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This was requested by Sapphire SlimeMaiden, who was kind enough to donate fifty octopus dumplings, all delivered via a very rude drone. Thank you! I love food, especially when I actually get to consume it!

So, long ago, a darkness felt on the lands of Parthoris. Cities burned and people complained. Meanwhile, in our world, there was a hype over various horror- themed RPGMaker games. That was a few years ago, back around the time I started university. I remember my friends talking about games like “The Witch’s House”, “Clock Tower”, “Invaders”, “Kekcroc”, “Life is peanut”, “Ib” and what the hell is an IB? How do you even pronounce it, I asked? Is it Ai – Bee? – to which I was IMMEDIATELY corrected and scolded. Thus, given that information in mind, I started calling the game Ai – Bee and then I had no more friends.

To be honest, “Ib” was one of the games that I really and truly enjoyed compared to other titles of the same genre that came around that time. The game presented a pretty innovative take on the horror genre, what with a theme of being lost in a weird art gallery, all in all with dozens of interesting characters, events and solid puzzles to enhance further the overall gameplay. Ib, a girl, nine years old, is the main protagonist of the game. Crimson- red colored eyes, chestnut-brown hair, red skirt, white blouse and a huge big mac in her hand. What seems like a casual visit to an art exhibition with her parents, slowly turns into nightmare of art and roses. It’s up to you to guide Ib to escape from the unnaturally behaving art gallery, one way or another!


The structure of the game revolves mainly around solving puzzles. That being said, the variety is huge, without any actual recycling or instances for backtracking. The art gallery is composed of levels, which are indicated by the different color of the flooring. Usually, your main goal is to find a key so you can proceed to each new level. However, once that is done, there is no actual need to go back to previously visited places. As a whole, the game makes sure you’ve go through,seen and explored everything. Ib do have an HP meter, which is represented by a Red rose. Harmful encounters exist in the form of actual moving enemies and certain interaction with specific objects. However, given that you get to restore all your potentially lost HP at water vases and that Ib outruns every existing enemy in the game, it is unlikely that you’ll find yourself getting a game over. The only factor for that is probably the lack of knowledge regarding certain areas, mainly the [panic] ones.

“Ib” took me a while to fully complete. No doubt, this is one of the entries I’ve spent lots of my personal time on. Continuing with further explanation of the game, I’ll also note down certain aspects that were the main reason for me to replay the game over 15 times!

At certain point in the game, Ib meets two additional human [?] characters – Garry and Mary. At that point, once they join party with Ib, interacting with specific objects and responding in certain ways during conversations will ultimately determine their fate, as well as your own. Numerous endings with different outcomes are featured in the game, with some being pretty easy and obvious as to how to obtain. Now, I’ve played the game before a lot and I remember managing to get to every single one without any problems whatsoever. The same thing also happened on a session around a month ago. HOWEVER, after the request, I started having trouble getting to endings which I was always able to. How could have that happen?…

The “True Guertena Exhibit” is a place that unlocks after you beat the “NewGame+” dungeon, which I’ve never seen before, but I really enjoyed as an addition. However, for things to unlock in it, you need to replay the game various times. This made me fly through the game a number of times, missing on objects, interactions and sections which I thought to be…

… of no actual value to the game’s main requirements for a successful run. Saving time eh? And I was wrong. I went as far as to consult with the actual wiki and I saw what my downfall was. Everything in the game matters, even reading a simple note that stands on the side, looking unimportant and whatnot. But on a single run where I’ve went through everything and saved at key locations, that would let me view the endings that I desire, that could have never been the case. Is the intended replay value a huge minus to the game’s structure? I’ll let you be the judge. I could say a thing like: “Maybe the game could’ve had at least some sort of point indicator regarding your actions, be it even indirect one.” I’ve played a game recently with such and I was really pleased with the results. I’m not sure what to say about “Ib” when it comes to that matter. Maybe I just lack common sense, maybe things were placed way out of their way? Who KNOWS?

IB 1.1 DONE!

In the end, I still like “Ib” for what it is – A really fun game, with good puzzles and bits of classy horror. Yes, horror should be experienced as an idea, not as an actual feeling! Don’t watch “Jason X”.

Did I mentioned that I like the graphics and music in “Ib”? If not, there it is! They are pretty great. [spoiler///…;l, I LOVE MARY/..\\\ []] I remember Ib fans hating Mary fans for some reason, while Garry fans being just “Whatever…” GOOD TIMES! 9 out of 10 this gmae!

Red Eyes is creepy! I hate the places where it pop- up randomly! I really do!

Yes, there is also… the Hardcore modification of “Ib”, which adds that one fan- made ending and the option to play through the game with only 1 HP. However, there is a place that still heals you, as to make the puzzle for the fish key… possible/fair??? I don’t know, I’ve managed to play through the modification with full HP due to that! I’m laughing. [T]


Coma – Weekly Flash Boot #1!


“Coma” is a flash game that has a strong [knytt-like] feeling to it. A bit more linear in terms of game flow, yet, with quite the atmosphere, almost equal, kind of. I would have been really fond of the game if it wasn’t for various little disappointments:

My lunch is ready, but I have no TV!

I don’t really mind if a video game doesn’t have an involving plot. However, what I’ve learned from this game is that I really dislike it when games try to play around the plot with that aspect in mind,all in all while trying to set up a stage for something completely uncalled for. From my own perspective, I would have enjoyed this game a lot more without the dialogue, only the mere sounds from the characters alone.

Day and night, the Bunneh Men from the Depp Webb are stalking me!

A little after the start of the game, you are bound to reach a part that will test your platforming skills. How many tries would you need to make that simple jump? One? Two? Five? I don’t know! How does the whole jumping initiative works in this game? No,really! How? Regardless of position or running momentum, I haven’t found a single clue as to why sometimes my character gets to jump higher and sometimes lower. Honestly, it was not all that much of a problem, but it really mislead me into thinking that I might be missing something in order to progress. I guess I did! My ability to recognize a bad jump control![?]

Coma DONE!

My girlfriend is trying to learn how to cook a Jalapeño…

Onward! Yes! Set me that sweet, creepy atmosphere and ruin it completely with those dumb writings all over the place! This game has its instances of going a bit over the edge, without the particular need, really.

The thing about games that try to give us a feeling of uneasy and creepy is that they are a one-shot bravado gun. Their result is solely based on the success or failure during the first player run. Any replay value is lost, without additional new fresh content, which happens rarely. And still, even with that, there is a limit as to how long you can pull the strings until the doll drops on the floor and mutters:



Despite giving this game 4.5 out of 10, I do not really hate it! It’s likeable, but it needs fixes to grab me. However, I am not the only person existing on planet Earth, so there you go!

[The Orange Box] Half-Life 2 + Half-Life 2: Episode One + Half-Life 2: Episode Two + Half-Life 2: Lost Coast – Over a decade later, the party room has crumbled to dust!


First of all, I wish to thank “camelpuncher” for gifting me the whole “Orange Box” package and for his constant support over the years.Thanks to him, I also managed to collect quite the suitable amount of material for entries over the last two years,with more yet to come! He also did a video on a Half-Life 2 challenge I came up with:

On the next note, I want to state that “Portal” won’t be included in this post, even though I planned to, originally. Without going into any unnecessary details, I’m just going to say that I still have things to do before I super-clear it.

Also, “Half-Life 2: Lost Coast” would not be added to the vault, but the Junkbox instead, since it does not have enough content for a standalone title. It’s more or less an extra level for the main game, thus, to its rightful place shall it go!


In my childhood, Half-Life was all over the place, big hit shit. I was young and really scared of the zombies,which prevented me from getting past the early part of the game, so once I got to the test chamber with the crystal thing, it was “GAME CLEARED!” for me. From then on, my brother would usually take over the control, while I sit in the back and watch in horror as he fought the various abominations. Years later I managed to beat the whole game along with a friend of mine, which I remember was a really satisfying feeling. THEN, even more years later, “Half-Life 2” came up, but sadly, my PC was not good enough for it. Though my friend back then had it, so I would go over to his house and we would play a bit of it. Only a bit though. I don’t know why we never played past the first chapter, even though he had the full game.

Regardless, here I am, over a decade later, with “Half-Life 2” finally cleared, along with what extra episodes and whatnot. Shame is that I had the whole “Orange Box” set gifted an year ago, but I never really touched it for whatever reason… That was, until “camelpuncher” was kind enough to scold me for not playing and clearing my Steam games. Gifts should not be neglected, especially if they are from really good friends, who want you to have fun!

Half-Life 2 is like a hurricane. Welcome to city 17, there are now motor boat and cars to ride and also the source engine gun, which you would use a lot! G-Man is still a mystery, people who meet Gordon are all affected by hysteria! Half-Life 2! OH BOY! I’ve gotta say, it’s nice to see improvement in the character interaction, but man, do they want the player to be in the hands of the most friendly company ever! Every girl in City 17 is bound to ask Gordon Freeman to sign the bra that she is wearing with his iconic crowbar, but is that really the interaction that I was expecting and looking forward to? Of course not! There is nothing wrong in feeling like a king of the hill, but it would have been quite nice if they tuned it down a notch. I liked episode two for the various reaction that Alyx tends to express, like “Fuck you!” when you point the flashlight at her face or “Get off me you creep!” when you stare at her face from anywhere in general. To be fair, most of the comments from the characters towards Gordon feel pretty rude and sarcastic, to the point where sometimes I feel like they are treating him like a retard! A baby even! I… was just not really expecting to be around them for too long, given that in the first game, everyone you meet either dies or goes somewhere else after a minute. But you know, this is Half-Life 2, what with its new gimmicks, changes, certain views on new aspects. Like zombies catching on fire and screaming in pain! And getting sliced in half when you throw a saw blade at them! That was something that I liked! And… the shotgun weapon, since it’s still as satisfying to kill stuff at close range with it as it was in the first game. Also the crossbow! That weapon was also still as good! Then you have other crap like combine-rifle, which is only fun for firing the energy balls. The crowbar is now worse, obviously because you can’t disintegrate corpses with it. The gravity gun and the rocket launcher are just as dangerous to the enemy as they are to you! I’ve probably killed myself more times than the enemy managed to, simply due to these two weapons. Gotta love throwing that exploding barrel as a headcrab is barely next to you! Of course the barrel is going to explode when there is a tiny enemy in your feet! Also, trying to take cover after you fire a rocket – NOT A GOOD IDEA! Half-Life 2 is a game about commitment! That’s right! You are going to wait for those antlions to kill all enemy soldiers after you throw the Poké Ball and that’s it!!!

I really don’t understand the combine soldiers obsession in advancing towards the antlions so they can fight in close combat, given that the buggies kill them in 1-2 attacks… HOW DID WE LOSE A WAR IN 7 HOURS AGAINST THESE GUYS???


Enemy variety felt pretty boring to be fair. I liked the new head crabs/zombie types and the hunters, but everything else felt pretty boring and generic. The combine and the antlions are not a good material for bad dreams sadly… BUT how about them bosses eh? There’s like…um, chopper and… big antlion rhino and… a strider! Then… big antlion again and… chopper… combine aircraft… another aircraft! More striders! What are you talking about, we can make all those bosses feel different and challenging! We just need different set ups for them and we can recycle them no problemo! NOW YOU THROW THOSE PORTAL CORES AT THE STRIDERS AND SHOOT AT THEM WITH THE PISTOL! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Here in Lab. Room 19, I like to squeeze every single drop of what a video game can offer me,both in terms of entertainment and challenge! Thus, I shall share my experience regarding all these titles on “Hard” mode.

That was a rough fight and I am in a pickle, but here’s yet another nickle! I am now fully healed!

I am not the best when it comes to FPS games, but it’s undeniable that there is enough juice in the game to keep you going at any moment, regardless of the difficulty setting. No, it doesn’t matter how careful you try to play! I thought it matters but it doesn’t! The juice…it’s always there,ready to forgive you for any mistakes that you might make.

But here’s my best experience from playing on Hard mode! Something so grand, you won’t find it anywhere no sir! [?] At some point, when I got on the motor boat, the whole world started spinning. Next thing I know, Gordon is submerged underwater, head-down, and the boat on top, driving HIM! That was until the next stop, where everything went back to normal. Similar thing happened with the buggy, but with a different outcome! After I got into the car and the crane let me down, I fell and my whole world started spinning again and… I teleported! I teleported on the opposite site of where you find the buggy initially, point-view towards the crane. The car ended up into an invisible wall, so the only way to get it out was via the gravity gun. THAT’S RIGHT! Aperture Science ain’t got no shit compared to our self-teleporting vehicles!!~

Don’t get me wrong, I liked “Half-Life 2” and it’s episodes for what they are, it’s just that I was expecting a bit more than what I got. The game is fine for what it has in store for the player, it’s just not my 10 out 10 ice pop. 6.9 out of 10 maybe, but that’s about it. Now we wait for Vavle to make “Codename: Alyx” and blast the whole gaming industry into uproar yet to be seen!

Alyx has a nice butt! The engine is good for its puzzles! I had to add these, because I felt being way too negative towards the game as a whole…

Super Mario Enigmatic – The over-year-old entry!!~///


No shame and no blame for being late.I was holding back on this for a long time, even though it was initially supposed to be the starting point for the whole “Junkbox” page fill-up. I was also planning on covering other world sets for “Super Mario Bros. X”, but I guess I just lost interest due to settling into other projects. Tho as stale as it is now, the idea might freshen up in the future, so who knows? Regardless, here we be with “Super Mario Enigmatic”…

I have to say, despite being so long ago, I remember having fun with it. I liked the idea of one-screen only levels in “Super Mario Enigmatic”, perhaps due to the simplistic gimmick, which comes along with pretty decently constructed levels. I am not a fan of vast expands , nor would I ever be. I am used to having little and making #]work[# of it for a good amount of time, which goes for video games as a whole too. This world set fulfills that quite well, what with its fairly escalating difficulty. Though I’ve gotta say, I really had problems only with the final boss and that one place with the moving platforms and weird momentum. All simply due to my lack on inexperience with the engine, rather than the game design. It’s something that people tend to not understand nowadays when it comes to the games of the videa in general.


“Super Mario Enigmatic” is fairly short in terms of length and it has a really well-made life farms that fills you up with all the juice in just a few seconds. A good choice if you wanna fill up a few hours of your free time. There is even a sequel which came a little while ago, so I guess it’s a good thing that I was late with this post, otherwise I would have not mention this spicy little something-something of an a information.