The MSX peach leftovers


Here’s three more completed entries from the “Peach Up” disk station. All thanks to a little bit of practice, some configuration tune up and whatnot. It’s the usual course of learning and understanding things slowly and steady. You know, the style everyone wants to follow, but few would bring themselves to actually do. The prize we seek is not always within’ the outcome, but the process of achieving it. You can never know unless you try though, but it’s not like there is a whole lot at stake for the sake of it. People have the tendency to pull crocodiles out of their socks and I am not really OK with that…

Chin to Te to [MSX]

Chin to Te to DONE!

This is a short game of reflex, where you have to touch T.V. screens that get distorted. Fail to do so in time and a Chorizo shows up to make fun of your inferior skills. There are three levels and you have to survive on each until the timer reaches zero. While the sequences tend to be different each playthrough, there is a set pattern for each stage. A good idea is to look at the center and use your peripheral vision to observe for any of the screens that might experience a change in appearance. However, due to the screens being animated, it can kind of screw up with your brain at first. It’s all good once you get used to it in like… a few attempts or so.

There is a sexy chick after you beat each level and a funky lip animation at the end.

Gurieru no Seihai [MSX]

Gurieru no Seihai DONE!

Now that’s a high quality entry right here! A top- down view puzzle game that really reminds me of “Chip’s Challenge” to a certain extend. Instead though. the whole theme revolves around a medieval fantasy setting, with a knight main character who is on a quest to find a certain artifact of immense power. It doesn’t sound very unique plot- wise, but the gameplay is pretty enjoyable. It uses a pretty simple formula – You have to navigate one screen levels from your initial starting point to the exit door. A key or damsel in need of rescue might be required for the exit door to function. The levels are also filled with monsters of various kinds. By various, I meant to settle for the low number of [Three]. There are ghosts, slimes and orcs [?] To get rid of them, you have to pick up the specific item that can deal with each type. Crosses for ghosts, swords for orcs and staffs for slimes – But take into consideration that you can use a weapon only once, after which you have to pick up another one. You also cannot pick up other weapons while you hold one. Enemies don’t bring harm to you if you are unarmed or holding a weapon they don’t react to. So in a nutshell, the levels are pretty much mazes you have to navigate through, all in all while managing your resources by making sure you use the right weapon to destroy the right monster. Otherwise you might get stuck and if that happens, only suicide can relief you from the suffering of eternal boredom. This was an actual issue that I had… I didn’t know you need to press two buttons for that to happen. I found out eventually, but it took a while… Quite a while…

The levels in this game are pretty tough overall. They require some careful planning and rushing is not a very good idea. You start with only two lives and you earn additional ones every now and then when you score a whole lot of points. This is why finishing a level right away is not advisable if there are still items that you can pick up or monsters to destroy, as each of those actions award you with additional points. You do have unlimited continues and password system is also available, but you know… YOU KNOW!

This game is tile based, but the control of the main character is pretty sensitive. I’ve found myself picking the wrong item or killing the wrong monster by mistake due to overshooting my movement many times. If you have to navigate through a though section, it’s a good idea to hold on to a direction a hug a wall of objects that you can’t affect in any way whatsoever. This game is pretty long, consisting of 30 stages total! The difficulty curve is pretty inconsistent, but as I said, the levels in general are pretty tough. Every fifth level you get to rescue a girl, after which she rewards you by revealing her naked body. Truly, a reward worth- while for torturing your brain muscles! But in all honesty, I enjoyed the difficulty in this game. I’ve definitely played harder puzzle games, but this one was really nice overall.

There are various looping level themes, like forest, castle, graveyard and whatnot, with one of them having a really awful soundtrack! Like honestly, it’s a sound you don’t wanna hear while you do some concentrated thinking, especially if it’s going to take more than five minutes! As far as gimmicks go, the only new addition you get is the one- point arrow blocks, which push you in the direction they point towards. They are just one more knife into your back, but if I have to be honest about the level layouts as a whole – There really isn’t all that much you can do with what you are given. Though there are few exceptions where you are given more items than you need, where in most cases the game could bait you into spending viable resources for ones that you don’t actually need.

It’s pretty amazing!

Gurieru no Seihai Excellent [MSX]

Gurieru no Seihai Excellent DONE!

A sequel to the previous game that offers pretty much more of the same. Actually, it offers less, as there are now only 27 levels to go through total! The level structure is a bit tuned down in terms of difficulty as well. You can also choose which levels you want to play, as they are all scattered throughout four stages you can pick from at the start, with a short, final one that unlocks once you go through each of the initial ones. Instead of rescuing girls, this time you get to battle with them, for the sake of depraving them from their purity. What a weird turn these series took! There is also a swing towards monster girls, which is you know, not a bad choice. I don’t know how people felt about it back then… Wait, I do know! They were as acceptable as they were now, given how many old games I’ve seen featuring those. Some good things just don’t change as quickly over the course of time…

While the stages are a bit easier, the difficulty curve has also been adjusted in terms of scale. I don’t remember if they also used that awful soundtrack from the previous game in this one as well… But I think they did… Why?…

Extra lives are now awarded for each stage cleared. How generous! Given the difficulty of this game though, this would have been much more appreciated if it was applied in the first one.

While nothing changes in terms of gameplay, my brain enjoyed the additional stages It got to solve. Again, it’s a simple but fun formula. They even made a remake of the first game and I wonder if I should give it a try at some point…

Big naked harpy titties!!!

BodyConQuest I: Abakareshi Musume Tachi [FDS] – Touch a dragon, feel a dragon


I want to go on an adventure where I bump and hump my enemies through battles, while beheading their commanders with my stainless steel body. Where women would undress for my entertainment, just because I have a conversation with them. A world, where the only woman in which I have interest would refuse to show me her ass, no matter what I do, even if I saved said world from a certain demise. That’s BodyConQuest for the FDS! The first ever RPG in which I had the pleasure to experience combat that revolves around colliding with your foes and boy it’s… pretty fun.

As far as the actual adult content in this game goes, the most you are going to get out of it is full nudity and not much else. I didn’t even knew before my second playthrough that you unlock additional scenes by talking more and more with some of the girls. The plot of the game is actually pretty alright and to a certain point it feels more rewarding to get and experience the sweet ending, rather than just looking at wenches meat flesh.

The game is pretty simple and easy. Just run into things to kill them, level up, get stronger, traverse plain and boring dungeons, get loot! Equipment is especially important in this game in order to be able to deal with stronger enemies, so make sure to check every shop and every corner of every dungeon for a potential higher tier item. You don’t need much grinding in order to progress. Maybe spending 5 to 10 minutes on each new type of enemies would be a good idea, just to be on the safe side, if that’s your thing. There is a key that you can miss if you don’t find and walk on the right spot on the overworld map, but all it does is let you speak to the locked hermit guy, who just tells you a hint for a puzzle thing that I managed to solve by myself. It also unlocks a shortcut to an area, which you don’t really need… Bosses are pretty easy, just aim for the head and make sure you are geared properly. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to this game. It’s a simple, fun and quite enjoyable game. It won’t blow your mind, nor will you be able to blow your load, but it’s quite suitable for a late afternoon tea break.

Bodycon DONE!

I forgot to mention that there are also spells in this game, each of which, from the start, is overpowered enough to further ensure your success. The music didn’t strike me as something grand, but it was quite nice nevertheless.

Maybe one day I’ll play the sequel. They say it’s pretty tough, but hey! I managed to learn how to properly wash a table cloth with the cleaner, I don’t see how can anything else in this universe be more challenging than that!