGS, much less one that takes you all the way to avocado town, fetish zone. And those are just two whole adult themed AGS games that I’m covering here, not taking into account the rest that I haven’t tried or not have knowledge about for, on the engine!

Both “Femspray” and “Prince Dickless” are developed by JNGames. While not all that impressive visually, “Femspray” takes on the whole Adventure genre quite decently. The plot follows the mission of a guy who is a spy-in training, about to graduate, tasked with taking down a corporation that mass produces a spray product, that can turn men into women. It’s your typical point and click formula really, with no much else going on. The game revolvesĀ  mainly around the man to woman transformation fetish, wherein it’s more of a bread winner simply due to the idea, rather than contents.. I personally enjoyed the gameplay to a certain extend, much more than everything else..

Femspray 1.1 DONE!

If “Femspray” is a cupcake where you need to remove the wrapping before you can swallow it whole, then “Prince Dickless” has to be a giant chocolate cake from which you just grab bits with your bare hands and you push them straight into your face, with little regard of how much enters your mouth or smears on your face.

“Prince Dickless” was made after “Femspray”. There is a noticeable improvments in terms of the visuals, though the gameplay has been degraded quite a bit. The game takes on a bit further than just man to woman transformations, now including beastiality, guro, BDSM, Bimbofication and whatnot fetishes. The story of the game is about a prince and a princess, but the princess gets kidnapped by a witch. The prince sets on to rescue the princess, but ultimately, once they meet again, their roles switch up. Ahem! AHEM!!! For a game made with AGS, I really enjoyed the idea of being able to turn into different animals to solve puzzles and the animated scenes were pretty good! Yes, pretty good…

Prince Dickless 1.1 DONE!

“Prince Dickless” is yet another classic example of adult video games with ridiculous, but unique names.

I give “Femspray” 4 out of 10 and “Prince Dickless” a 6.5 out of 10.

The games are free, go play them you wild deviants!

The Rob Blanc Trilogy – In space, I don’t know where to go…

space squid

I’ve always been fascinated with space in general, since probably the early age of Me being two or three years old. It was around that time for sure, as I remember that it was then, when I learned how to read properly. It all started with old encyclopedias, which I can still eye across my desk right now – All in fairly decent condition. If anything, my family was very caring towards books in general. Then, my love for space carried over to educational magazines and comic books. I was really having a blast in the 90s with all the reading material that I acquired, but truly, a huge step towards my total space- fantasy satisfaction, love-love, was the time when my brother rented the forth episode of the “Star Wars” saga. Afterwards, I fell hard for the franchise, what with watching the episodes when they aired on TV after midnight or with the various video games that I was later introduced to. Darth Vader seemed so awesome and cool to young Me back then…

Of course, other franchises made their way into my heart as well, like “Alien” and not “Star Trek”. I’ve never seen any movie, episode, Christmas special or whatever of it. “Star Trek” will probably remain an unexplored territory for Me, as honestly, I’m not really feeling it as a whole. At least not from the bits that I have seen or have been told about by my English teacher at university. Ugh…

I will always remember the time when they aired “Alien: Resurrection” and I was curious to watch it, despite my grandma’s warnings. Look, I loved space and the idea of existing aliens, but honestly, that was probably the scariest thing seven years old Me has watched, up until then!

I also played a lot of “Star Craft”, which seemed to me like the most complex game at the time. That’s how games usually feel like when you are new to them and lack proper experience.

Rob Blanc I DONE!

“The Rob Blanc Trilogy” is a composition of THREE, old adventure games, created by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, that take on the whole space science- fantasy, exploration nation, aliens and heroes of all kind, vortex comedy night stand genre. The three games were made on an early version of the AGS engine, which was based on the MS-DOS system… I was not aware that something like that was a thing, until now, I’ve gotta say! Thanks to the power of MS-DOS emulation though, running these games on a modern operating system is quite the easy task. Thank god! Thank god for people with functional brains!

Each one of the three “Rob Blanc” games is fairly short in length and easy regarding difficulty. The plot follows a guy named Rob Blanc, who is picked by god- like beings [?] to become defender of the universe and fight evil that might pose a threat to it. The story escalates pretty quickly towards a climax or more like, anti- climax, leading towards the ultimate end where I ask myself: “Is it just me or the second and the third game feel rushed towards the later parts?” The first game and the early parts of the other two titles feel decently designed, but after that it’s just the obvious – You are in one small room, here’s this one item, use it on the one possible object in the room. Maybe that’s just me, maybe I’m being harsh for no real reason on these games! I enjoyed them for what they are though. They are not “Monkey Island”, but if anything, they feel like a good first pick for someone who might want to get into adventure games. “The Rob Blanc Trilogy” might not live up to modern standards, but honestly, even the MS- Pain graphics ain’t as bad as the author himself states it during the gameplay of the second title and that silly, main theme [?] tune is still suck in my head. How odd…

My honest score for the whole trilogy is 4.7 out of 10. It was decently amusing.

Chzo Mythos Series: Special Edition – 4 Games a post

chzo mythos

The Chzo Mythos series were definitely quite the hype back in the days, what with their innovative idea of “How about an adventure game with a horror theme?” I’m also speaking from my own perspective here, as I did miss on earlier console releases that started and further shaped the horror genre. The Chzo Mythos games were a fresh intake for me in the world of video games, to wherein I got really hooked and even reached the point where I made my first, poorly-made cosplay costume. However, time goes on and years pass, where now my welding mask is but a mere bearer of dust. Getting back to the games, NOW WITH SPECIAL EDITION “DLC”, HA, HAAA!] , made me realize that I’ve changed quite a lot over the years and I no longer see the spark in the series as I used to.

5 Days a Stranger DONE!

Talk about gameplay wise, the series offer a pretty huge variety when it comes to puzzles. One thing to note is the fact that they are not all the concentrated on item management as in many other adventure games. The strong points are mainly exploration and interaction with other characters, which is supported quite well with the idea of constantly changing environment. What makes differences in these series from others apart in this aspect is generally the pace and the set-up atmosphere. There are instances where you can feel safe and take your time to prepare for what lies ahead. This is pretty much the main formula for the series general appeal. This is the type of horror that I also really, really adore.

Difficulty wise, the games are on quite the average side, though paying attention to details can save you a lot of time. I generally had problem only with the “single book in the library” bit in 5D and the puzzle in the reactor room in 7D. It’s a cake walk where you have the potential to trip and spill your cream all over the place. Do you like cream? Yes.

7 Days a Skeptic DONE!

There is still much more to praise the series for, like neat graphics, great and atmospheric soundtrack and bugs that are still presented even in the special edition. I’m talking mainly about the locker part in 6D, where you can get stuck forever if you act before the shaking ends. You didn’t save? Well having fun replaying the game again, fucker! HA! I had fun though.

I used to despise some characters for being really boring and generic. Now I just see them as simple people with their own thing going on. I like this new outlook from my side. I really do. Another thing that I really enjoy in the series are the many locations you get to go through. I don’t think there is a single place that I didn’t find likeable.

Trilby's Notes DONE!

Did the series aged well? I don’t know! Am I 15 years old still? Do I still adore fictional serial killers, horror and occult crap? No. Is it really a matter of how a game ages or how we do, because I’m pretty sure it should be the second one. But definitely, the series were on spot with what was considered to be of interest years ago. They are still appealing and impressive no doubt, but they do not fit within the current time. Oh, a single decade can be enough to change everyone, but you and me. Mostly me. Not really.

6 Days a Sacrifice DONE!

Overall, I guess I’m good to go and say that Chzo can have my 7 out of 10 agonies, no more, no less. I’m keeping video games, soda and penguin scream attacks.