2/141 Brand new curse


You might have noticed a lack of post activity for over one month already. It’s mainly do to me being busy with life stuff and on a more grand scale – My lazy nature yet again.

I’ve been thinking for a while now regarding my attempt at getting maximum mastery score on League of Legends – A challenge that I attempted a few years ago, back on my older account, which I gave away due to me not being good at predicting how long I would have been upset with the game.

I really wish to make this dream come true. How the hell am I going to do this when Mordekaiser to me seems like an impossible champion to get good grades on?

This is what I want to find out. I want to explore the huge roaster of all these freaks of nature. All the good and all the “bad” champions. Eventually, I’ll continue with my Fiddlesticks conquest or maybe I’ll find and pick something that suits me more. Who knows?

I have Fiddlesticks to maximum mastery level already. The next champion that I did was Brand. The experience was pretty awful, mainly because I had over 20 bad games, 1/9 of which where my fault, no less. [Champion is cursed, I tell you!] God forbid you ever get to play against Leona/ Caitlyn! – Once you get CC’d, you just can’t move away from the spot, at least not until you are dead, that’s it!

Brand new brand

I used to play Brand mainly with squirrel pet, but the whole sorcery tree got nerfed, so I switched a few things around. [One thing only…] In my last games, I played Brand with Comet, weaker scorch and “I can’t tell the difference” celerity. I don’t think you want the river mobility rune. Really, Brand shines at bullying laners, rather than roaming. I am playing him support. You can get fed twice as fast really and your ult is way more effective with more enemy champions around. Given that you also invest in future market and free clock of many plays, you can get ahead really fast and obliterate everything. I am not the best at skillshots and I tend to play champions that are point and click, but honestly, with Brand, you just go into team fight and you throw your ultimate without really looking. Good job! You just won!

I love watching people explode!!!

Super Gears N Gators – [⚙️ = 💔 ]


Struck by the Gear’s teeth the Gator recalls their most intimate memories.

The intense pain caused by the sharp, rusty metal transports them far away to the places of their memory.

They remember the delicious taste of home- made pizza served for lunch by their mother.

They remember the feeling of being rejected by the first girl they had a crush on.

They remember the early mornings where a cat would always climb over a nearby cherry tree.

And they recall at last, the sound of plead echoing in the night, as their body squirmed under the heavy assault of the acid rain.

Then finally their body respawns again…



The Goonies [NES] – The 1. 000 000 points disappointing goal!

top skele

Back in my childhood days,a friend of mine gave me one of his bootleg cartridges for a few days,on which I stumbled upon “The Goonies” for the first time in my life.If anything back then,it was the music and the well refined gameplay formula that managed to win me all over by the first playthrough.I was really enjoying the game and I played it to the point where I learned pretty much everything about it.OR SO I THOUGHT!…

Here I am 14 years later,playing it once again and going through it with a whole new prespective.One thing that I was really wondering about was to what happens if you get a score of 1.000 000 points.I assumed that the game might crash or something,but there wasn’t really any info on the internet about it.I did found an old forum where they did some kind of a 1.000 000 points THE GOONIES event,but there weren’t any results posted from it…

So there we go!After one failed attempt,I finally managed to reach the goal of 1.000 000 points.As a good knowedge about the game mechanics and secrets were required,the actual factor that helped me achieve this was Mr.The Skeleman.He is probably the best and fastest source for points.However,for Mr.Skeleman to be efficient,you do need to get to at least the third loop of the game,where the mobs tend to be more active and faster.Having the armor item also helps alot,given the fact that you might end up missing one of his thrown bones or two,which tend to take quite a lot from your life meter on further loops.

Pretty disappointing result,but kinda expected.To be fair,using this method makes this feat quite easy to accomplish.Of course,you could try to just go through the game as much as you can,but after the fourth loop,the RNG that spawns the enemies and the increased damange that you take from enemies would more or less overhelm you.I’m not saying that it’s impossible,but certainly not worth the time and effort.

I’m glad this mystery is out of the way!The Goonies is a great game with a decent replay value and probably the only “The Goonies” game that I truly enjoy.

Lisa the Joyless

the one and only great terry

Another challenge for the weekend where I’ll attempt to complete “Lisa the Joyful”,without any usage of the “Joy” consumable item.I’ve beaten the game already,so I kinda have an idea on how I might be able to accomplish it,but we’ll see…

Same setup as before.Same time,same method,same rewarding system.It’s dumb,but for a time being it’s how things are gonna go,until I can…I don’t know,have a better setup or something.

There was also a suggestion that I do the game without any consumables.Now how many weeks would that take me?Is it even possible?Who knows?I have some doubts but…you can never know…

So,yeah!Can’t wait to try doing this one!I think that it’s going to be tons of fun…or not…Until tomorrow,I shall never know!


Managed to beat four of the bosses from the list,before I lost interested with continuing the challenge.I was expecting this to be a bit more difficult,but the fact that I ended up with more than 600 magz. which I could use to get all the consumables I need to cover the rest of the bosses,along with the fact that I can just abuse the free-rng-based gifts,AKA free jerky and firebombs,really killed my mood for it.

Also,my weekend was more busy than I was expecting,so there is that to blame as well.[Really now?]

At some point I am gonna go back to the LISA series and potentially put them in the vault.For a time being though,I need a bit of a break from them.

A weekend challenge – Castle Crashers Chicken Palooza /aka/ [CCCP]/Finished/

raging chickens

…and thus,we need to please and calm down the great {Hyperactive chicken} – a deity that rules over all the chickens!A chicken that can change size at will!A being whos speed is unmatched by any other!He is angry at humankind!Angry at the fact that people order hotdogs at stands while asking for the price,without actually reading the sign that states it beforehand!That,and grapefruit juice!Freakin’ disgusting and bitter grapefruit juice!

So while his army of chickens advances and murders everything in sight,I am going to do a weekend challenge!I am going to play Castle Crashers and I am going to do a full chicken mode!Peasant+Chicken stick+Chicken pet!The three goals that I am going to aim for are to finish the game on normal mode,reach level 99 and potentially,but doubtfully,beat the insane mode!Starting this Saturday at 12.00 PM  (GMT+2) with a deadline ’till Monday 6.oo PM (GMT+2)!

While I am not going to stream it,since I don’t expect to attract too many viewers whatsoever,I am going to take free Skype calls,where I am going to share screen of my current progress.Come and join up for a nice and relaxing chit-chat and while we are at it,I might throw in for someone a Steam-related prize or two!WHO KNOWS?Just search for “a.certain.person” and type in “Chicken soup”,so you can be added to the call.English speaking only!!! Calls won’t occur before the initial start of the challenge so…yeah.That is that!

Chicken weekend is at hand!


That was one hell of a challenge!A literal hell under the sea!The normal mode was easy to finish with the CCCP setup,with only around three hours time.Around four hours,[Maybe less,I’m not really sure…] took me to get to level 99.Sadly,I did not managed to beat the game on insane mode.I went as far as reaching the “Marsh” and from that point on,it was just beyond my ability to handle the rest of the game…

I don’t mind the fact that I did not managed to beat Insane mode.I am happy enough that I managed to unlock a few more characters and that I got one all the way to level 99.Maybe one day I’ll find a way to get past the Marsh and try my best at the rest of the game.But at this point,I don’t see myself spending eleven more hours on it…It’s more painful that I can handle!Of course,I tried finding people to potentially beat insane mode,but at this time,it seems that no-one is up for it.Oh well…

CCCR challenge results

Thanks to everyone who joined me during the challenge!You were all really great!