RA Invasion [Part 13] – A poor breakfast combo


A standard weekend RA session where I go back to a game from my past in an attempt to beat it, all in all while complaining about feeling sick, tired, being poor and how awful the game is. I have these moments all the time, they always end up the same way – I beat said game and then I regret wasting my breath and time over nothing. What I noticed is that the more I have moments like this, the better I get at dealing with them faster and more efficiently. Also, my dog almost bit my hand off, because certain people provoked her at the wrong time, namely while I was feeding her. While this might seem like an off- topic, in my trade, having functional hands is pretty crucial. Among many other things, that is, but still – Accidents tend to happen to those who are not caution of their surrounding environment.

Stay alert!

Nuts & Milk [NES]


My initial introduction to this game was on a bootleg famiclone cartridge, where it was presented under the title “Pokemon”, with sprite swaps of the main characters and enemies from the original game as a certain electric rat in different colors. I didn’t really knew back then that it was a hack or to be more precise, I didn’t care! It was a game with Pokemon in it and that was all I needed to be happy. I was quite obsessed with the Pokemon franchise over two decades ago, though not so much nowadays. I eventually got to see the original game on a cartridge that my friend got, but the lack of Pikachu re- sprites was quite disappointing.

“Nuts & Milk” is a puzzle platformer, where the object in each level is to collect all the fruit and then reach the house, while avoiding the enemies who chase you around relentlessly. Levels are one screen big and you can warp from the sides, but hitting the bottom is a certain death. Enemy A.I. is pretty impressive given the year this game was made, but even so, they are quite easy to outsmart once you learn their habits. The level design is pretty good, though not really consistent regarding difficulty curve. It’s similar to “Moai- kun”, but here you can only learn extra 1- ups if you finish successfully the bonus stages. Points rest past the 1 Million mark, so going for the extra fruit during the bonus rounds is just optional. If you are in desperate need for a 1-up, just head for the lady friend right away!

I think that what sets this game to be quite unfriendly to new players is within’ some of the platforming actions that don’t really work as some might expect them to. Trampoline  jumps can result in many deaths if one doesn’t have the knowledge on the proper timing that they need to issue in order to get a high bounce. This is what has turned me away from this game in the past, especially during my childhood. Just last weekend, I finally got it… You need to press and hold slightly the jump button as you are falling, right before you hit the trampoline. Any other form of input will result in a weak bounce. It’s not a big issue in the early levels, but towards the mid- game, you need to know how to handle those high jumps if you want to proceed any further. Another issue one might have with this game are the section where you have to jump over two tiles. It requires a jump from the edge of a platform, pixel perfect mostly, but I’m not sure. It’s a weird timing, one with which I’ve struggled even on my final run of this game. Practice makes perfect, though in this case, no matter how much you do it, you don’t get that feeling that you’ve really gotten it! Again, these jumps are to be carefully planned, as they might result in many deaths. Take into consideration that long falls result in a brief stun on your character and enemies won’t miss on the opportunity to take a bite.

New game plus or B mode adds on each stage a flying airship that can hurt you, along with a helicopter, which I forgot that it is actually a collectable for more points. Oh, how I feared the helicopter for so many stages until I remembered… I was quite amused about my forgetfulness, I have to be honest. This game is quite short, with only 50 levels to go through. There is also a construction mode, which got me to think about the fact that they had this option so early on back in the days, on many other old games as well. Isn’t it amusing how it took certain companies over two decades to catch up on the trend? I am making an ass of myself, aren’t I?…

I am quite curious about the C64 version of this game, which has additional 50 levels on top. Maybe… in the near future… maybe…

RA Invasion [Part 12] – Nostalgia Recomposed


Sorry that I missed on making RA Invasion post last week. I’ve been spending some time piling up older stuff that I never finished in the past and I have to say, there is a lot of content that I could have put up in the past few years, if I was more consistent with my work. I’ll get to finish and publish a decent portion of it eventually, I’m just still quite amused at my own laziness.

MagMax [NES]

This is a game way back from my childhood, which I didn’t own, but rather, had my friend lend it to me every now and then. Horizontal SHMUPS weren’t new to me at that point in my life, but man, did I adore this game for the fact that you get to collect machine parts and turn your ship slowly into a robot. What made me extremely upset though was the fact that my friend didn’t like this game one bit. Ah, how much I wanted to own this game myself, but I could never catch a sale where they would sell a cartridge that had it on. It is still killing me a little bit inside to this day that I never got to own this game, as silly as this may sound.

It is not really a very impressive game. It’s quite bland and it’s an arcade port with infinite loops. Additional loops add more enemies with slight increase to their fire rate, but it is still a child play in terms of difficulty. I really like the design variety of the enemies. There are a few sprite- swapped enemies, but overall, you get to fight your way through quite the unique competition. A lot of enemies won’t fire at you if you stay at the right half of the screen. It’s a good place to be when you are facing lots of enemies that tend to charge to the left side. Just be careful, as some do return to the right.

Solid obstacles tend to hide goodies if you destroy them with normal attacks, instead of using the laser from the front part. [Only applies for the above ground level.] The rewards go from Head and Front part to a bonus of 1000p. There are two levels – Above Ground and Underground, each with their own unique set of enemies. You can travel to each via the pound- looking teleports. Each level is composed of four sections and it gives you a unique set of weapons. Above ground you get single shot, ground shot and a front laser… sword? Underground you get two/three shots, one of which is replaced with a piercing fire bolt if you have the front part.

The only boss in this game is a three headed mechanical dragon, who is fairly easy, despite its attack which consist of a very silly projectile spam. You get to face the boss two times before the game loops back. Being above ground or underground doesn’t change that fact. Additional loops do make the boss shoot a bit faster, but it still the same silly pattern, which is really easy to deal with.

Do three loops and a MEIGETSU word will show up, which I think just means, “You’ve seen it all at this point!”. Nothing changes after the third loop, except for your score, which I took the time to set exactly to 1.000 000, because why the hell not? Extra Lives come by easily, given that you kill a whole lot of enemies to rack up enough points. I usually do the first half of the game underground and then I move above for the second. If anything, I tend to avoid the water part underground, as those air currents stun you for so long, it’s enough for any enemy to come by and murder you. You are just as good as dead!

RA wants from the player to kill said dragon boss on initial run and second loop, while having all of your parts intact. Each time, on each level during both runs. A fairly troublesome issue. For one thing, leg parts are hard to come by, as there are only that many you can find in certain areas. The underground level is quite harsh on providing you with spare parts in general and the travel time there is twice as slow compared to the one above ground. Using the teleports strategically is a must if one is to preserve their time and sanity. Take into consideration that the front part slows down your movement by quite a bit, so caution around the boss is required. Your hit box also gets larger with each additional part that you add to your ship, so be careful!

In the end, this game has left me with an emptiness inside, rather than fulfillment. It’s not a good SHMUP, but it can be quite fun to shoot at stuff randomly for a few minutes?

Also, if you find a part which you already have on, it can be turned into a full- screen clear bomb. I still don’t know how that is executed, all I know is that moving around it and shooting does the trick… somehow…

BodyConQuest I: Abakareshi Musume Tachi [FDS] – Touch a dragon, feel a dragon


I want to go on an adventure where I bump and hump my enemies through battles, while beheading their commanders with my stainless steel body. Where women would undress for my entertainment, just because I have a conversation with them. A world, where the only woman in which I have interest would refuse to show me her ass, no matter what I do, even if I saved said world from a certain demise. That’s BodyConQuest for the FDS! The first ever RPG in which I had the pleasure to experience combat that revolves around colliding with your foes and boy it’s… pretty fun.

As far as the actual adult content in this game goes, the most you are going to get out of it is full nudity and not much else. I didn’t even knew before my second playthrough that you unlock additional scenes by talking more and more with some of the girls. The plot of the game is actually pretty alright and to a certain point it feels more rewarding to get and experience the sweet ending, rather than just looking at wenches meat flesh.

The game is pretty simple and easy. Just run into things to kill them, level up, get stronger, traverse plain and boring dungeons, get loot! Equipment is especially important in this game in order to be able to deal with stronger enemies, so make sure to check every shop and every corner of every dungeon for a potential higher tier item. You don’t need much grinding in order to progress. Maybe spending 5 to 10 minutes on each new type of enemies would be a good idea, just to be on the safe side, if that’s your thing. There is a key that you can miss if you don’t find and walk on the right spot on the overworld map, but all it does is let you speak to the locked hermit guy, who just tells you a hint for a puzzle thing that I managed to solve by myself. It also unlocks a shortcut to an area, which you don’t really need… Bosses are pretty easy, just aim for the head and make sure you are geared properly. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to this game. It’s a simple, fun and quite enjoyable game. It won’t blow your mind, nor will you be able to blow your load, but it’s quite suitable for a late afternoon tea break.

Bodycon DONE!

I forgot to mention that there are also spells in this game, each of which, from the start, is overpowered enough to further ensure your success. The music didn’t strike me as something grand, but it was quite nice nevertheless.

Maybe one day I’ll play the sequel. They say it’s pretty tough, but hey! I managed to learn how to properly wash a table cloth with the cleaner, I don’t see how can anything else in this universe be more challenging than that!

Bird Week – A journey through the seasons!


Upcoming Winter event? Not this time! This is going to be a MULTI – SEASONAL event! Starting from December 21, I’ll attempt to beat every existing level in the NES title “Bird Week”, all in all until I get the crash screen [That’s 999 levels in total!], which I’ll also try to record.For the long journey ahead, savestates are allowed, but only between levels, for the sole purpose of saving my progress, so I can take a break and do other things.Like sleeping and eating food.Also, going to the toilet, work or attempt another suicide.And of course, playing other games,worse or better, depends on the perspective.Getting a GAME OVER will result in a reset.Updates regarding the progress of this event will be posted on my twitter, until I accomplish my goal. Given that, I’ll probably be done in 10 years…

…but becoming a master of the bird seasons is a title quite worthy. This will be a challenge that I am more than likely to regret entirely!

I mean, it was either this or beating every SNK Athena game… I am quite creative when it comes to events alright!

Lab.Room 19 “NES The Revenge!” results#!!!


100 NES titles cashed right on!In this volume I got introduced to the magic of the “Family Disk System”,some of the worst NES titles,as well as some pretty underrated and forgotten gems.As a whole,the swing was more towards the easy to medium difficulty,with only few tough games cleared.I wouldn’t say that it’s because of a skill gap,but rather, my lack of patience for doing a proper grinding.Overall, my goal was to clear the titles that I used to do when I was a kid.While I managed to do so, only one title was left off the hook – “Shadow of the Ninja”.

Apart from that,I am pretty satisfied with what I managed to clear.I do regret not clearing various games though,especially the ones from series like “Eggerland” and “Adventure Island”[I wanted to clear more than one \\\AI// title!].There are titles that I didn’t even touched, despite that I had them lying around.They are mostly RPGs, so that explains a lot!Yeah,this volume revolved pretty much around platformers, with less focus on other genres.

Here’s also some mentions on honorable attempts: “Rockin’ Kats” got cleared, but I failed at the extra stage.Again,I didn’t even spent time to try and learn the stage.”Ganso Sayuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken” was a title that I wanted to clear badly,due to its famous value of being a bad game.I think I got pretty far into it,but I kept getting lost in the desert,until my fun meter went down the drain and I flat out gave up.I think that I could have cleared it,but for some reason I choose to work on other titles.Maybe I’ll get back to it next time… Other titles that got the same treatment are “The Adventures of Rad Gravity”,”Bio Senshi Dan”[I also don’t know why I didn’t cleared this one either…] and “Eliminator Boat Duel”.I also tried to beat “Bee 52”,but I couldn’t.Still,I would love to mention that it’s one heck of a good game for not being licensed!There were many more titles that gave me trouble,but for now,here’s the list of the 100 NES titles that I managed to beat in this volume:

Aki to Tsukasa no Fushigi no Kabe [NES]
Alfred Chicken [NES]
Arkista’s Ring [NES]
Asmik-kun Land [NES]
Asterix [NES]
Atlantis no Nazo [NES]
Bible Buffet [NES]
Binary Land [NES]
Bio Miracle Bokkute Upa [NES]
Bishoujo Sexy Derby [NES]
Bishoujo SF Alien Battle [NES]
Bomberman [NES]
Bomberman II [NES]
Bomberman 2002 [NES]
Bubble Bobble Part 2 [NES]
Captain Planet and the Planeteers [NES]
Cheetah Men II [NES]
Cocoron [NES]
Color a Dinosaur [NES]
Contra [NES]
Cross Fire [NES]
Darkwing Duck [NES]
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum [NES]
Don Doko Don 2 [NES]
DuckTales [NES]
DuckTales 2 [NES]
Fire ‘n Ice [NES]
Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue [NES]
Fisher-Price: I Can Remember [NES]
Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit [NES]
Fuzzical Fighter [NES]
Ganbare Goemon 2 [NES]
Go! Benny! [NES]
Heavy Barrel [NES]
Hello Kitty no Hanabatake [NES]
Hirake! Ponkikki [NES]
Isolated Warrior [NES]
James Bond Jr. [NES]
Jaws [NES]
Joy Mech Fight [NES]
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri Land [NES]
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi! [NES]
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb! [NES]
Kirby’s Adventure [NES]
Kyatto Ninden Teyandee [NES]
Legend of the Ghost Lion [NES]
Legendary Wings [NES]
Lost Word of Jenny [NES]
Lucky Bingo 777 [NES]
Magic Carpet 1001 [NES]
Mega Man 3 [NES]
Mega Man 5 [NES]
Mega Man 6 [NES]
Mickey Mouse 3: Yume Fuusen [NES]
Monkey King [NES]
Mortal Kombat II [NES]
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival [NES]
Nakayoshi to Issho [NES]
Ninja Hattori-kun: Ninja wa Suugyou de Gozaru no Maki [NES]
Panic Restaurant [NES]
Peek-A-Boo Poker [NES]
Pizza Pop! [NES]
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom [NES]
Puss ‘n Boots – Pero’s Great Adventure [NES]
RoboCop 2 [NES]
Rockman [NES]
Rockman 2 – Dr.Willy no Nazo [NES]
Rollergames [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 1 [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 2 [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 3 [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 4 [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 5 [NES]
Sailor Fuku Bishoujo Zukan Vol. 6 [NES]
Sesame Street Countdown [NES]
Sexy Invaders [NES]
Silkworm [NES]
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti [NES]
StarTropics [NES]
StarTropics II – Zoda’s Revenge [NES]
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight [NES]
Super C [NES]
Super Mario Bros. [NES]
Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES]
Takahashi Meijin no Boken Jima IV [NES]
Tale Spin [NES]
Tasac [NES]
The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout [NES]
The Goonies [NES]
The Karate Kid [NES]
The Legend of Zelda [NES]
The Lost World: Jurassic Park [NES]
Time Zone [NES]
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 – Trouble in Wackyland [NES]
Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe’s Brother [NES]
Urusei Yatsura – Lum no Wedding Bell [NES]
Utsurun Desu.: Kawauso Hawaii e Iku!!! [NES]
Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth! [NES] – Requested by camelpuncher
Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic [NES]
Zhen Ben Xi You Ji [NES]

Here’s also the posters for them.Yes,posters!Paint got upset that I tried to put all this crap in one place.Don’t ask!Don’t bother!Just watch!





“Color a Dinosaur” gets its own special poster,because it’s a really good VIDEO GAME!



TIME FOR TOP 13 AND WORSE 13!Why 13?Because I’ll add the titles from the NES Winter event as well,since I didn’t make any placements for them,due to their low number.

[Place 0][Special]


Yes!A game that does not shine when it comes to its controls!But the music is just so well made and there is such a good variety in terms of enemies,bosses and levels.It turns into a pretty harsh “Trial and error” after the first level, but if anything, the game is pretty easy to pick up on.The boss fights keep the player always on the move, even though the patterns are quite easy to learn.It’s a pretty charismatic game, the ending is pretty sweet and… I’am really enjoying myself each time I play it.Yep…

[Place 0-0][Special]

Ganbare Goemon 2

Well,you’ve gotta grab the highest tier shoes before the magic can start!Then you got a fast-paced action game,where everything is everything,you fight everything and every now and then you save people.All and all FOR MONEY!Then you buy crap.Then your friend turns into a cute girl.THIS GAME IS A TRUE EPITOME FOR THE WORD “FUN”!I am actually willing to say that this is by far my favourite NES games of all times.The music, the characters, the levels…everything makes you keep moving and having fun!I could only imagine how deadly-fun would this be after five cups of coffee and three strong dosages of crack.Great controls,quality humor and enjoyable dialoge.Explore,fool around, THINGS!YOU CAN DO THEM!

[Place 128]

Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival

One day Kermit the Frog woke up and decided that he had JUST enough of people shoving their hands up his butt.Thus,he hired people to make “Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival” – a game that we can shove up our own asses and experience what Kermit goes through daily!The good thing about this game is that you can choose not to play it.The bad thing is that you can draw yourself for some unknown reason to play it.Prepare to face everything that can be wrong and unfun,starring from glitches and bad controls to repetative and boring levels!The rotten tooth atop of the puke cake is when Kermit grabs a knife and starts shoots hearts – That’s the last moment where you should have realized in what tar pit your sinkin’.If for some reason you decide to stay ’till you reach the bottom, Miss Piggy will be there for you to insult you and remind you of what you just played.

[Place 127]

Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit

This is somehow a game and somehow,losing/messing up does not seem possible.However,the computer player will do its best to prove you otherwise AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE IT!

[Place 126]

Color a Dinosaur

Did you know that there are speedruns of this game?Do you know how fun they are?None at all!Nothing can improve this “coloring pictures” game, especially when the main theme is cartoonish dinosaurs and your coloring options are the worst thing in the universe.I used a bot to play this game for me and by the color choices it picked,I could see that even a limited artificial intelligence would desire to cease to exist,than play this crap.

[Place 125]

Lucky Bingo 777

Look,even the girl in the game that you are supposed to strip bit-by-bit throws all of her clothes at once, while you barely made a winnings worth of 100$.She wants you to get your reward and stop playing this game as soon as possible.For one thing,there isn’t much more to it.If you are not deaf, the slot’s sounds are going to change that eventually.Get the three 7’s?You would pray not to!

[Place 124]

Zhen Ben Xi You Ji

Oh, boy!A fighting game with the cast from “Journey to the West”!This could not be any ba- AAAAAHHHH!NO!NO!NO!NOOOOOOOO!NO!!!IT’S A BATTLE OF THE WORST HITBOXES AND HIT DETECTIONS!Who can abuse these better to achieve a glorious win?Who has the skillcap to overcome any difficulty and prove superiour technical skills?Get to the giant flying head-opponent on single player and you are going to find an answer to these questions quickly…

[Place 123]

Bomberman 2002

I got this game on a cartridge in 2002.Back then I said: “Wow, this Bomberman game looks great!” Then the game crashed.Then I glitched and froze in one place as I got a powerup,while getting in contact with an enemy.Then the game crashed again,but I kept moving.This game is a part of “Bomberman’s deep lore”.A lore frozen in 18 snowy levels,that are bound to repeat until the game crashes again.Don’t get upgrades!They’ll make the game crash!Don’t chain kill enemies!The game might crash again!Breating?BOY THAT’S JUST ASKING FOR SOME CRASHING PROBLEMS!This is how hardcore I am = I beat games that crash,by avoiding the actions that might lead to so.

[Place 122]

The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Hell yeah!I am always up for a challenging platformer!Sadly,a minigame just gave me over 100 extra lives, so there goes that!This game starts out like a pretty generic platformer,but as you progress further, what really improves is only the level’s length and not much else, thus,boredom inevitable!Boring enemies, boring music… Ya’ all just using the Buggersz age and image, that ain’t no game! Let’s talk about the bosses!They are boring too.The end.

[Place 121]

Cheetah Men II

Just because it’s popular for being bad and people like it for being bad and having a good music,does not make this game any better.It’s still bad.It still has shitty hit detections,shitty enemy variety and bad level design.We can say the same about the bosses as well.It’s but an old meme!AN OLD IRONIC MEME!THAT DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING!IT DOESN’T FUCKING CHANGE IT!IT DOESN’T FUCKING CHANGE IT!

[Place 120]

Puss ‘n Boots – Pero’s Great Adventure

What I like about this game is that it’s relatively short in length.What I hate is the last boss who would obliterate you in less than a second,without giving you a chance to fight back,unless you know where to position so you can fight him…um,properly?Boss fights in NES “Toei” games…they feel like such an annoying struggle.I also remember disliking that one platforming segment,where each jump felt like a leap of fate.Kinda.Apart from that,the overall appeal and design of this game felt pretty…poor.

[Place 119]

The Karate Kid

When hit detection matters to the point where it decides if whether you are gonna get punched around like an actual punching bag or you are going to be pushed straight into the deep cold water.Get obnoxiously beaten to dead or drown in mere seconds!This game sure goes places and I am happy that its pretty short.I still have questions about the last boss fight and I really don’t want any of them answered…

[Place 118]

Harry’s Legend

It’s kick or be be stun locked to death!A game where you throw a magical broom that doesn’t do anything, but drain your precious HP.Enjoy the most stupid game of volleyball[?] ever,along with one hell of a good port stage,where every jumping fish will do its best to push you into the water.In each level you get to fight a boss who literally presents his[?] rump at your kicking services.You also get to kick mice,sumo men,chess pieces and that one octopus!Did I mentioned how great the hit detection in this game is?Did I mentioned how great this game is in general?DID I?!?!

[Place 117]

Monkey King

When it comes to NES games based on “Journey to the West”, you are bound to always get the best of it.Thank god for the unlimited lives!Curse those unlimited lives!Now you have to suffer through this until you clear it or you decide to do something else with your life,which is 100% going to be better than keep playing this crap.It takes time to get used to the controls and it’s a heavy and harsh trial and error game.You are not going to enjoy the process…no you won’t…

[Place 116]

Hirake! Ponkikki

A good way to test how retarded you are!Are you having trouble with the stages?Are you enjoying the game?Are you playing the game?You should cross these three of your list,otherwise you might find yourself in need of something more than your daily dose of morning milk.I wish to mention how great the platforming stages are, with all the fruit that tends to appears whenever it wants to,rather than following the set code in the game.OH WAIT!THAT’S THE ACTUAL CODE!Don’t push that “It’s for kids” crap on me! Four years old can play “Super Mario Bros” and “Contra” without much trouble, let alone have any struggle with this garbage!


[Place 13]

James Bond Jr.

A platformer that revolves around exploring stages in order to find your objectives.It features some decent puzzles and rewards the player for proper item usage,as well as dodging enemy attacks and hazards.There isn’t much to this game in terms of music and the difficulty spike is pretty tough.Huge variety of items and weapons for different situations – if anything,this game will be a good test for your will and patience.It has a pretty unique atmosphere to it.The new game plus is pretty challenging.Game can be pretty frustrating until you learn the ins and outs.Overall, I think it’s a title thats worth investing time on.

[Place 12]

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

The graphics in this game are gorgeous!The difficulty will desttroy your face!Similar to “James Bond Jr.”, it rewards the player for doing well.However, the game tends to be pretty harsh if you screw up, depowering your character and making certain levels/fights way more harder.Mastering this game can be pretty hard, but it’s a rewarding experience.Decent variety of enemies and levels,as well as the plot of the game itself.I am quite proud that I picked this game as a kid and grew up with it.

[Place 11]

Zen – Intergalactic Ninja

What a weird chain formation!This game is pretty similar to “Street FIghter 2010: The Final Fight”, but only a bit easier and much more forgiving!It also features a map system,so you can do the boss you hate the most right away or save him/her for later,when you collect enough powerups.The learning curve is also easier, but the plot is…well,it pretty alright,honestly.It’s a fun game to play through and master!

[Place 10]

Bubble Bobble Part 2

I am here to enjoy the classic fun formula of putting enemies into bubbles and poppin’ em!Sadly,the fun is not everlasting, as any [‘copter stage] would try to ruin your experience, so just hope that an Umbrella or a Gate item pops up,so you can skip that stage and keep your fun meter up!The game lacks Co-op, but it still has enough stages and gimmicks to keep you up and ticking.Bosses are alright.Tatio really managed to keep the bubble magic flowing with this one!

[Place 9]

The Goonies

OH MY GOD CYNDI LAUPER I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU!That and I already wrote a whole post dedicated to this game.Go read about me scoring lots of points in a silly way on this game!

[Place 8]

Startropics II – Zoda’s Revenge

I guess I picked this over the first game due to its much more forgiving nature and better controls.Also,the challenging boss rush.And better level variety.I don’t know, I think the second game has a pretty refined level design and the plot feels a bit more easy-going.Overall,this is a great action game that has quite a lot to offer to the player, especially in terms of gameplay.

[Place 7]

The Legend of Zelda

I mean…yeah.This one.It’s…here.You know…this game.The one where I had to suicide by using a red candle when I got stuck in a room.So…um,I kinda enjoyed exploring it.Kinda.

[Place 6]

Mega Man 4

This honestly felt to me like the easiest of all the Megaman NES games, but I really liked the music,bosses and level design in it more than the ones in the other titles.

[Place 5]

Isolated Warrior

If anything, this game has a pretty unique perspective to it.I’ll be honest, VAP were pretty good at making music and epic-looking bosses.A pretty underrated game, with decent difficulty curve.Pretty simple plot,good level variety.The game is pretty harsh on players who do badly, degrading any held weapon back to level one upon dying.Luckily you can switch it up right before you die, thus cheesing away the penalty and keeping at least one of the two weapons still upgraded.The bike level is pretty fast paced and exciting!Honestly, a big part of this game is just learning how to control and navigate your character!The rest will come off naturally…

[Place 4]

Mitsume ga Tooru

An underrated platformer with one hell of a cute merchant girl!Look,to make her happy you need money,so you have to find the chicken!The chicken will poop out enough money,so you can buy everything at the store and make the girl happy!Use your magical arrow by holding down the button!I am saying that before you get stuck at the second part of the first level!You can use the arrow as a platform if you land on it in time as it flies back towards you!That’s it!Enjoy the rest of the game!Gimmicky bosses and levels, along with some weird-ass enemies.I still don’t know how to properly beat the “tank” boss without TANKING IT!That’s probably my only issue with this game.Shoot coins to make them bigger.Overshoot coins to lose coins!This is what I think of this game.I think that I should explain it properly.[I really love this game!]

[Place 3]

Super Mario Bros. 2

Unlike “Doki Doki Panic” I don’t have to beat every single stage with every character, my characters can run and there is a crab boss!I also get to see an animated sleeping Mario at the end!Also, lives are a bit more limited an- OH WAIT A SECOND!/My affection for video games is a weird,exotic creature…/

[Place 2]

Fire ‘n Ice

So one day I stocked up on billion bottles of Cola and packs of peanuts and cleared this in two days.Level design is top quality,as it gets better the further you progress within’ the game.You can even make your own levels!This is my personal choice in terms of “Best NES puzzle game”.Music is pretty neat,with decent plot and…you’ll be mostly hooked on the gameplay really,as long as you have to motivation to use your damp braincells.A total of 150 stage of sick puzzle pleasure!The gimmicks are quite easy to pick on, yet, some levels are bound to make your brain implode.The satisfaction of clearing this title was incredible!

[Place 1]

Kirby’s Adventure

I can go into a lot of details about how great this game is.Unique gimmick, great level design, decent difficulty curve.PLOT! It has a PLOT-PLOT!Characters and enemies,both alike brim with life and personality.Enjoyable graphics and music.YES!It’s a game that I love a lot!But deep inside me,something has bottled up for a long time and now it’s a pretty good time to let it out:


…with you know,the actual new game plus being even harder.Like one-hit Kirby and um…

Well,I guess things are fine the way there are…


…and this pretty much sums it all up!Stay turned for the next volume,where I’ll try to beat 100 “Nintendo Uranus” [NU] games!