Psycho Waluigi – The 300th and life beyond! [Part 1] /event/


Starting off the summer season with a bang, as the 300th entry for the LR19 vault has being finally reached! What makes me even more happy is the fact that I dedicated it to a really awesome game – “Psycho Waluigi!” It’s a fan-made game that features that waaaaaaaaan Nintendo character who’s like Luigi, but with purple clothes, evil grin and a hella’ radical chin. Yes, indeed! The one with the trumpet! Anyways, this game is free, it’s on the glorious PC and surprisingly, it pleases beyond any average expectations.

An accident involving hot air balloon and birds sets the plot of the game into motion, as Waluigi finds himself upon an unfamiliar land called Unconcia. One thing leads to another and he ally himself with a being known as Psycho Iris, who grants him of course psychic powers and gives the idea of using them to conquer the kingdom. Riches and huge amount of gum is promised, so in a bit, you find yourself being sent already into action. On one point, the game plays like your typical [MARIO] game, where you move around, jump on enemies, collect coins… classic routine! However, shortly after you start, the actual gimmick hits in and changes your whole perspective for the future that lies ahead! I’m talking about PSYCHIC POWERS baby! You get a floating eye aura that can pick objects and enemies and toss them around or steal their powers. [If they have any!] At this point, your are more than likely to find yourself having a bit of trouble with the controls, given that you have to move both Waluigi and the aura. Practice makes perfect and this game has quite the positive attitude towards that, given its generous nature towards the player. Decent-size health bar, fairly constant HP pick-ups and the discarded life system! Still, despite all that, the game is quite challenging and has a pretty great scaling difficulty curve.

Psycho Waluigi DONE!

The game even has a shop where you can purchase power-ups to help you with what potential platforming difficulties you might be experiencing. You could essentially go over the whole game roughly, but hey! – How ’bout them crowns? You want the crowns! GET THE HIGH SCORE, MAKE LOTS OF MONEY, YEAH! Obtaining the crowns is the core challenge to this game, I would say. AND the rewards for doing so are pretty sweet. MORE LEVELS! PLAY AS CUTE GIRL GENERAL HAZEL! USE YOUR ACTUAL CURSOR AS IN-GAME OBJECT! [Neat little reward!] This game has lots of original content and variety in terms of characters, enemies and stages. Each new level that you play represents a different kingdom that you have to conquer, with its own additional gimmick, theme and whatnot. Talk about replay value, I’ve mentioned the crowns! Getting a good score on a level usually requires you to explore a bit more or be fast enough at a certain section. OR avoid getting hit and keep your power-ups intact! Time limit is fair and it also rewards you with additional score for a potential crown earning. Though to be fair, I’ve never seen it as a critical factor, so I guess you are more than free to take your time.

Graphics are really well done. This is a game where I’ve enjoyed looking at everything with a smile, which is not something that usually happens when I play other games. In terms of music, I don’t really have any comment. The soundtrack for the whole game is alright and I recognize few tracks being from other games, but hey! As long as my ears are not bleeding, I have no complains. No, really! The soundtrack is quite fine!


My honest overall score for “Psycho Soldier Waluigi” is 9.6 out of 10. What a good video game!!!

The Craft in a War: Version – 3.0// – The Reign of Chaos is Over!


Well, there it is! The conclusion to my playthrough of “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos”! With actual time of completion being two days after my last post, where I was quite uncertain of myself being unable to do it as a whole. As far as can tell, I underestimated both my own skills and the game’s setup, even though I had more than enough knowledge and experience for that to not be the case.

Warcraft III 1.5 DONE!

The Orc Campaign can be quite pleasant on Hard difficulty, as long as you manage to get pass the early chapters. The difficulty change sets chapter two as a whole new experience for example – While on normal difficulty you can explore around and look for bonus items, without a care for the protection of the Kodo Caravan, on Hard difficulty, the Tauren units guarding it would fall pretty quickly to the constant centaur assaults, unless you assist them. While this brings down the potential for exploration and stacking on items to power up Thrall, it’s not that big of a deal, given the fact that most items grant you pretty low stats. What good items you can find on this chapter are literally located besides the road that the caravan follows. Hah!

I probably had the most trouble with the third chapter. The chapter that introduces you to the uselessness of any ally CPU in the campaigns, while having to deal with billion enemy bases. An ally would never send help if your base is under attack.but IT will send laughable amount of units on a suicide missions, which I suppose is the CPU’s idea of “Keeping the enemy under pressure!”. If anything , it managed to keep me under pressure moreover. Luckily, Orcs are pretty good at setting up base defenses, what with their towers, burrows and the pincushion upgrade. This played a big role on keeping my base intact from attacks, while planning my own attack on one of the many enemy Human bases. Another thing that helps is attacking along with your “Ally”, which I guess adds a bit more potential to the success of your attack. It’s better than nothing, that’s what I can say about it. The “Pillage” upgrade helps quite a bit with resources management, considering the many buildings in all the numerous Human bases. Raiders were pretty good in that aspect and for siege overall, especially since they get focused less than the catapults, which are costly and harder to manage.

I’ve never managed to complete the optional mission to destroy all Trees of life in chapter four before. Looking back at the past, I would never set up for an expansion, would stack mostly on grunts and just sit down and “shred” my way up to the 15.000 wood goal. Not this time though! Hard difficulty has turned me into a complete different person, who would never do any of the said above! I would stack on all the trolls and siege with all the raiders! To a certain extend, it feels like the previous chapter, but easier, somehow. Maybe it’s due to the fact that you are against less opponents.Maybe…

As a whole, the Orc Campaign feels like “Tower up” and “Power up”! Two essential aspects, which play a huge role in the last chapter. If you think your Tauren Chieftain was not strong enough with the “Crown of Kings” that you found in the previous chapter, just see what happens if you manage to find the hidden “Mask of Death”…

Warcraft III 1.7 DONE!

If you consider the Orc Campaign as a laid back, then I have no words to describe the final, Night Elf campaign of “Reign of Chaos”.

Apart from the third chapter, where you have to quickly rush an annoying Orc base,while being on a race of 15.00 minutes time limit, the other chapters of the campaign felt untouched in terms of difficulty. That can be said even for the last chapter, which many people praised for being hella’ difficult! Not that I wish to brag or anything, but I almost nailed it on my first try, with five seconds remaining. [Should have used Furion to root Archimonde, instead of running randomly around the overwhelming legion forces…]

Really, the last chapter gives you so many resources to succeed, it’s quite silly. Mines, two expansions, two heroes with strong ultimate spells… Honestly, proper management of Tyrande and Furion plays a huge role in completing the chapter. Also, lots of Dryads. They are funny, they are spell immune and they were the unit that managed the most with the legion’s forces on my first attempt. Who would have guessed that massing them would be effective to the point where I would even manage to save the allied Orc base as well?

…and then you beat the game and you unlock all the “StarCtaft”!!!

Warcraft III 1.6 DONE!

I feel quite happy for being able to finish “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos” on Hard difficulty. It was somehow of a childhood dream of mine and… now it’s all done! I managed to experience the game in a whole new way, learn more about it and… generally, I just had fun! Actual, good ol’ FUNFUN! I can’t deny that my previous experience with the game came in handy, given that I still remembered the layout of the maps and the location of various useful items.

How will I manage with the expansion “The Frozen Throne”? I don’t know. I’ve only played through it once and I don’t remember much about it. People also pointed out that it’s on a whole new level regarding difficulty. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll try my best to finish it! In the meantime, I am probably going to take a bit of a break regarding “Warcraft III” posting. Kinda’ wanna’ post about other actual VIDEO GAMES!

Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic – How I learned to not trust and fear video game sequels


Since I was done with “Magic & Mayhem”, what with being reunited with a genuine,pleasant experience from the past, I decided to actually move on to the second game in the series: “Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic”, and potentially be done with the brand as a whole.Stating in some of my recent twitter posts, I’ve expressed quite a dislike towards the second game, followed by a [fantastic] video respond as well.I wouldn’t call the actual factor for my negative response being that I grew up mainly with the first game.I played the sequel years ago as well, but I didn’t made any actual progress back then.

The second game was made by a different company.It was also made three years after the first game.It also gives you the same graphical feeling that you get in “Empire Earth” and “Age of Mythology”. Back then graphics like that were the stuff I guess. Still, I do not like them all that much.They feel pretty rough and plain.Same can be said about the animations.Units and wizards feel overall boring and lifeless.At least the music in the game is pretty nice.As for the gameplay,  the classic formula from the first game is still intact: Control your Wizard, summon creatures,cast spells and try to defeat the enemy wizard/s.Capture and guard places of power to regain mana, collect items, eat a pie and drink some wine to restore life.You still have the magical portmanteau where you can put ingredients into talismans for various combinations of spells.Of course, there are new ingredients and spells in the second game, but some from the first one remained.The campaign has lots of levels, but sadly, it’s not all that challenging, even if you set it on the highest difficulty.Lots of characters in the game, lots of plot as well.The dialogue in the game is VOICED and the actors are just TERRIBLE! “Yes, we hire just the best people from the local comedy-drama club.” You need to look at it with this mindset, otherwise you’ll be in for more than over 30 levels of pure, acting horror.

Here’s some more pointers about this “wonderful” game:

<> Some maps are HUGE, making certain matches drag on for way too long.I got bored to death. <>

<> The spell “Bury” is now a low-class spell, which makes it pretty spamable.This renders pretty much every undead unit useless.<>

<> Totems now have actual HP bars and can be attacked by creatures and wizards.Given that, they don’t feel as cost efficient as they were in the first game.[And as a whole!] [Except for “Totem of Guarding”.] <>

<> Aurax, the main character in the game, is a huge, obnoxious asshole. <>

<> Lots of lewd bits in the game, mostly with the revealing outfits on some of the female wizards.Also, TOTEM OF LIFE! And sentient, lady trees with knockers. <>

<> The spell “Judgement” got the “Bury” treatment as well, which renders every summoned creature in the game useless. <>

<> The spell “Gorgon Stare” now acts mostly as a snare and it doesn’t grant full protection from sources that inflict damage.Gotta love casting this on any player and just spam “Meteor Shower” on them until they die.You can also summon “Storm Giants” around the enemy wizard for the same effect. <>

<> [Third level in the campaign.] Nadia, Aurax’s sister, will keep casting fireballs at the skeletons, killing both them and the villagers who fight them.Have fun trying to earn those extra XP points by keeping the villagers alive.GREAT ALLY! <>

<> More questionable actions from both the allied and enemy A.I.<>

<> Some spells are A MUST if you wish to complete certain levels.They really are, I’m not going over the board with this statement! [Exmp:The “Heal” spell in the sewer level and the “Heal” spell as a whole.] <>

<> Collecting and hoarding items through the early to mid levels in the campaign will let you just breeze through the last ones. Screw PoP capturing, I just wanna find the enemy wizard and use my 5 “Storm Giant” statues,along with my 10 “Centaur” ones. <>

<> In that “one” level,my overpowered army keeps killing the Necromagus during the cutscene that triggers after he is low on HP. Since he becomes your ally that you must keep alive, the game just sends you to the “You fucked up!” screen. <>


There are few things that I enjoyed in this game. One of them being is that you get to unlock additional characters for “Battle”/Skirmish/Multiplayer/ mode. Each character has their own stats when it comes to speed, durability,size and whatnot, which is kinda neat. You unlock a secret “Stickman” character by speedrunning the “Greenhenge” level.I had fun with the whole unlocking process only, the reward itself is not all that satisfying.I’m not really into stickmen as a whole. I like that units receive visual upgrades when they level up.I also like that the upgrades they receive fit with their needs.The slow become fast, the vulnerable become tougher… there’s something for everyone!That is, until a wizard shows up and cast the “Judgement” spell.I think it’s time for me to cast my “Judgement” spell upon this game as well…

So then, I hereby give it a 4.5 out of 10.

If I could improve this game, I would definitely tune the mana cost on various spell, the efficiency of the “Bury” and “Judgement” spells and the size of some maps.///I would also remove the plot and voice acting from the campaign.///

Level Up! – A game to which you go back after you dropped it few years ago…

level up

People tend to drop games and try them again after a while.People tend to develop reasons for both of those actions.As far as mine go regarding the flash game “Level Up!”, I remember dropping it due to the simple fact that I could not handle the loss of progress back then.The game has a single boss, who was fairly difficult, but losing against it would make you lose lots of viable stats and that was a big “NO!” in my book.

But recently,I decided to give it a shot once again.I stepped back to it with memories both pleasant and unpleasant.A small Metroidvania,with interesting gimmick and well-made sprites and graphics.Each action in terms of moving/running,jumping or even being idle, levels up the more you do it,improving in quality one way or another.True,the game didn’t shine in terms of character design, but it was pretty fun to explore its world while collecting various types of gems,which you would use to unlock new areas or skills.

But then I remember about the boss that appears when you go to sleep.Back then it was a disgusting fight,which would usually end up with me losing it,along with the progress I’ve done during the day.I would also remember about the race-to-the-flag quest in the mines.I was never a fan of time trails.Time as a whole is a concept that really bothers me and I do not wish to see it in my videogems!HOWEVER!…

…Both of those “fears” were for nothing.Giving the game another shot with my current mindset lead to Me finishing it in no time.I realized that the attack patterns of the boss were fairly easy to learn and the racing thing was…well,I did it on my first try.[The achievment one took me a bit more though.] Maybe I was not really into the game back then.Maybe I did not caught on the concept in the game.Maxing out your stats by jumping and running around like a moron and bumping into enemies on purpose so you can rise your fortitude…those things pay off.OH THEY PAY OFF,ALRIGHT!

Level up! DONE!

The game could have done better with the plot.People say it was pretty lame,especially the ending.I think it was just flavorless.I can see for what the author was going, but honestly, they could have just simplify it.It would have been quite alright with the decent gameplay that “Level Up!” was already offering.Music was alright.Npcs are there…offering you quests…neat touches… decent amount in terms of enemy variety…menus…menus…

6 +level up score of 7.00 – 0.01 is a final score that I can just leave on the table,so I can go read my animes.

Fat Wizard – Job Interview

fat wizard

Fat Wizard is game that simulates the course of getting a second job in this modern day and age.Play as the Fat Wizard and protect a huge dragon egg,which actually represents your dignity to keep your mouth shut to not whail at the people,who went through reading your job application and sent you a responce a whole weekend later,rejecting you in the most frustrating manner.Despite being male,the fact that the wizard is fat makes up for his solid gender identity,making this game the perfect hit for people with all sorts of opinions and positions.But try to apply for job with those to characteristics and you are bound to be busted!Throw fireballs!Build walls of lightning!Cast frostrings!Warp around the arena,collect and shove food up your belly!Find artifacts and cusromize your wizard powers to your likings!Realize that the only good items are the ones that provide your egg with more damage reduction/repairing.It’a fast-paced action!If you act slow,the egg would end up being destroyed by the waves of upcoming monsters!But that’s alright,becuase the Fat Wizard would still get his omlette!Sadly,in real life you won’t get the chance to get a job if you don’t hand your application before everyone else!WOW!Fat Wizard is such a good game with no possible risks!”Game of the year?”More like “Game of my life!”

Fat Wizard DONE!

It’s a free game and you can play it whenever!Just like the modern employer,who is free to play you for fool whenever!Too bad you weren’t that busty girl who got the position right before you!But that’s alright!If a free position is open,they’ll call you for sure!Unlike with this game however,where when the egg gets opened,you don’t need to call anyone,but enjoy your victory for yourself.I don’t know how any of this makes any sense,but the green blobby enemies are a real pain when you kill them next to your egg,since their corpse-goo-corpse-party can heal enemies!Have fun defending your egg against that!Or don’t!You’ll still win and there are unlimited opportunities for a new and better playthrough…

…just like there are unlimited opportunities at getting another,better job!I mean,lets get real here,they won’t call ever again!

[P.S. They didn’t called…]