Do you listen? It’s the winds of despair. I’ve been willing to play a certain video game, which I find to be pretty exciting. However, jazz music follows me wherever I go and that’s not something that you can just ignore with a “MHM”!

Necromancer 1.2 DONE!

Social interactions within’ one’s comfort bubble. Join our cult today. You get to wear a dress when you go to bed and wake up with a brand new lipstick on. I think that I am doing something productive, but overall, I am just having fun on the internet. Do you still listen? To those people? Don’t.

Forbidden Jungle DONE!

Two blades and a half do not by any chance make a bow. Just like that, a robot can never be a human, nor do things on the same level. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Just because you were designed to be perfect, that does not make you so within’ the eyes of certain individuals. Those individuals are also known for refusing to believe that sleeping sideways is possible, despite doing so every single night.

The Hive DONE!

Be thankful for the month of September, the one and only time of the year where changing your briefs is acceptable.

Overworld 1.1 DONE!

I hope I win!



HeY gAmErS! FlareEX here, AKA the pudding prince of video games! Today I am bringing you the latest craze, one hell of an amazing game for the new Rumiko Takahashi’s DreamBoy console! I am of course talking about non other but the MMO title “Final Quest, Mystic Fantasy”!

Mystic 1.1 DONE!

While you do play as Mystic yet again, unlike in the previous entries, this time the developers decided to turn the main character into a girl! Boy oh boy oh man oh cold noodles oh my, ain’t them porn artist gonna break their hands on the rally to be first on posting their new art on the imageboards!

Pirate Cave DONE!

In “Final Mystic, Quest Fantasy”, playing as Mystic makes you FEEL like Mystic herself! The music is alright… and the graphics… … …

Tutorial. Oryx's Kitchen DONE!

The difficulty however is like nothing you’ve played EVER before! Here I was in the land of many sugar treats and bad dental hygiene, helpfully putting into statis every boss that spawned, inserting my dominance and ability to be an asshole in order to drive people away from the rare and item- rich dungeon, when suddenly, I got POPPED! I was fighting the pony boss and without it even moving, I received the death screen! This game takes things to the next level! It’s not longer about pure skill, it’s about predictions! This title is pretty much the Dark Noses of the game’s series! It also serves to show us what the future will look like! Why, games will be based on nothing more than predictions! After all, these are always the hottest topics in gaming forums as well! Everyone likes and wants to predict what a yet to be released game will be like, with of course, once released, said game usually ends up being a piece of shit, completely setting to ruin dreams all around. I for once cannot wait to one day receive an empty, plain box, so I can imagine what game could have been inside it and predict how would it have played AND how would I have played it!

Forest Maze DONE!

While I do LOVE this, it has its share of flaws all over the place! Unskippable cutscenes. Spam and bots. Lack of variety – Every dungeon in the game feels the same. The low amount of only 130 breathtaking music tracks. Complicated crafting system. Chat profanity protection. Two weeks bans for playing off meta. The last dungeon is literally unplayable without the involvement of microtransactions. Single player only.

I’m sorry but I’ll have to give this game a 96 out of 100…

Spider Den DONE!