Moonlight Ghost – Smashing pot hit!

Moonlight Ghost art

“Moonlight Ghost” is a game made in [RPGMaker – Universe Unlimited] that I’ve played a few years ago and despite having hard time with the post- game boss, [After over 20 tries I gave up…] this game left me with a reasonably good impression. As I revisited this title yet again, I can say that my opinion on it managed to retain it’s position from past perspective. I’m really glad I came back to it once more!

Entitled “A reverse horror game, where you do the horror!”, this game is more of a enjoyable, “take your time” – comfortable experience, with fairly low difficulty. if you exclude the final two missions. The plot revolves around a Boy who, under the influence of the moonlight which was being powered by MAGIC, departs from his body and becomes a ghost. By acquiring this new form, the Boy becomes invisible to normal eyesight, thus, his main priorities shift to sneaking into women’s bathrooms and breaking the unlimited supply of barrels and pots in the city, along with playing the piano, ring church bells and throwing stuffed teddy bears into water wells, which is of course ruining a tradition from over a millennium! The truth is though, that you do all these things, [Except for the first one which never happens!] for the sake of making noise and scaring people around town. While the Boy has various reasons for scaring certain people, most of them are usually with good intentions, wherein sometimes even he is not aware of it until a certain point.  There are four chapters in total plus a bonus one, all bundled together with a pretty nice plot, good number of characters, enjoyable dialogue and even some exploration in the post- game chapter! There are secrets everywhere and you should try to find them all!

Let me tell you about the actual gameplay through! It feels like such a simple formula, yet it manages to be really entertaining. Why?

In each mission, there is a target. The target is a person that moves and it’s your job to scare them and delay them from reaching their objective in time. You accomplish this by attracting/ “scaring” them with noise, either by breaking, moving or interacting with certain item/ switch. Each person has a radius around their body, which picks on the noise that you make. The various noises that you make have their own radius as well, which plays quite the role in attracting/ “scaring” the target. Barrels and pots can be pushed and combos can be made by “scaring” the target multiple times in a row, which rewards you a huge amount of extra points! How does this all shape the gameplay? Despite how seemingly simple the initial idea sounds, you can tell that speed and strategy would be needed if one is to achieve good results! You don’t get anything from scoring an “S” rank on all the missions… YOU DON’T! Well, there is the satisfaction… but… I really wanted some unique reward… dammit…!!! To be fair, scoring an “S” is actually pretty easy, as long as you make sure that you get the maximum combo on each screen. A good advice – Try to either make the target run around a table or bring him/her all the way back from the exit to the start of the screen! This is especially crucial in the very last stage, where every step and combo is of the essence! The actual final boss “The Spirit Queen” is more about proper timing, as her speed is pretty INSANE! I’m glad I managed to finally beat her though, all in less than 10 tries! /////

Moonlight Ghost DONE!

The music was also pretty enjoyable and the graphics/art are quite pretty and colorful. You also get to unlock some art pieces, with some lewd art in between here and there. I’m sorry if you are Christian and you have problem with hair covering boobs or underwear on butts, but that’s just how God decided to test you! You can watch or you can go back to making your healthy meal of oats and frog milk, but let me tell you, there isn’t a third opinion and none of the initial two will lead you to Christian happiness! As for me, this game has lead me to my own happiness of giving it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I wish there were more difficult levels and maybe something could have been done to the plain nature on some of the characters. Is this last one even an actual problem or me trying to find excuses not to fully appreciate this game? I think the answer here is pretty obvious…


Astérix: Mega- Madness – Gaul party of one


The Astérix comic books were some of my first readings, ever since I learned how to read at the age of three. I remember the panels being really detailed and well- drawn, with the dialogue being interesting and amusing in general. The mania over the series further extended over buying stickers, toys and of course, renting VHS movie tapes. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my child needs! I knew that popular franchises tend to get their own video games as well, but apart from a rumor about an actual NES game, I’ve never heard of, seen or played an Astérix video game until the year of 2002.

“Astérix: Mega-Madness” was a game that my brother got me for our PC back then. That was though, after we saw and play the game itself in a PC- club. Since it was only on a single PC machine, it was a rare opportunity for us to be able to play it. At the PC club, I would usually leave my brother to play for the most part, with me either idly watching or helping him by pressing certain buttons every now and then. At home however, I had the whole game to myself. This probably had something to do with the fact that my brother didn’t like spending as much time inside our home as I used to.

The game really managed to impress me, what with its “glorious” 3D graphics, animation and of course, fair variety of playable characters and the fact that you get to bash boars, Romans and do many, many other classic things related to the series. It was an unusual, fun, party game, solely played by me. We didn’t really knew how to set the game to be played by more people, but it’s not like my brother or my friends were into it as a whole, really. It was just me, gradually learning how each of the mini- games work, until the third day when I beat the main story mode and saw the ending. The game is pretty short and easy to learn, honestly! Moreover, the process of doing so is really fun! Even after you master it, you are bound to still have fun with it, should you decide to replay it. The replay value is pretty good! I guess it’s due to the fact that the game is pretty initiative in terms of gameplay, offering a good variety of things to do, none of which will bore you to death! It’s a packed- action all over the floor, where are my raven- black raisin’s ?

Asterix Mega Madness

My recent revisit of the game let me enjoy it once more, but this time with the animated cutscenes and in- game music playing! Something which never occurred back on our older machines. Apart from that, there isn’t much more to say! The game is still as fun as it used to be. As someone who grew up with the PC, I guess this was my form of unique Mario party, only with less bullshit.

8.6 out of 10 !!!

Celeste [PICO-8] One afternoon! Before work! Lunch!


“Celeste” is a game for the fantasy league machine [Boku no PICO-8]. It’s made by Matt Thorson and friends. You might remember OR know Matt as a person who also made lots of other good games through the years, mainly platformers, mainly games that I still haven’t finished after all this time! Bad pick for a dedicated video game volume? YOU JUST WAIT, YyyyOUUUUUU…

“Celeste” is your typical Matt-like platformer video game, where the first few levels will more or less introduce you to what tools and gimmicks have been rehashed from the author’s previous works. Like air dashing, but now with a cute, mountain- climbing , red-heady girl. Or like, bumpers, which is a dumb substitute for saying trampolines. Also strawberry picking, which was obviously stolen from “Age of Empires II”, even though the bushes there are of berry very nature. Am I being mean here? Should I really spurt out “rehash”, when the guy’s clearly stuck on his own personal formula for success? THAT’S RIGHT!

You just need one afternoon to clear the game and you’ll be satisfied with the results!

Celeste PICO-8 DONE!

Indeed, this game does not disappoint when it comes to level design, cuz hey it’s Matt-matt. Not only that, but this is just the salad! The main course is ’bout to come as a-sequel-something, which I would love to try out at some point once it has been released. It looked pretty great, I liked it, people liked it , so we are good. As long as it doesn’t have its own ladder of poor speedrunners, too good to afford a decent haircut. PLEASE!

That being said, this game is a solid 7.7 out of 10. Hooray for free strawberries!

War of the Craft “The Third” – Mechanical Gnolls


Let’s just say that due to a “certain” someone, I decided to get back to this game after a decade. I was quite curious to see how well will I manage after such a long time has passed, especially if I set the difficulty on the highest! And what do you know, I managed to pass the tutorial and later even beat a single INSANITY CPU on 1v1 custom map! Looks like Blizzard’s “Mechanical Gnoll Poacher” mind-game was not enough to set me back!


Last time I played “Warcraft III ” was before the release of the two extra chapters for the Orc’s bonus campaign in “The Frozen Throne”. I wasn’t any good back then if it came to playing against other people, but I did manage to clear every campaign on normal difficulty.[Except for the last chapter of the Undead campaign in “The Frozen Throne”]. Honestly, if I am to try the ranked ladder, I would probably end up losing all games, as long as I don’t get a win due to someone leaving. Overall, my current goal is to clear every official campaign[+ various custom campaigns] on Hard difficulty, beat as many custom scenario maps and just have as much fun as possible. “Warcraft III” is a pretty enjoyable and fun game to me. Some of my friends find the game to be pretty weird and uninviting, what with its concept of RTS+RPG mixture, to which I say “Just play the game…”. If anything, it’s the learning curve that will bring you the most entertainment. Easy to learn, hard to master. I had a crush on Jaina when I was 12… I also find it neat that the game was released a day after my 11th birthday. This is an important information regarding the game!

I know that the game still gets updates every now and then, but they are not really all that impactful on the main content as a whole. Thus, super-clearing this should be alright.Regardless, I do find the idea of sticking to this game for as long as I can quite inviting…


I had to play it right away. I had to find out what happens after the first chapter. I’ve been holding myself from doing this for so many years! This campaign follows the adventures of an Ogre, Troll, Panda and Old-man Tauren chieftain. Relies pretty heavily on the RPG concept, essentially making the usage of any other units, but your main hero characters, useless. LITTLE TIMMY IS STILL ALIVE! THANK YOU BLIZZARD! THANK YOU! I liked the addition of custom dungeons in the second chapter. Not big of a fan on that OUTLAND ARENA bit, but overall, I enjoyed the “new” content quite a lot. Especially the long-ass fight with the DEATHLORD on that one secret-island-secret place in the second chapter.Third chapter felt quite short and the ending was a lackluster. Well, at least I got to play with Jaina around for a bit and visit her kingdom. Was always wondering about that little island when I played the Orc’s campaign in RoC…


I actually tried to play the Human campaign on Hard mode back in the days. Though it was on accident and I didn’t realize up until later that I changed the difficulty. By later I mean when I got attacked by an army that had two “Abominations” in its ranks on chapter four. It didn’t happen on this run though,hm! [ I was always afraid to try things on higher difficulty back then…] The early missions where pretty much me fooling around and collecting items for Arthas, while trying to remember all the secrets hidden around.Additional few moments with my eternal love Jaina and here we go chapter FIVE! The chapter where the Hard difficulty finally spikes up and hits you right in the jaw! Fight beefy, upgraded Abominations with your puny units, get overrun by skeleton warriors since you didn’t bother to upgrade or train any Priests and here is finally the enemy Lich hero! Fuck everything you built or trained! For one thing, I forgot that there was a secret at the start, where you can get two Footmen for FREE! Creeping the few ogre camps in the area helps out quite a bit regarding gold income, but it felt like you need to do it early in the game, along with the caravan side quest.In the end, I beat the mission due to simple luck, that being the enemy ignoring that one hidden farm that I built next the shop, not far away from the main base. OH MAN SURVIVAL MISSIONS! Truly, those should be the ones I fear the most in the future…

Then it’s the “Kill 100 zombies before Dreadlord man claims them” chapter, where you completely ignore Mal’Ganis and finish your quest due to the massive output of Knights. Then in the next chapter, I noticed a gold mine missing on the map! Quite the difficulty change, didn’t really affect anything… In the last chapter, Arthas turns into a steam tank once he gets his new weapon. The constant use of divine shield and the new chaos-type attack that Arthas gains lets you slowly go through every single structure of what enemy bases you can find. That’s low mana cost-long duration – can’t kill me – spells for you!

I was expecting way worse from the campaign! I’m glad things went alrighty…


“They filled in a gap!” I mean, Warcraft III was exciting in terms of plot for young “Me”. I found the idea of custom campaigns to be pretty awesome, though I didn’t really bother to look for any whatsoever. “Exodus of the Horde” is the continuation of the tutorial campaign in RoC, though I didn’t knew that in the demo, these chapters were actual part of it!

While the first two chapters go past by like a breeze, the Hard difficulty strikes yet again on, you know, the mission where you have to defend your base for a certain amount of time! The main issue is mainly the siege rock-golems, which tend to pillage your buildings in no time. They are essentially Steam tanks with a Thunder Clap, which makes a short work of what units you might try to use to surround the golems in attempt for a takedown. Thrall’s chain lightning and Spirit Beasts can deal alone with normal Murloc groups. For the golems, I just went mass raiders, which were quite useful against the rest of the enemy units as well.

I could have beaten the chapter on my first try, but sadly, what happen was that I lost my last building seconds later after the timer ran out. Victory cutscene + defeat, end game status screen! Now that was something I’ve never seen before!


I wonder how would intelligence-attribute heroes fare in the late game on WarChasers when it comes to a solo run. Strength and Agility ones just need Mask of Death and Cloak of Flames to be set, really. I also tried doing this map with a different character. I’ve beaten it twice with Optimus Primo and Blade Berserker before. SOME OF THOSE NAME REFERENCES!

Snake Ayes was fun overall. Loved the kiting game and the Mask of Death abuse. Still, a solo run can be a pain when it comes to the tank part. A REAL PAIN OF A GAME CALLED…

…waiting.For more WarCraft III content.Soon.Regenerating…