OneShot – But not really!


This game was requested many times by “camelpuncher”, a person who gets shot at least once a day, because that’s what living in a capital city is all about!

“I wish I could make a beautiful, unique and involving puzzle game on RPGMaker” – The spider in the corner of my room.

When I was first introduced to “OneShot”, I had weird expectations about the game. With its concept of having only one chance, one gameplay session, I thought it would try to be mean and send me over to the abyss of canned tuna, if I screw up at some point in the game. However, it turned out that the game is pretty generous about it, a bit too much for its own good perhaps. Getting the bad ending depends literally on you choosing to quit at any point, before you get to the end. Apart from that, the game also makes auto- saves and forces you to take brakes every now and then. It’s a one- shot type of deal where you can really take your time, but not really! Considering how short “OneShot” is, the player is unlikely to be in real need of a break between every ten to twenty minutes of a gameplay session. Given that we live in the era of busy machines, office parties and where everyone has some mental disorder, the job edition, there could always be a case of someone making use of those breaks – A true hardcore gamer who plays only for a bit each day, while investing the rest of their time into “actual” work. The word [actual] here can be understood in more ways than one!


In my opinion, if one is to make a short game, a good idea would be to work on making the game leave a strong impression on the player or having a decent replay value. With the way and idea this game was made, both of these are pretty much nonexistent. The game restricts itself for the sake of appearing unique, without the need to really do so. I notice the lack of commitment and dedication from the plot and the main character. So here we are, this is Niko, a cat person, but not really! Just because someone has the features of a cat creature, that does not necessary makes them related. You get to save a world by bringing a big light bulb to a place, but not really! The world is already dying due to other reasons and your quest won’t fix that – As acknowledge by the game itself via the words of a certain NPC. Now why is that? Did this game really need to try and appeal deep and whatnot itshowuwantittobe crap?  Maybe it was all experimental – After all, there is also a remastered version of the game on Steam, which supposedly covers most of the problems presented within’ the original release. Supposedly.

OneShot 1.1 DONE!

The art in the game is pretty great. Same goes for the music. They manage to create a pretty unique atmosphere, that fits well with the few location that you get to explore in the game. The character design is decent, but you usually meet characters once and off you go then. You are, after all, on a quest to save the world, but not really, as we just discussed. The puzzles are alright, but they are not all that difficult, mainly due to the fact that “there so much you can do” syndrome is presented. Watch out though! The game will break the fourth Chinese vase and try to make YOU part of the game, while installing many copies of “Earthworm Jim: The simulator” on your computer PC machine, without your permission! Your hidden bitcoin stashes might also be in danger!

4.7 out of 10!


Cat Poke – Rude,violent and unmoral!Yet to be banned in Australia and Turkey!

cat poke

This entry also comes with a special shout-out to [Harumin{,/}]

Get a cat,you sore loser!Keep up the good work,achieve your dreams and get a cat!You should really get a cat!”

Cat Poke is a game that involves mainly poking cats and solving puzzles by finding items,placing them on a table/counter and having your own head dissapear behind them when it collides with their sprites.Of course,you can try to use the items in other ways,but this one method brought me a lot of success!Also,sneaking and more cat poking,which all eventually leads to an ending,where we all learn a valuable life lesson!Also,poking cats!

CatPoke DONE!

What this game  also offers is nice,pixelated graphics,[There is an HD version to this game,which is worth checking out.]one soundtrack that is bound to drive you insane if you don’t finish the game in 30 minutes AND a special,hidden collectable item,which is just there to be collected and be displayed in your inventory.There are also few refrences to various popular cultures and yeah.That sums up pretty much everything about Cat Poke…

I’ll give you 5.9 out of 10 CAT POKE!You are not a bad game,but you need some more beans in your sack!

Ghost Trick – Ghosts,detectives and INCREDIBLE MACHINE!


Requested by Spirit_Dreamer!

I did it!I finished my first NintendoDS game!That’s right!I’ve never played one before!All the emulators that I’ve tried in the past were acting up and whatnot.Still,guy-requester sent me the game along with a really good working emulator!Thanks a lot friend!

I was expecting something like a “Monkey Island” style of gameplay from this game.I got “Incredible machine”.Yep.That’s what the gameplay of this game sumed up to be.It was pretty exciting at the start though.The levels also tend to provide you with new challenges,keeping the hype up to a point.Then it’s like:”Wow,the soundtrack of this game doesn’t fit with the gameplay at all!”It really doesn’t…The plot is pretty ok.The twisting tends to be pretty annoying.Ending was alright.Graphics were pretty awesome!IT’S A GAME!

I don’t really know what should I expect from NintendoDS games!I guess Ghost Trick was pretty alright.It has its ups and downs,but it’s overall enjoyable to play.I also did it in 2 days because I have problems apparently!

Here’s to the game with 7 out of 10!Pretty rad,with a bits of bad!