Helltaker – 666 Demon Harem Deluxe

Usually, I tend to treat video games the same way I treat wine. It’s quite unusual of me to hop in a bandwagon, but this game was quite fitting for the 666th entry of my vault. My choices were either this or that awful Garfield NES game and given my recent dive into the Supervision library, I thought I could use some happiness for a change.

When I heard about “Helltaker” for the first time, the topic that came up was about how you can date sadistic demon girls and recruit them for your dream harem. I think this is how at least 98% of the people get introduced to this game. I doubt anyone would mention that it actually has a well -structured gameplay. Besides, as far as the actual dating goes, it’s composed of pretty much one- liners- pick- me- up. The classic and preferable way for people of age between 30 and 41. But before anything, I think this game managed to blast off so well due to its flexible accessibility. It’s free to play, although you can still support the developer by buying that recipe book for pancakes. There is a rich variety of demon girls, each with her own unique personality, looks and traits, so you are bound to get hooked on at least one that matches your preferences. The puzzles can be skipped, without any penalty whatsoever. Hints for the few secrets in this game are indicated via the achievements on the Steam page. Unlimited tries, generous checkpoints, especially at the final boss…

I gotta give credit to the person behind this game. Putting out a top- down game that revolves around pushing blocks is a pretty bold move. With the addition of limited moves nonetheless! You would think that because of that the game would be a cake walk, but it isn’t, really! The levels are really amazing! Well thought- out, with an actual replay value to them, when you consider the few collectables needed for uncovering one of the secrets. I legit had trouble with few of the stages, but man, was it satisfying completing all of them!

There isn’t anything to complain about regarding this game really. The plot is simple and straightforward. The art and music are quite pleasant. I guess one thing that managed to putt me off a bit is that sometimes the controls feel a bit too sensitive. I’ve found myself wasting moves without realizing it, but I guess that in the end, the one to blame is my own barbaric mindset of just slamming my fingers on the keys and taking a prolonged period of time to realize that I have to let go at some point.

Please, play Helltaker for its entirety, not because of a mere fetish fad! In the Hell world of tomorrow, anyone can roll up a pancake, but not anyone would eat it to the last bit…

LR19 – Early Watara expansion, SJG ramblings and a new pace formula

With the 700th entry drawing near, along with the day that is to mark my 28th birthday, certain permanent changes are inbound to take effect on this site. Already, there is the new addition to the vault in the form of symbols, which are to display even more additional information about an entry’s status. While I thought it would take me a while to map the whole page, it turned out I could do it in just a few hours. It’s not that big of a page I guess, even after all these years of constant expansions and updates.

Speaking of expansions, the new “Watara Supervision” volume is going to be added today, despite what I planed a while back. I’ve made a list of pretty much every game there is on the system, wherein I will try to beat every single one of them, along with having a video record of each playthrough. Every single titled will also be streamed live, though I don’t plan of switching focus on this project alone.

Another new change would be the pace at which posts will be made and the general expansion of the vault. I’ve come up with a pretty unique formula, where events will start out to occur more often at first, while sacrificing quantity, with both sides switching roles slowly as time goes on. I’m not sure what the results will be exactly, but this new formula would favor the increase of content overall. There would be a reset to it eventually, because I feel that at a certain point, it would be way too much for me to handle.

In the past few months, I’ve been hunting for a new game where I can enjoy the pleasure of online multiplayer. “League of legends” has sunk to the depths of Hell for me. Each new day I play that game, I just find more and more reasons to not have any fun, instead of it being the other way around. I tried for a bit “Path of Exile”, a game that gets pretty boring rather quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Diablo” clones, but that one feels so… repetitive and uninspired. At least in terms of general gameplay. I really do like the characters and the formula which you use to build them around. There are also some pretty cheap areas that have pretty specific requirements for one to have any success and FUN! “Soviet Jump Game” is pretty sweet! It’s simple, with straightforward mechanics. It’s a game where I can accept every defeat with ease, because I know I was the one responsible for it due to my own bad plays. It can get a bit boring every now and then, but at least the game tends to be really rewarding to a player who does well. Also, platforming! I love that shit! I LOVE IT!

Well… let’s get cracking’!

­čĄľNanobots ­čĄľ

It’s a rainy summer day Lucy van Pelt! While one might say that such setting has a peaceful and relaxing nature to it, I can’t help but nervously peel the skin off my forehead, with streams of scarlet liquid gushing down by. The unbearable heat is briefly replaced with cool air, the phone rings, not one, but twice. I don’t answer. My mind is in turmoil, as the tool for post design has been altered yet again, for better or for worse…

I don’t know if this calls for celebration, but I personally have never been a huge party Jimmy. However, a game that I have completed a really long time ago has been gathering dust for a while now, so I guess this is just of a good time as any other to finally put it in the vault.

“Nanobots” is a really neat adventure game made by the same person who did “Spooks” and “Little Girl in Underland”. The plot revolves around a guy attending university, who makes a bunch of tiny robots, with his goal being to make them understand love, cooperation and how to pick the high quality brand of jerky at the store. The robots in particular have trouble adapting to that, which does not bode well for the moral of their creator. Furthermore, his professor does not approve of the tiny robots AKA nanobots, mainly because they are the perfect result of what he was pursing during his early years, but ultimately could not accomplish. There is also a girl involved, which the nanobots creator has a crush on. Anyways, one thing leads to another and the little metal fellas find themselves alone with the nasty professor, who plans to put and end to them. HOWEVER, due to certain forced silly plot circumstances, he leaves them for a time being, giving them the chance to escape the room.

You have control of all six nanobots, wherein each one has its own unique thing going on. It’s pretty interesting, I personally haven’t played an adventure game where you get to control so many characters. But to be fair, looking at the nanobots abilities, it feels like the game dissected a character and split it among six small parts. The only problem that arises from this is that switching between each one can be kind of bothersome if you are stuck on a part of the game and you want to experiment with different actions. The fact that each bot has an activation animation that triggers each time you issue a select command does not help much either. The game is not very long and the area in which all of the action revolves is of no huge size either. The puzzles however are pretty well crafted, so stay sharp! Observe well the environment and take notes if you have trouble remembering the clues provided. Make a good use of each nanobot power! Combined, they could result in some pretty impressive outcomes!

The nanobots themselves have simple powers like pushing objects, stretching in order to reach something that’s too high up, making popcorn, advanced understandings in chemistry and of course, socializing. In other words, every essential needed to impress a fine lady. But… what I really like about the Nanobots is their personality. The author did a really great job of putting a sparkly light on each character in the various scenarios that occur throughout the game, forging a group that’s really entertaining to watch. It’s their chemistry… it’s just really good! Not very complicated to follow either, it sticks out so well… This game might be a good example on how to make parties that won’t bore and tire you to death with their authenticity.

In the end, all I can say is that I am really glad to be finally done with this game! It was great more than a decade ago, it holds up still even after I replayed it a while back! Definitely a title in the AGS library that I would STRONGLY recommend!

In addition, what I forgot to say is a few words about the graphics and the whole aesthetic of the game. The artwork is pretty neat and the animations are smooth and nice. I really like the aesthetic of small characters among big objects that might seem small to us in real life. This style… I’ve seen it in a lot of older games and media. They don’t do as much of it as they used to right? Maybe I’m just being mellow about it because I grew up liking it? Even in awful games that I’ve played before that use it, I still can’t help but gasp in enticement, “Ah, this is so neat!” It’s just a thing that never gets older for me?

You Have to Preserve the Ramblings

LR19 Cartridge

If I were to show my world to someone, what would they see?

Something that plays a big part in a person’s lack of motivation is the diet. I eat a lot of garbage, which does not really work in my favor when it comes to producing content. It’s not about addiction, really. It’s more or less about the fact that I’ve never set myself a plan to follow in regards to my choice of daily consumables. I end up wasting lots of cash on things that do not satisfy my body’s needs. Worse of all, I have a really bad sense when it comes to quantity. I always buy either too much or not enough, which again, ends up in results that eat potential work time. It’s not like I haven’t tried to fix this issue before, but I need to be consistent until I adapt to the enforced new changes, otherwise it’s straight back to the initial step number one.

The cleanup that I initiated was a pretty good idea. However, it brought me back to places and people that have changed. The worst change of all is cease of existence. A fist full of chaos juice, one that slams straight into your mind, leaving you either completely null or running around like a headless chicken. Regardless, the outcome is always the same, one adapts eventually and learns to live with the reality as it is, one way or another. But in all honesty, a lot of games that I used to play or have an easy access to, are now just completely gone. It’s especially awful when it comes to the case scenario where you can’t get in touch with people who might have a lead on a specific game soft. Why does no one responds? It’s so weird… They either respond once with a comment unrelated to the topic or not at all whatsoever.

Flash will stop receiving support soon enough. I know that there is going to be an alternative to it, but I really thought about going back to some games that I grew up playing and do them for LR19. Potentially, I want to cover as many as possible until the end of this year, but I can’t really promise on that statement. Oh, man… Think about all those Flash games that will end up being gone forever, if no proper care is being taken into action. There is still time until Flash’s “doomsday”, but I’m already seeing certain places on the internet taking the bullet beforehand. It’s kind of sad, really…

You Have to Burn the Rope DONE!

I am quite the lone wolf, with only a few contacts and but one true passion in life. You think it’s all about the video games? That is partially true. But there is more to it than what it seems. Perhaps on my way to the big 1k I am bound to find out what I was looking for, but I won’t be surprised if I was wrong about it all along. After all, a brain and heart can handle that much only.

I have many regrets in my life. Not smiling enough. Not talking with people enough. Not advertising my silly project enough. Not following my dreams enough. Not visiting the dentist enough.Not being kind enough towards the people around me. Ah, I guess I ruined it…

But in the world of tomorrow and the day after that, and after, and so on, all I can see among the crickets and the bees, is but my ultimate demise. Worst of all, there is not a single sound that can recreate that feeling or at least a partial bit of it. Humanity as a whole, it hasn’t advanced as much as people thought it did…

RA Invasion [Part 17] – Nostalgia Extravaganza

reach for top

There are around 2k registered titles on RA right now with functional achievement sets. I’ve cleared up to now over one hundred of those. On the long run, I think that a proper end goal would be to try and do everything there is. I think it’s possible, as long as you have the right mindset and determination for it. Nothing is out of reach! A human’s ability to adapt renders all illusions and myths about skill cap obsolete.

I’ve cleared a good amount of old entries recently. Along with those, there is the addition of a few new entries as a part of my “Beat everything from my past” clean up! It’s a good progress, rad fest, good times.

Indivisible [NES]

Not really a part of my clean up plans, this soda city funk was more or less something I was curious about. It’s a de- make of that one game I know literally nothing about, apart from watching a few minutes of the gameplay and having seen the main character various times here and there.

This de- make is a short action platformer, with lots of barren rooms all over the place. You can punch, wall- jump, find an axe and use it to cling to walls and whatnot. The controls are alright I guess… But I really like the two bosses that you can fight in this game! Their patterns are fairly challenging and I had lots of fun battling them, especially for the no- hit achievements! They keep you on your toes all the time, which is something I enjoy in my boss fights when it comes to this sort of games. I don’t know how I feel about the secret boss and the fact that you can punch it fairly easy to death… The axe is legit a worse choice for that fight, isn’t it?

Finding the secret boss is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I had from this game. In particular, I really had fun doing the difficult climb back from the end boss arena, which you need to do in order to be able to backtrack to one of the early parts of the game where the secret boss resides.

The normal enemies are pretty weak and of no serious threat whatsoever. The graphics of this game are pretty neat, but why do I get this vibe of a Chinese bootleg?… I honestly don’t know…

Soccer [NES]

Soccer DONE!

Hey, now that is a classic! This game was all over the famiclone cartridges back in the days, I even used to own a version where the players and the cheerleaders where turned into anthropomorphic mice. It’s good old plain soccer, with a really annoying system for switching from one player to another. Generally, it all depends on the ball’s location, which can cause quite the chaos, especially if there are too many players around the ball.

This is one of the first games Me and my brother used to play on our famiclone. Although while he was viewing it the right way, for its actual competitive nature and trying to teach me about it, I was more than a determined that this game was actually a co- op! It was quite the bizarre experience, a dear memory which I still hold on to tightly. Other than that, I used to play this game mainly when I was upset about something, setting the game on lowest difficulty and just shooting goal after goal in the opposing team’s door until my anger goes away.

But then came the RA challenge, where I had to face the hardest CPU! Not even that, I even had to score up to six goals for one of the achievements! Seemed pretty hard at first, but as I said before, adaptation is such a strong powerful ability! Apart from that unique and silly goal that I’ve posted a video about, here’s a few tips on how to score easily goals against the hardest CPU in “Soccer” for the NES:

# If you decide to shoot from the center of the field, make sure to aim at the upper half of the goal door. Do it from far away, with the screen still obscuring the enemy goalkeeper. That way he’ll have less time to react to your shooting. You’ll need a good momentum in order to make a strong kick, which can be easily achieved if it’s done right after a receive. The problem with this strategy is that you can’t see the arrow for adjusting the location where you want to kick the ball at, so you’ll probably end up shooting at the downside of the door most of the time.

# Try to bring the ball at one of the sides of the penalty area and shoot diagonally, as the enemy goalkeeper charges at you. This one is pretty effective, as it tends to confuse the enemy goalie catch judgement quite easily, making the ball pass right next to him. The issue here is that it’s quite hard to bring the ball to the sides, with the hardest CPU getting in the way all the time and managing to steal your ball with ease.

The hardest CPU experience can be pretty frustrating, but as long as you pass the ball from player to player and you learn how to make the goal shoots I just described, it becomes… less frustrating. God, the game just gives so much priority to the CPU on higher difficulty…

Shadow of the Ninja [NES]

I used to play this game for a while when I was still a child, but I only remember briefly a few things from it. It was a game my brother borrowed from a friend, with the fourth and fifth, final boss being our gatekeepers for achieving success. My brother taught me how to deal with the fourth boss, bird – man Joey and in return, I did my best to reach and figure out the final boss. I don’t remember how I dealt with him back in the days, but I can say for sure that I didn’t play by his patterns. It was some sort of cheese that you do by staying on the left side, I can’t recall if tanking hits to a certain extend was involved. Whatever it was, it wasn’t as optimal as to just learning the boss proper like I did when I did this game recently.

So what is this game? It’s like “Ninja Gaiden”, but way more generous! No enemies to push you into pits, enemy re- spawn is adjusted better and health recovery items are way more common. Falling into a pit also punishes you with some HP loss! If you pick the whip weapon, this game becomes an easier “Castlevania”! But in general, the whip is way more effective due to its reach and damage output, even on its basic level, compared to the sword. I guess the sword scales a bit better towards the higher levels in terms of range and damage output, but as you learn the game, you’ll be mostly finding yourself using the whip. In this game, weapon level up is achieved by getting the same weapon pickup over and over, without getting the other one or taking too much damage. There are two items that you can pick, which give you a limited amount of ranged attacks. There are Ninja Stars, which just fly straight, but if your weapon is leveled- up, they just fly weirdly all over the place, usually missing their target, thus, wasting precious ammo. The bomb pick- up has a pretty brutal damage output. While being quite limited in terms of ammo, if you manage to save up on it and bring it to a boss, it just makes any fight laughable. Now the problem is, you can’t switch to your normal weapon until you run out of ammo. Honestly, taking up a few hits for the sake of making short work of any boss is pretty worth it. With all those health pick- ups and the boss fights restoring some to a certain extend, you can’t really complain about anything.

The controls overall are pretty responsive, but they do have a bit of delicate touch to them. Rushing is not really this game’s style, at least not until you learn the layout of the levels, that’s it. Enemies are pretty tough, but their patterns are easy to read. Even the final boss has some of the easiest patterns, which are made in such a way that lead you right from the start as to how you should respond to them. Maybe that’s just me now, I definitely didn’t thought so back in the days. During that time, the last boss felt like the most unfair thing in the world. Until I managed to beat it, that’s it! Those are the classic video game values we all grew up to love!

The story of this game is pretty bland, but the stage visuals, especially the backgrounds of the city stages are really freakin’ rad. God bless Natsume for their amazing work! The soundtrack is also really good, with my personal favorite being every stage track except for the final one! [What a weird way of putting this…]

I did play both the Japanese and the western release versions of this game. The original Japanese version “Kage”, has tougher enemies in the very first area. Those guys that run up to you take two hits instead of one like in the western versions! The western versions on the other hand add up additional enemies on certain spots later in the game, which… I don’t know. I guess they do make a little bit of a difference, but for this one, I’m just willing to settle on adding “Shadow of the Ninja” to the vault. Video games! Oh, that special attack I never knew about – Used it only once for getting the achievement for it! Never thought about it afterwards, don’t see any practical use for sacrificing half your health bar for a screen clearing attack.

This game ain’t that tough man…