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Maldita Castilla – The lab’s vault needs all the games with knights that it can get!


So this little game has been just lying around on my hard drive for a while,until recently,when I decided that I got tired of seeing its name when I browse through my files.If I have games I should play them,not just treat them as some sort of collectables for a display!Take that into consideration STEAM users!

The first obvious impression that this game gives is pretty much “OMG,IT’S GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINGS!”A pretty natural one,considering the fact that even the author of the game confirms it and states that it’s one of the main inspirations for the creation of Maldita Castilla.Add some Spanish Mythology and the fact that you can attack upward and there you go!We have ourselves a game!

With the main idea behind this game,visually and in terms of gameplay,I think it managed to achieve a pretty great results.The soundtracks are quite fitting for each stage and the sprites are really well made and animated.It really feels like you are playing an old arcade game,but there are just some aspects to it where you can see a flat out solid improvments.Toss in some easy-to-follow,silly plot and we can all be happy!The game has a good varietiy of content and it manages to stick to its main theme pretty well.

Gameplay wise,”Trial and error” have quite a big influence in Maldita Castilla,at least for new players,especially for those who are not used to these type of games.I had a total of four playthroughs of the game,where the frist two felt like pure hell under the sea.Again,it was all due to my lack of knowedge on what to expect and how to deal with it.I felt like I had way more trouble at the room where you have to climb up,while stone faces on the wall shoot stuff at you.Same goes for the room where you descend and you have to deal with the magical,demonic cauldrons.The different weapons that you can aquire through the game can have a huge impact on some areas and bosses.However,that doesn’t seem to be the case once you get used to the game.Third playthrough ended up being my best one,where I got the best ending,much to my own disbelief that I can actually accomplish that.It felt weird how from “I suck at this game.” I went to “This game is pretty easy”… I was honestly expecting to have to replay the game at least a few more times.Now it will leave me with a weird impression that it has a good replay value.Hm.I don’t know… Also, finding the hidden treasures and invulnerability potions seemed like a pretty important thing for a potential good playthrough.


Decent controls,frustrating early playthroughs,which are replaced by pleasant ones,later on, good variety of enemies,bosses and different themed levels,all in all makes up for some good experience.I’ll give it my 7.8 out of 10 with the “A game well done” silver cup.

I am still questioning my own learning curve though…