Duo Princess – Beat ’em up? More like, cast and watch!

duo princess

…and somehow,a pumpkin is involved.I DON’T KNOW!I haven’t played the original game “Threads of Fate”,also known as “Threads of Fate”,”Dewprism” and also as “Threads of Fate”.I don’t know much about the characters and the original story,but hey! – That is something to look forward to in the future I guess…

So “Duo Princess” is a pretty old Doujin game based on “Threads of Fate”.You play as Mint or Maya and you get to beat various mobs and bosses throughout few stages.Each character has her own style of playing,with Mint being more tanky and direct approaching,while Maya relies on ranged attacks and…

Well,regarding the spells that the game will grant you through the whole playthrough via scrolls,their effectiveness goes something like that – The First scroll grants you a good spell for both characters,if not “A-must-have” for Maya to be able to deal with the mobs and bosses in the later stages.Every other spell that you get after that is pretty much useless,due to its cast time,range or damage input.Except maybe for the fire-based-whole-screen-barrage spell for Mint,which is pretty much as effective and important as Maya’s first additional spell that I just mentioned.Then you get the last scroll,which grants the exact same spell for both characters that pretty much destroys everything on the screen,turning the endgame into a “Run and cast” situation.

For a title from 2003, the graphics in the game are quite alright.The CGs in the game are pretty neat as well.The music is fine too I guess… Although,the desert stage is a master of sending the player to Dream Land.Both the music and the layout… Then again,I don’t really remember ever playing a game with a desert stage that would do otherwise.Deserts… they are not too fruitful and exciting in terms of information that would keep out attention and conscious ticking for too long…

Duo Princess DONE!

The variety of enemies and bosses is quite decent,but it tends to quickly lean towards the “recoloring sprites” formula.There is also a boss rush towards the end game,but it feels really pointless,given the fact that the game gives you the scroll of “Let’s make sure you won’t have trouble finishing this game…”

There is also a 2 Player co-op mode!Grab a friend and have some fun!This is a good pick for those who seek some co-op videogame action,when “Goof Troop” can’t cut it anymore!Steal all the scrolls for yourself and watch your friend struggle against the masses of generic mobs!This is probably the jerkiest thing you can do in this game.That and maybe stop in your tracks when your friend is trying to jump over a pit,so the screen can freeze,making his/her character fall to her doom.I have no idea why I’m giving advices like that…


P.S. I learned what the pumpkin is all about…

NEVERMIND,go back to playing “Goof Troop”…

My score for this game is a solid 6.4 out of 10.It’s pretty looking,fun and simple to play,but it lacks a good replay value and it’s on the easy side of difficulty.

…and I like Maya more than Mint.That’s related to how good the game is somehow…

To Aru Pantsu no Railgun – This is just like in my Megamans!

misaka mikoto

Why,yes!This is a “Megaman” inspired-type doujin game,where you can play as that one girl from that one anime anime,by which I mean Misaka Mikoto from “Shana of the North Gate”.While you won’t be given the opportunity to post a comment on almost every YouTube video,you still get to play through 4-5 short stages.As I say short,the stages themself are just based on “Megaman” boss battles only,featuring various famous patterns from the series.As far as bosses go,you get to fight most of the cast from “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”,as you go through a simple [pretty amine] plot in the spirit of the series.You also get to choose from two difficulties – Easy and Easy:New game plus.{As seen from my own prespective.} I should probably mention something more about the gameplay in terms of how you get upgrades after you beat each level,but given the fact that this game is pretty short and low on difficulty… Yeah…There is not all that much to it.

To Aru Pantsu no Railgun DONE!

Despite being short,this game has a lot of good pointers,like good animation and graphics.There are also lots of refrences to various things,starring from “Musical girls drinking cake and eating tea” to “Shana”.The controls are fairly decent.Long story short – This game is one of those one breath titles that are just as good as making your twinkle or strawberry donut wet.Maybe both.Or none at all.I don’t know,people got weird nowadays…

I give it a mighty number 6.3 out of 10. I was actually expecting additional reward for clearing the “harder” difficulty.Oh well!It is just as good as it gets…

Tsundere Wars – The truth behind how the United Kingdom is trying to strip off the European Union from its tainted panties.


I actually picked this game last week while looking for something new to play,without realising that I’ve had this game years ago.It hit me way after I went through all of its stages.Talk about intact memory!Still,I was quite happy to go through it once again!Not because it’s amazing or because it’s short and easy,but mostly because of the nostalgia.

TSUNDERE WARS is a horizontal SHMUP!It features three playable characters,three stages and a gallery where you can unlock four images by beating the game with each character.You have two types of attacks which determine the amount of power/life that your character can have,depending on how much you use them.Using the normal one fills in yout power meter[Which is used for bombs!] and using the charged one fills in your life meter.The cherry of this ice cream is that both meters reside in one bar,so you need to bala- No!NO!

It’s prefferable to always have as much life meter as possible in this game.Having a bigger power meter means that you can use more bombs to clear screens,with the price of fewer hits.Having more life gives you more hits and if you get hit,a certain amount of the power meter will increase,giving you the opportunity to use your bomb to get revenge,while potentially empty the power meter,so your life meter can go back up and repeat the process.[I am making this game sound way more complicated than it is…]

Also,having an early game problem to realse that the life meter is the one in blue color and the red meter is the power one.But hey,what am I even talking about?Of course BLUE is for life and RED is for power!Like…ugh.Ack.Oof..WORDS!

Tsundere Wars DONE!

Beat the game with every girl and you get to seem them on the beach in their plain,white bikini!

Despite there being only three stages,they provide with enough action and excitement.They have variety and the difficulty escalates quite well.The bosses are pretty great as well,both in terms of design and attack patterns.Honestly,this game feels like an unfinished product.Like,the company that worked on it just made it real fast as a sort of an extra content for their other games,on which the characters in Tsundere Wars are based on.Maybe I’m wrong,maybe I’m not!Who the hell cares?Speaking of characters,I like the variety of playable characters in this game – You have the balanced one,both in terms of normal and charged-drill attack,a melee one,where getting to the enemy lets you kill them in two attacks,and of course,the maid-character-giant-roll that obliterates things better than your bombs![Don’t spit me,you can read their names above!]

/music     /plot


Rate D15 for Dunegon Master 15,rolls 15 to stay in the dungeon!

Doll’s Ingram -There was a time when eldritch abominations were a thing!

Doll's Ingram[1]

…Dolls too,especially due to a certain series being quite the hype on the internet.Also,eldritch abominations!I mentioned that in the title.[Insert memoriable titles here AKA Saya and…more.Yes!More…]Put these together and you get this little doujin game.

Doll’s Ingram is a platformer where you play as a doll-girl-doll with a gun.You go around and you shoot at and jump on weird stuff,dodge fireballs,deadly,rotating energy disks and it’s pretty much the “Hello Super Mario World” vibe.The game has a pretty relaxing and nice music.The backgrounds through the various levels are quite pretty and well-made.These two go really well together,but sadly,the rough level design ruins it for the game as a whole.Inconsistent difficulty and weird hit detection adds to that as well.There are three bosses in the game[The first one you have to fight twice/::thrice_],which are not really that hard to defeat.Their patterns are pretty easy to figure out even on the first encounter.I beated the last boss on my first try and honestly,I was quite dissapointed…

Doll's inghram done!

What I like mostly about this game are the controls,which are pretty fluid!This is probably the platformer with the best controls that I’ve ever played!Well,maybe not the best,but they are certianly to my liking!Also,crouching to avoud stuff!It’s the one thing that really weirds me out,considering the weird hit detection.Well…whatever!I am glad that I got back and finished this game after I left it a few years ago.It’s quite weird how little I remembered of it…

You’ve earned a 6.3 out of 10 Doll’s Ingram!I hope that I get to see a sequel one day…

There is also a plot somehow in all this!

If you mess around with the files in the game’s folder you can play this unused/unfinished level!OH MAN FLARE IN ACTION!VIDEOJAMS!Yeah!Have this thing as a little “Extra”!

Puzzle De Wahhouu! – Leaving any doubts behind!


Back to doujin games,this time with this unpopular piece.Based on “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” – A series that speak quite well about the anime and manga trends back in those days.Back when the art was rough,the plot was dragging and boring,everything was overdramatized and…wait a minute!Things haven’t changed!There is just more fanservice and moe nowadays to help boost the viewer’s life insecurities.But enough of this crap…

Puzzle platformer – My first impression from the screenshots was that this was going to be a baby cake.One reason for that was due to the art,which seemed unpolished,rough,in need of a few touches,but then again,we are talking about the time period around 2002.[Judging a book by its cover.Cmon “Me”!]The other reason was me getting really cocky when it comes to platforming games of any kind.

So I went through the tutorial of the game,where everything that I needed to know was explained in a simple way.I don’t remember if there were additional things that were added out of the blue later,during the main game,so let’s assume that the tutorial did its job to properly introduce me to the game.[It did,but I never listen…]You play as the Sugar,a fairy character from the series,who likes to eat waffles and sing on a flute.That’s as far as my knowedge goes.I watched one episode of the show for potential helpful refrences for this post and man do I regred it.So…We have the typical normal platforming bits of moving around,jumping and climbing ladders,in addition to a gimmick where you collect snowflakes and use them to create platforms.Eat all waffles on the screen – beat the level.Simple enough!I started the main game,got stuck in the first world.By stuck,I mean really stuck!Fifteen minutes until I figured it out!Then I went to take a look at the rest of the stages,which on the first sight looked really complicated.I was starting to have doubts about the fact that I can beat the other stages!It was a pretty nice touch that the game lets you choose any stage you want to play.That way if you get bored of busting your brains on one stage,you can always switch to another!You can also close the game,go outside for a walk,meet with friends,spend some real life quality time!Hell,you can even go for a nap!So many possibilities!Anyways…

Puzzle de wahhou DONE!

Eventually,I’ve managed to beat all the stages through the simple logical path of discarding any bad moves that lead to dead ends,and avoiding the potential loops that sent you to them in first place.Honestly,that’s such a common problem when you play puzzle and adventure games…I don’t know about other people,but regardless of my experience,I still can’t quite shake it off me.

Music was pretty alright.The whole game feels pretty short to be fair.It lacks any actual ending and it only rewards you with ART for beating all the stages in each world.[Can’t say the art rewards felt exciting…]Well…

It was decently fun.This is all I can say. A 5.5 out of 10 material.