8-Bit Bayonetta – Casual Angel Massacre


I had this game a while back on Steam, but then it was removed and now I have it in my library again for some reason. I don’t know absolutely anything about the Bayonetta series, apart for the main character. She is quite the sexy lady, but to a certain extend, I think they went a bit too far with the design, as surprising as this might come from me. By too far, I mean that it feels like they implemented a certain fetish, but they pushed it a bit too much to the point where it feels pretty… bland.

8-Bit Bayonetta DONE!

I guess this game was some sort of a joke or used as a promotional material? I don’t know. It’s a simple game – One button for jumping and two for firing projectiles. The bland fetish lady is unable to move from one spot though and you have to fight off incoming hordes of enemies. The two firing buttons are not just for show, they function in a way where you have to press both constantly, if you want your weapon to go into rapid- fire mode and help you advance. By advance, there’s not much to the game in terms of progress. Enemies get numerous and faster quickly and usually, one is to find themselves reaching as far as the 14.000 points mark. There is a double jump that lets you position for firing bullets at the flying enemies, but to be fair, it’s a good idea to focus on cutting the numbers off the land forces first. The achievements are on a low level difficulty and will take you no longer than say 20 minutes or so to do.

I’ve been thinking about trying to get some silly high score on this game, but my fingers tire after a dozen of tries. I guess this is a good way to describe the replay value and the possibilities of any further challenges that one might attempt, past what the game is offering.

Triad – Complicated Sleepover


Sweet dreams lullaby. Put on your pajamas, pantyhose, wool socks and hope that the bed bugs won’t bite too hard tonight! Did you had your tea and cream cheese before bed? The corridor outside your room is quite dark, don’t forget that your dog also needs to be fed! From inside the cocoon of fluff, care as you stare at the dark window, since the scary alien will jump out soon enough, with a soul- breaking laugh…

Goodnight Mr. Flare!

Triad DONE!

Triad is a short puzzle game where you have to put three people and a cat on a single bed, while making sure that they won’t be disturbed or bother each other during the night. Each individual takes up a certain amount of space and has a specific movement pattern during the night that you have to take into consideration.

I would have loved it if there were more levels to this game, but honestly, the one puzzle presented took me quite a bit to figure out, but it was pretty satisfying nevertheless. This is a good game for killing a lunch break at work or something.

I was really satisfied with the ending of this game.

❤️👊 AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting 👊❤️


My first exposure to fighting games began with the initial purchase of my famiclone console. “Yie Ar Kung- Fu” was probably what introduced me to the genre, although I didn’t really thought about the game as much at that time. It had an interesting concept, although for how minor and limited the content is, the game was as fun as to just clear one loop every now and then. Then the Hummer hit shortly thereafter!

My dear brother brought one day a cartridge with “Mortal Kombat II” on it, which he borrowed from a friend. I really fell for that game! It had a small roaster of interesting characters to pick from, few, but simple combos and a pretty catchy music. When we didn’t knew any better, that game did seem like a masterpiece and I even went to record my own playthought of it on a VHS. The recording was lost however, once we had to return the tape to the person we borrowed it from. It had Disney’s Robin Hood on it and my recording starts shortly after the movie ends. I wonder if that person found it and enjoyed my Scorpion playthrough, with the bonus of a three minute pause for toilet break at Sonya’s stage.

Thinking back about it, the game had a pretty interesting feature – Projectile spam was handled by limiting that type of attack to only two at a time, after which you have to wait a bit for it to recharge. This is probably the only fighting game that I have played with such an implement and I wonder how would modern games of this genre feel like if they did something similar.

My brother brought another bootleg Mortal Kombat game shortly thereafter from some other friend of his, but I don’t remember much about it. It wasn’t as good as the Hummer Team one, what with way more sloppy controls and… the character roaster sucked? I think what contributed to that thought process more than anything was the fact that the sprites were pretty bad. Hmm… I don’t know… I should really try to track down and find this game at some point…

Then I bought my very own cartridge that had “Dragon Ball Z – Super Butoden 2”. Another bootleg classic from Hummer Team alright! This is a game that I learned to beat by just spamming Goku’s dash attack and I’ve never changed my style of play ever since, no matter how many times I go back to it. Projectile spam was not limited and I remember one of my cousins beating it by just crouch- kicking. Like any other Hummer Team fighting game, the hit detection was pretty awful and you could easily pin down an opponent by just timing your attacks well with their recovering animation.

AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting DONE!

“AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting” is another game by Hummer Team, but I never had the pleasure of finding it on the market. Man, I wonder how would I have reacted as a kid to it back then… For one thing, it features Hentai Images, which were taken from another game that was on the PC- 98, but I have to be honest, the FC transition makes the images look pretty good nevertheless. As for the game itself, it has the classic Hummer Team fighting necessities that I mentioned earlier. The only difference here is that the A.I. on higher difficulty can quite easily lock you down with combos and prevent you from recovering. Ah, so it’s not so fun when the tides have turned around… Well, that’s easily preventable as long as you avoid direct approach in fights. But really, this game is way harder than other Hummer fighting games when set on highest difficulty. Well, by other I mean that ones that I’ve played so far. I’m looking at you “Kart Fighter”!

This game features all female roaster, with the names of the girls being twisted around by a professional bootleg Chinese flute master. One of Ranma’s attacks remind of of Quan Chi from “Mortal Kombat 4”, which is another game that I really adored back in the days.

I guess it was a “It’s all cute girls and they fight” selling point. Were there any other games like that before this one? Did they fancy cat fight gamesoft during the age of dinosaurs? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did…

A very important post

Let's all love Hji!

So, a new equipment arrived today at my place. A brand new PC, monitor and whatnot. Pretty good specs overall, I’ve been meaning to get myself a good machine for a while now. For one thing, this would let me record videos of larger scale than before, which opens up quite a lot of new material for me to work on. Another thing is that now I would also be able to stream stuff that I’m doing. I’ve been happy with what few visitors I’ve been getting on this site, but I wouldn’t mind expanding and getting a little bit more attention.

In addition, starting from tomorrow, there would be a new schedule for posts. If I have any entries that are prior for release, I would make sure to write about at least two each Saturday and Sunday, with the addition of another one Friday.

As far as my plans for streaming go, I think I would do it twice a day, from Monday to Friday. Next week though, I’ll be pretty much testing the waters to see what can I and how to run via streaming. As for actual content…

…we’ll see.

🐸 Contact Natsumi 🐸


I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 3rd or 4th grade, I can’t really remember. I didn’t liked it at first, they made me feel pretty insecure in school. I didn’t grew out of that feeling until I finished High School. I’ve been suggested to try out contacts or even a laser surgery, but I could not really bring myself to put stuff in my eyes, let alone permit an operation that doesn’t have a 100% success rate. I’ve been also neglecting eye exams for quite a long time now, up until recently, when I got scolded quite a lot for it by the doctors.

There is always a moment, at least once a week, where I spend some time thinking about my vision. A bit of fear regarding how much worse it gets as the years go by, accompanied by a slight bit of hope that [MAYBE] modern medicine has advanced to the point where it could cure me completely. Dreams are a good choice if one wishes to could up the dark truth of reality…

There is a whole lot I can do regarding my eyesight issue really. One of those things is putting a bit of change to my diet. I heard fish is a good choice in that matter, but there are only that many dishes containing said ingredient that I like and much more that I hate from the depths of my soul. I am quite sold for some blueberries though! Another thing is also those boring eye exercises that I used to do… for like, a week or two. Not my cup of tea… What could really help is if I cut my time that I spend on video games and on the computer machine in general, but honestly…

…If I tell myself to do it, I am most likely to end up with an eleven hour session rather than just one. Do I lack the willpower? Does it has to come out naturally?

Maybe I have just accepted my fate at this point…