Attack! Month to 500!


Let’s spice things up a little! For the next month, I am planning to do a total of 101 new entries for the “Gran _-‘D” volume! I wish to cover various popular titles, series and alternative versions of games that I’ve already beaten. I will post daily updates on twitter, saying a thing or two regarding the entries I complete for the day! Meanwhile, I will also keep posting every now and then here, as I have prepared the material for the remaining few entries ’till the 400th mark! Once I’m done with this silly monthly experiment and I hit my 500th milestone, I’ll take a break for a while and focus on something I’ve been holding off for quite a while!

I have picked games of interest from various consoles, mainly the Game Boy. I am not entirely sure regarding their overall difficulty, but I think it’s balanced enough for me to be able to pull this off. After all, most of them are platformers and I eat those for breakfast!

If you wish to observe my progress and chit- chat, you are more than a welcome to join me on Discord. Why not stream it? I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of streaming in general. I know that most people enjoy sitting on their asses and stare into the oblivion of boredom for hours, but I am a man who values original and quality content. If you haven’t figured that out by my posts in this blog and thought otherwise, I pity you, oh, rotten salmon of the moon lake on Neptune!

‘[Value and quantity]’ / ‘[The Lab.Room 19’s characters]’ / 200 Video Games completed post-post special!

IMG_2244[1]Well,that was fast!I was honestly expecting to reach this number around the next upcoming year,but the recent pile up on NES titles really changed that point of expectation.Then again,as far as the games within’ the vault go,most of them tend to be on the easy side of difficulty,at least in my point of view.I’ve seen people struggling with titles that I consider easy and breezing through those that I had hard time with.Well,people are different,as well as their skill cap regarding various types of games.If I have to consider myself as good at a certain type,I would say that I do pretty well when it comes to platformers,simply due to my long-time experience with the genre.On the other hand,I tend to avoid RPGs, simply due to the fact that they take a lot of time and I usually get bored of them pretty quickly.[I lack the patience for grinding and dungeon crawing..]It’s weird how my all time favourite game “Neverwinter Nights” is within’ that categoty though… [Maybe I like it due to the less grindy’ nature and that fact that it’s more action  and story based.I also love reading a lot.]

I do prefer finishing games with greater value,rather than just pile up on one-breathers.There are times however,when I feel tired and just not in a mood and those are usually the times when I tend to end up playing utter,no-brainer crap.

I guess it’s fine,given the fact that my goal is to beat as much video games as I can.Maybe as the time goes on,the vault will become more impressive bit-by-bit.Rushing things up would just make things harder for myself.


Around one year ago, I was really happy about turning this place into an actual something-something,rather than making it my new shithole.The idea of searching through time and space for new and old videogames for me to play and write about was exciting!So exciting, I decided to come up with characters [Mascots] for Lab. Room 19 and turn the whole thing into an actual project.That’s what lead me to come up with the main figure for the LR19, “Hji”.The name actually comes from a random input during the save of an early concept art for him.The design for the character itself came from a hentai game that I played,which I am probably not going to reveal,simply due to the fact that it doesn’t really matter whatsoever.[The game lets you build and customize characters and Hji’s design is based on a build that I used in the game.] Once I was done, I came up with the story of him being from a long-extinct race that used to travel through dimensions.The race sets up a laboratory located within’ a border between certain dimensions, but due to various reasons,they abandon it along with a child Hji’s inside.From that point on,he thrives by himself,while dealing with various situations and characters,mainly revolving around video games.[Mainly!]{The actual LR19 takes after his teenage period.}The main appeal that I picked for him was that of having similar appeal to the Japanese folklore creature “Tanuki”.Hji is able to take the appearance of characters from video games that he managed to finish.[In other words,the ones that I managed to.] He doesn’t consume actual food,but rather,the essence of the leafs that he puts on his head.[Mainly within’ his headphones.] As for the outfits,he usually wears a lab. coat with a red undershirt, but I tried coming up with other alternatives as well, like the rubber-skeleton-costume that appeared at the first LR19 Halloween event.

Along the way,I made other characters,so Hji won’t feel lonely.Tea#band is a ghastly creature who protects the Lab’s vault.He also has a tomato on his head.[;aumh is a cyclops, goo-boy that resembles a mutated egg due to an accident in the Lab.He is really fond of terrible video games.Kin[A]-TR1751 – Hji’s rival in terms of board games [And other stuff.] – She is an android with an uncertain past.An/n” is a girl that Hji brought from an old video game into the real world.Her existence is unstable and she tends to phase out of it and back again quite often,usually erasing the memories of her that people had.Each character’s persona is based on a certain aspect that I possess.Hji is unmotivated,lazy and pretty emotionless.Tea#band tends to be a big jerk and usually yells at others and insult them regarding their value.He deeply cares about lots of things overall.[;aumh is cheerful,positive and highly ironic towards most things. Kin[A]-TR1751 has trouble being open and expressing her feelings.She gets angry easily and tends to get jealous of others.An/n” is clingy,kind hearted and overprotective.She gets creepy and horrific due to her unstable existence or if she gets upset.

Overall, the design and actual lore is pretty rough, since I haven’t given it much of a tought really.Maybe in the not-so-distant future I’ll expand this further and make something out of it.Until then,feel free to ask anything about it or if you feel like it,contribute in some way.EVERYONE’S AN ARTIST!EVERYONE CAN MAKE GREAT!

Also,thanks to that one person who drew a concept art for [;aumh . While it doesn’t fit with my view on his actual appearance,I enjoyed the result:

early concept ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

another early concept

This is one way to share a crappy OC with people!

Being harsh on myself for no reason won’t add to the appeal!

Words are being written on this post!

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea – I wonder how this post is going to UNFOLD!


This entry was requested by “Harumin”!

Oh boy…this game…There is quite a lot to say about it,despite its actual content.”Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea” is a game about a girl-witch-in-training named Wadanohara and her adventures in THE GREAT BLUE SEA!If you ask me for a honest opinon on what this game is all about though,I would probably say that it’s a game made to appeal to girls mostly,rather than guys.We have your typical young and cute magical girl,along with her,you know,PETS!That’s right,Wadanohara has her own pets,who are also all males [not really] and they ALWAYS protect,help and agree with her on pretty much everything!She also has lots of friends to the point where some of them had to be turned into actual enemies,so there could be additional conflict and drama!All your enemies respect you when you defeat them,you also have an ex-pet who is all rebel-like and cool and…yeah.Bunch of selling points for every young girl out there!And I’ve seen enough proof to state this as a fact,rather than a theory.

However,there is nothing wrong with any of this.Why would it be?There are many games out there that follow the same appeal.That aside,lets move to the actual gameplay.Being an RPGMaker-engine-based,this game has battle elements.The battles themselves are not random encounters though,since you can see the actual mobs and pretty much decide if you want to fight them or not.Hell,you can even skip all of them and head straight for the boss battle!I can’t say for sure if that’s a good idea,since I’ve went through the game normally.The SLOW and honestly,the ANNOYING way,of killing everything in sight,so I can properly level up.But how proper is that?There is not a single battle where you can feel overpowered by or on par with your enemy!Oh,those are some enemies alright!Bosses would have the honor of attacking you once,before you obliterate them,while normal mobs…well…

They just like to wait and see how things are going to unfold.

Gotta love that last mob from a group,who would rather keep observing how the events are going to unfold,than pick a fight with you to avenge his fallen comrades.”Hmm…my friends got killed…I wonder what’s going to happen to me now…” Man,do we need a huge wild guess here?!?

Despite the fact that you are overpowered all the time,the game still doesn’t hesitate to even throw at you items that restore huge amounts of your stats.[HP/SP]But why?What are you going to restore with those items,when the enemies tend to either “ignore” you during fights or not do any damange whatsoever?Same story with the gear!The game keeps giving you new and new tiers of better weapons and armor,sometimes so often,you won’t be able to try out your new gear before you get another one!

Oh,I know why it’s all like that!Because the battle system is just a freakin’ filler!

Wadanohara 1

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea mostly focus on its plot,art and music.That being said,that last two of those three things are actually pretty great.As for the plot itself,expect to see lots of new characters being thrown in and out constantly,with the story dragging on and on,until you scream out at 5.00 AM in the morning: “God,when will this end?” Then you see a dolphin with bleeding eyes and you find yourself laughing like never before in your life!Then you learn later that it was actually a shark.I don’t know.Sea life is hard to understand![?] [I still prefer to think that Sal is a dolphin.I mean,come on!It looks more like it than a shark!]

That’s the “Deep Sea Prisoner’s” formula!Good art,good music,mediocre plot,along with characters who’s persona doesn’t develop through the course of the game.I like the character design though.You know,most of what I said in this post could be said about the author’s other creations as well.Titles like “The Grey Garden” and “Mogeko Castle” follow pretty much the same formula.I do like “Mogeko Castle” the most,simply because the battle system is not presented in the game.Of course,let us not forget the last DSP classic of creating beautiful,yet empty worlds,which get spammed with lots of enemies,to make up for the emptiness.Yeah…The worlds in those games do feel pretty empty…

Here’s my 5.3 out of 10 to fill SOME of the gaps!

1bitHeart – In a not so distant future,where silly sounds are being made by the everyday people we meet and say “Hey”


“Is this going to be one of [those] games?” That was my expression upon my first impression of the game,by which I mean [Me] looking at a certain screenshot from it.So in five minutes,more or less,I was already at it,gently declining the additional help that the game has offered me at the start. / /  /   /

So it’s a game where we get to go around and solve cases by talking,all and all while we improve our social status by making FRIENDS!The game is plot heavy and the actual gameplay is quite insignificant.Despite the fact that you reject the additional help offered at the start,the game still makes sure to give you hints as to what choices to pick and how to solve the various cases.The potential of losing HP by making a wrong choice and actually getting to the GAME OVER screen is pretty much presented at the first chapter of the game.Once your HP starts to increase due to the number of friends you make,it’s pretty much impossible to lose.In addition,you can also lose HP when you fight [viruses],where you have to input a shown combination of keys and any wrong input would harm you.There is no time limit tho,so you can pretty much take your time with it,which is…uh…yeah.There is no really challenge to it.

Making friends with all characters over the town is more of an extra content.You are not required to actually do so and reaching the various endings of the game pretty much requires you to make only a few friends.The whole procedure of making friends is quite simple,where you have to just give them different items,which you get to buy from the main character’s PC.Now,the way you earn money to buy those items seemed really off to me.You need to play minigames [Tetris/Puyo Puyo],but if you go to the downward right corner of the room where you do the item shopping/minigames,you get an event which pretty much caps your money.I don’t know.Maybe some people wouldn’t find it?To me it seemed like a pretty easy thing to find,which pretty much removes the whole idea behind the minigames to be played at all.I don’t know…


I guess the fact that this game didn’t appeal to me was due to my own prefrences.I didn’t really liked the fact that every character felt different and overdesigned,what with different personalities and whatnot.[Overdesigned might be a bit strong here.]I did liked the various silly refrences towards certain characters from certain shows.The extra chapter that you unlock by making friends with everyone was pretty nice and I enjoyed it.I didn’t liked the music in the game.There were places where I felt that the tracks didn’t fit at all.It’s like the author just put them there out of own personal taste.There is also voice acting,which is a nice thing to spice the game a bit,but it didn’t appeal to me at all,except for all the silly sounds that the characters tend to make every now and then.

It’s a-ok game.6.1 out of 10.

Plot felt rough,unpolished,with various forced scenes.For a game like this it’s quite A THING,I guess.Well…uh…yeah.Miumi is a weeb.

[Marikakuu – Maria-sama ga Kakumei] – Softcore Yuri and Mecha’s island![?]

this is not captain viridian

A short,short time ago…

This is a game about quite-well known pure maidens who attend a certain-religious academy.

A stroke courses through my weak,fragile body.

At the reflection of my eyes is the screen of the completed [Marikakuu – Maria-sama ga Kakumei].

Suddenly,a message appears on my Skype,not helping my situation even a bit.


The facts were at hand.


Snatching any hope left in me,the creature vanishes into the unknown from whence it came.

“This video format…whoa…”

MariKaku done!

Regarding the score/tears[aka gems collected on each stage],there is a chance that I missed one,max.three at least!I’m pretty sure I’ve went all over the stages,checked every possible and reachable place,so yeah…I don’t know.Overall,my goal was mostly to complete the stages and the game itself.Score and the tears/gems are pretty much on the same level as…the coins in a Mario games for example.What I want to say is that I don’t consider them an actual factor for completing the game with 100% satisfaction rate.If what I said is wrong and I did get all the stuff,then that’s good!I guess I can add it as a [+] for the 100% completion.

No,I am not making excuses.The game is nice,but I don’t feel like going for a mere gems for one reason or another.

Hi!This is a game that seems strongly inspired by Yoshi’s island in terms of graphics.[NICE!]It revolves around mostly on puzzles,platforming and fighting enemies with different varieties.Overall difficulty is low to average.I was excited for the idea of switching between characters with different traits in them.To some extend it was pretty fun,by which I mean the first stage.After that,one of the characters felt pretty…needless.Useless?[Yoshino is quite rad tho.]Overall,the game did not made that much use for the character’s different skills and whatnot.Some levels felt pretty sloppy and the spam of enemies on various places did not felt great at all.Luckily,one of the characters can ignore most projectiles and use her special power for a long-period invincibility.[Shimakodoublejumpeasyplatforming.]That being said,the special powers of the other two were pretty much identical.[KILL!EVERYTHING!]Bosses were funky,pretty fun,to some extend challenging.[Not really?]Music was quite alright.[Yumi.]

Enemies were pretty rad.Some were quite…dumb.Dumb and funny.It’s quite an alright game,but it really feels like it could have provided more in terms of gameplay.Like more levels…Or more usage of the character’s powers.It feels like the people working on this focused more on the media that comes with the game [OP/ED] and the art,than the actual game…But I guess that could be just me…I don’t know…Not that great of controls…eeehhh…uh…umm…

5 out of 10 feels just about right for this game…