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I spent most of my life living high up in the mountain. Among pine and rocks, in a pitiful excuse for a town where I’ve set up a nest. The nearest body of water is a pretty shallow river. We don’t talk about that river. It’s a boring river. I’ve never seen any fish in it, but they do say that it gets a bit more lively as it goes further down the mountain into the plains.

I’ve never wanted to go on that school trip during high school. By no means I wanted to have fun at a beach or dip into the lukewarm waters of the sea itself. I still remember the awful daily breakfast that we would get composed of dry bread and the worst tarator I’ve ever had. Among other awful memories from that trip, the one that stuck with me over the years was how I almost drowned when I decided to dip into the sea for the first time in more than a decade.

Kunoichi Drowned DONE!

If I have to describe the experience of gradually losing oxygen and having water rush inside your nostrils, ears and eyes, all of which is done in differently timed segments, depending on the waves mood, I would say that it was pretty exciting and thrilling. It’s a type of fear which taught me that there is no reason to fear death. Even the cases where pain is a major factor would usually end in a pretty unique bliss. Fear? What fear? Fear gets alight by misunderstanding and lack of proper information. If you’ve known death even a little bit so, you would not have any actual reason to fear it.

During the moment when I was drowning, I felt a lot of sadness building up inside me. It was not however due to my life being endangered, but more so because I felt… really lonely. Even with all the people around who were on the verge of panic, it felt like I was all alone in the whole universe. I wonder why that was?

Perhaps this is the feeling that invokes ultimate fear in the minds of all who live when it comes to the subject called “Death”…

It’s a trip beyond wild, honestly.

Syobon Action 1+2 – Meloncholy for an exaggerated trend


This game… it’s something I’ve seen people play all over the internet, but personally, I never gave it any time whatsoever. Does this fit into the whole clean- up scenario that I have been running? I guess it’s OK to also do stuff that I’ve been holding off from playing for over a decade.

“Syobon Action”, a title that has been integrated into the major hive mind as a tool for projecting one’s exaggerated persona. It’s a norm that has been solidified over the years, which is usually how things go in those cases. Humanity, since it came to be, has been doing this sort of thing, what with nation and religious formations, which even to this day show off quite the major impact in the human society. It’s a tool for sorting out human types. Why do humans need to be sorted out? It’s all about providing a certain safe space for survival and potential evolution. At least that the idea, but people buy it nevertheless. Was there ever a time when we weren’t upheld by it? Maybe. But I doubt it…

So what is it about this game that’s so attractive? It’s supposed to be a Mario clone, but with a way more cruel setup. How true is that though? Increasing the instances where one is bound to fail actually works in favor to the adapting process of the mind. If anything, it gets easier for one to be able to read those further along. And it’s not like you have limited resources to do so, this game gives you all the extra tries in the universe, all you need is time to capitalize on it.

I like the subtle humor of this game and the OST selection from various cult- classic kusoge gamesoft. The original game is actually really well designed, with difficulty curve that can reach out to pretty much everyone. The fan- made sequel though, that’s where they lay on you the true nature of the game. The awful hitbox detection, the awkward and unreasonable momentum… “Syobon Action 2” makes sure to take the worst from the engine and smear it all over on top of your cake. If anything, it makes completing the game even more satisfying, honestly!

I’ve cleared the games in “Open Syobon Action”, along with the secret ice stage and the minus world for it. The minus world for the main stages of the two games I’ve streamed on twitch, but I played it on an English translated version, which also fixes the sound for Windows 10. It has been a lot of work, with around 600 accumulated deaths.

“Syobon Action” is decent, but I expected a bit more from it, not gonna lie…

[Beta] Omnistone Journey (100 Wins)


100 bloody battles have been won on the Howling Abyss using the power of the Omnistone! This keystone isn’t really all that good in general. The damage output is quite low, even on champions that can benefit from all keystones. Take also into consideration that fights never cease on this map. I barely get to 1300 damage on average. Maybe I’m not using it well? I do tend to miss on activating all of my keystones, but then again, some situations require you to take your time and be patient. Utility wise, the Omnistone is… better than nothing I guess. I wish they could include Guardian and US in the shuffle as well, at least for HA. I understand why they were not included in first place, SR always takes priority overall…

The champion who scored most wins up to now using the Omnistone is Ivern. I think he is OK for HA, but with Omnistone… It’s not like his damage output changes all that much. If anything, it hurts his utility more as a whole. Still, he is our top guy… for now.

Account level is at 29. So close to 30… All 450 and 1350 BS champions have been obtained, except for Zilean.

I screen and save every win. I thought about making an archive and uploading it, but I think I’ll hold off until we get some decent numbers for this project.

As a reward for reaching this simple milestone, I will include some additional stuff for this project:

Every Boost provided from a stranger would net this project 1 Milk Coin. [Party members do not count!]

Every champion who reaches level 5 will earn additional 5 Milk Coins.

I can see the potential death in this project, if at any point the Omnistone gets removed or changed significantly. Until the grim time comes though, I should just do my best and try to score as much as possible.

Next milestone – 1000 Wins!

LR19 Stream Schedule 2020

Yuame Burg

Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

Monday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Tuesday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Wednesday 6.00 AM – 12.00: Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Joruney

Thursday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Friday 6.00 AM – 2.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Saturday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Sunday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Apart from what I usually focus on, there is also the addition of the Omnistone Journey project. It’s a recent thing that I’ve been thinking about, regarding as to how I want to handle League of Legends as a whole.

The project goal would be to win as many ARAM mode games as possible, using the Omnistone keystone only. Along the way, this will also set additional things up for me in terms of obtaining all champions and potentially, a level 5 for each of them. I am not sure at this time if I want to do something with the level- up system. A goal of reaching level 1000 seems kinda nice…


Apart from the Omnistone Joruney streams, I am prone to end early the others if the goals for them are reached. For a time being, I am willing to settle for doing one site award for RA streams. As for the entry one, I would do so as long as I beat the game with all LR19 regulations being covered.

Crusher Masher Mako-chan [Arcade]

Crusher Mako-chan 1.2 DONE!

With the new decade upon us, this lab room is set to expand further! As of today, there will be a new priority on the acquirement of dreams and large doses of peppermint juice! However, the deposit only accepts the so rare milk coins, which can only be harvested via the 1- coin completion of Arcade titles. Am I up to the task? This will be a volume that would truly challenge and hone my skill level…

1- coin = 5 M(C)

Crusher Mako-chan 1.1 DONE!

“Crusher Mako-chan” is a goofy gambling Arcade game that features a girl who helps people around by punching large and solid things until they crumble to dust. It’s a very short game that can be completed in around few minutes, but it’s heavily affected by RNG, to the point were a run can end on the very first level, right from the first punch that you land. You mash one button to keep the punches going, but very rarely you’ll get to punch something in time through its durability pool. Power- ups play a big role in this game, especially the Pepper and the Super Punch ones. The pepper lowers your attack output and in a nutshell, it’s just a sign of a certain game over. The Super Punch one is the bread and butter of this game. It gives you a second chance to complete the level, which requires you to… that’s right! Keep hammering that button! If you do well and the RNG swings in your favor, Mako-chan will transform into grotesque, steroids- filled muscled flesh monster and perform an attack that destroys the solid object in one hit. This type of humor really brings me back to a time where I enjoyed stuff like “Dokuro-chan” and “Dai Mahou Touge”. It was the type of humor that revolves around a sweet looking girl with a dark side, which went to an extend of obscurity. I love that stuff even to this day… Do they still make these? I haven’t checked in a long time… It feels like they don’t do them anymore and I don’t know why I have that impression on the world around me.

Crusher Mako-chan 1.3 DONE!

I’ve spent a good time translating the debug mode of this game. I think there is a higher difficulty that affects power- up drops and objects durability, which made my winning run quite the breath taker. Can’t say my finger enjoyed it either! There is also an option which enables you to just hold down the button for an auto- fire, in case you don’t feel like going through all that button- mashing pain that I did. Hopefully, my new keyboard can last until the end of this year… Hopefully… Overall, this game brought a smile to my face along with some chuckles here and there. I love Mako-chan’s design and the short and silly plot fits in just perfectly. Add the shitty gameplay and we have ourselves a platinum winner!

Did I mention how awesome the soundtrack of this game is? How come nobody has dumped it yet?…