Super Gears N Gators – [⚙️ = 💔 ]


Struck by the Gear’s teeth the Gator recalls their most intimate memories.

The intense pain caused by the sharp, rusty metal transports them far away to the places of their memory.

They remember the delicious taste of home- made pizza served for lunch by their mother.

They remember the feeling of being rejected by the first girl they had a crush on.

They remember the early mornings where a cat would always climb over a nearby cherry tree.

And they recall at last, the sound of plead echoing in the night, as their body squirmed under the heavy assault of the acid rain.

Then finally their body respawns again…



Seedling – “lol Zelda! XDDD”

seedling is cute

As we can blame things for inspiring us!After spending some time cutting grass all over in this game,for some reason,I came to realize how much I hate people who tend to make a big deal out of it.I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before.I’m sure I am to mentioned it a lot more in the future as well.I guess that the dark,damp and desolate atmosphere of Seedling was a factor for my hate to boil up and start spilling out like a fountan.

Why,I can spend time pointing my finger at lots of things in this game.Like hitboxes.The hard to control-mega-fast character.Original gameplay?Come on…

You’ve gotta let go of it at some point…

I can’t say that the game was fancy as a whole.What I think I liked about it was the fact that it stick to a plain contrast,but the whole thing was presented in a way that overall made me enjoy it.It felt nice to go around solving puzzles,while not being stuck for more than 3 to 5 minutes.And we all know how we tend to have those moments of “Wow,the game designers are such a jerks…”!Here it felt more like: “We are not jerks.But we made this part a bit more challenging,so you won’t end up being dissapointed of the game being too easy.” The bosses were pretty nice and fun.Not too hard tho.I guess they were alright.Plot was simple…yet,the ending/s were just alright to really hit the spot.

Seedling done!

I guess I can call this: “That one game that had a really simple look to it,but it managed to stand up for itself and provide a pretty good-to-solid content.I don’t know…6.1 out of 10 should do it.Although I wanted to settle for score of 5.9…

The puzzles were quite enjoyable.Not too hard,felt just alright.An alright game?Yeah…maybe…

I liked the sprites for the characters as a whole!