Lab.Room 19 – NES “The Revenge!”

The winter NES event turned out quite well,so I decided to keep playing NES games and potentially add to the number in the LR19 vault.

I am still going to play non-NES games and keep the main volumes intact.Consider this to be an extra-extra special volume.This time I am going for the straight “100” and I am not going to back off on it!

Also,I just wanted to have a reason to keep playing NES games in general.Also,I enjoy making huge posters of “Game Over-THE END-COMPLETED-DONE” games.

So there’s that.Now let’s see how many years would this take me!

Doll’s Ingram -There was a time when eldritch abominations were a thing!

Doll's Ingram[1]

…Dolls too,especially due to a certain series being quite the hype on the internet.Also,eldritch abominations!I mentioned that in the title.[Insert memoriable titles here AKA Saya and…more.Yes!More…]Put these together and you get this little doujin game.

Doll’s Ingram is a platformer where you play as a doll-girl-doll with a gun.You go around and you shoot at and jump on weird stuff,dodge fireballs,deadly,rotating energy disks and it’s pretty much the “Hello Super Mario World” vibe.The game has a pretty relaxing and nice music.The backgrounds through the various levels are quite pretty and well-made.These two go really well together,but sadly,the rough level design ruins it for the game as a whole.Inconsistent difficulty and weird hit detection adds to that as well.There are three bosses in the game[The first one you have to fight twice/::thrice_],which are not really that hard to defeat.Their patterns are pretty easy to figure out even on the first encounter.I beated the last boss on my first try and honestly,I was quite dissapointed…

Doll's inghram done!

What I like mostly about this game are the controls,which are pretty fluid!This is probably the platformer with the best controls that I’ve ever played!Well,maybe not the best,but they are certianly to my liking!Also,crouching to avoud stuff!It’s the one thing that really weirds me out,considering the weird hit detection.Well…whatever!I am glad that I got back and finished this game after I left it a few years ago.It’s quite weird how little I remembered of it…

You’ve earned a 6.3 out of 10 Doll’s Ingram!I hope that I get to see a sequel one day…

There is also a plot somehow in all this!

If you mess around with the files in the game’s folder you can play this unused/unfinished level!OH MAN FLARE IN ACTION!VIDEOJAMS!Yeah!Have this thing as a little “Extra”!

Mighty Jill Off – Denial is the ultimate form of pleasure

jill off

I have never been a big fan of tower climbers and I did not expected this game to be one of them.I also did not really expected the whole BDSM theme as well,which I really liked.I have to be honest,in terms of art and plot,this game really managed to grab me.Not in a way that feels grand or incredible,but rather – Unique and special!

The music was pretty nice.There’s that I guess…Gameplay wise,Mighty Jill Off had quite a content to offer.That being said,the first thing that made the biggest impression on me was the jump cancel gimmick,which was new to me and I found the idea behind it to be very interesting.The other gimmick was gliding and…yeah.Well,the game really managed to put those two together in a way that presents the player with quite the challenge,while providing the unique feeling of both satisfaction and entertainment.Also,time limits for unlocking a potential hard mode!For some reason ten minutes on this game felt longer than they should…Oh,well!Who am I to complain?


The level design was really well done.It had a decent variety to keep me interested over the whole playthrough.I did not liked the glitch-themed level though.Perhaps due to its over-use in the recent years in various games or simply because the whole glitch-theme idea never appealed to me in first place.Perhaps!The game is also pretty short,which is another plus in my book!

I HAD FUN! 8.3 out of 10 for this sack of fun!

jilloff extra DONE!

Here’s also some extra stuff that I’ve done!”Jill Off with one hand” is an extra mini game that comes with the main game.You play by pressing only one button to jump and you try to survive in room with harsh environment,AKA floor spikes and sooky fire heads!Early in the game,the spikes on the floor feel way more annoying due to their slow extending/retracting time.It’s a game that pretty much revolves around the RNG of the fire heads spawning,more than anything.I could have done better,but at that point I was quite happy with the score that I achieved.