Very Retrouvaille – Fetch Quest, Comfy Town (/

very retro

This is a relative short game made with the RPGbaker 2003, which I played once years ago, during my harsh university years. It brought me lots of joy back then! For how simple the game is, I really had no complains whatsoever in general. Things haven’t changed a lot since then. By that I mean that the game is still as sweet and nice as I remember it.

I honestly think that the biggest plus of this game is the fact that the made “Me” as an actual NPC. Now how can I rate this title less than 1 million out of 10?

what is love

There are several cameos of characters from other spicy RPGshaker titles from back then, along with references to other popular games and media. Now in my book, that’s a good video game design, especially when you show off that you have a good taste via it.

But for real, it’s the beautiful artwork and color scheme that adds an unique and fresh look to the game, despite it’s unoriginal formula of casual fetch quest. The game is just the right length for one to not get bored and be left with a satisfying feeling. This is how you make a short and enjoyable game. This title is one good example. Maybe I am being too generous over the butt of my own head, but that’s how it is I guess…

The plot of the game is quite simple. The main character is not a Demon girl, but rather, a Ram! Everyone in town is part animal. Now get this, you are looking for the pet rabbit of the main character, so you have to ask the mayor, who is part rabbit too, to let you out of town! Tell me how many games you’ve played with such an interesting turn of events? None for sure!

The characters in the town are some of the nicest animal people ever. You get to solve a math problem and find missing photos for an album. The second one is optional. In case you are having problem doing so, just make sure to talk to everyone about everything. Take note that some characters might have different responses, depending on how far into the game you might be.

Very Retrouvaille DONE!

I am really glad that I decided to play this game yet again. Did you know? This is the first game of its developer! BING! We have a first timer quality madman yet again! I wish those would happen more often. I wish I would post more often.

I told you already that this game is 1 billion out of 10. Do I even have to repeat myself? Sheesh!

Volume Three: The Craft of War – Casual Learning Curve


Another post regarding “Warcraft III”, which I am honestly considering doing weekly. It all depends on how I handle the difficulty really, though things went quite nice this week. I’m not sure how things will turn up for the upcoming one, given how much trouble I am having with the Orc Campaign in “RoC” right now. We’ll see… Anyways, here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish during this week:


“Monolith” is a classic scenario map that always gave me trouble back in the days. It didn’t matter if I played it with friends or an ally CPU, the enemy always managed to overwhelm my forces. On this map, you face custom- built races, like Murlocs or Trolls, who have their own set of gimmicks and strategy regarding their structures, heroes and units. The Thunder Lizards and The Beast Master[?] ones are the worst races to play against, while the rest are quite manageable. The goal is to destroy the main building [The Monolith] of each opponent, which also disables them completely from further interference in the game. Monolith Shard Pieces are items scattered around the map, which can be picked by both sides. Having them in your possession lets you disrupt various enemy units a number of times, turning them against each other. If the Monolith Beasts pick them up, they can set up some pretty tough tower buildings, which melt down low level units in no-time! Honestly, the only reason to pick those up before the enemy is so you can prevent them from setting up lots of towers, since the activation effect of the monolith shard does not have that big of an impact on the map. [P.S. I am not totally sure if the enemy actually picks and places them. Rather, I think it’s just something that they can build. I don’t know…]

I’ve decided to give myself some [Easy] CPU allies, since I wanted to face the maximum number of enemies. [Number of players affect number of enemy players.You can’t face them all solo, sadly…] My first two attempts ended in failure. The Night Elf Warden is not all that good of a hero for this map, at least not for the mid and late game. Priestess of the Moon did the work quiet nicely, along with a quick tech to tier three, where I managed to get myself some chimaeras to help me melt the Monoliths quickly. Controlled the early game with Huntresses, who are really effective against the masses of low tier units that the enemy tends to make.

Auras and quick tech are really important for team games. I LEARN THINGS, HECK YEAH!


The Last Guardian is a custom campaign for Warcraft III, with a primary focus on puzzle-solving and less fighting. By puzzles, it should be mention that 85% of the game is just fetch-quests, with actual puzzles coming into gameplay every now and then. I don’t know if it’s right from my part to be critical about it, since I’m not entirely sure as to what are the limits of the “Warcraft III” editor. Regardless, each map of this campaign has much to offer, to the point where one is without a doubt not going to care all that much about any annoying little details. I mean, every place is set up and built really nicely and the custom models are just…great! Again, I don’t really have any experience on the editor of the game, I’m just stating my honest personal opinion regarding my experience. There is quite a bit to explore on each chapter, but as a whole, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. The overall interaction setup in this campaign made my whole experience with it really pleasant!

As for the plot, the campaign revolves around “The Last Guardian – Medivh” and his deeds around the time when the Orcs came into Azeroth. You play as his new apprentice, Khadgar who is tasked with solving various tasks, ultimately leading to the discovery of Medivh’s betrayal and his death. I’m not quite in touch with the whole story as a whole. I’ve recently watched the movie and I know about the book and… I guess it’s fine…?

This is the post where I make excuses for not knowing things regarding the game, but would I be having any fun if I knew it all? Maybe. I had fun with the statue/Medivh fight in the last chapter of this campaign though.

This campaign was quite alright and I would gladly suggest it to anyone.Even to people who have never played Warcraft III or just hate the game for whatever reason whatsoever. PLAY THIS CAMPAIGN, IT’S ENJOYABLE!


The official Undead Campaign of “RoC” also taught me a lot of things about the game! Way to go hard difficulty! I regret avoiding you back in the days…

Siege Weapons are good and should not be overlooked, especially if you are dealing with an enemy who uses a lot of ranged units. This is a key element for clearing chapters Three to Five. Also, making the right picks when it comes to attacking bases and overall positioning on the map. You can’t really get away by relying on towers alone for base protection on hard difficulty. Same can be said about attacking bases at random. As a whole, one should aim to deal with the huge threats first, especially those involving the production of an enemy siege units/heroes who are attacking your base constantly.

I was feeling quite uneasy about chapter six. I expected the wost coming from all the Orc enemies that you need to deal with, but turns out that they are no match at all for masses of Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles. On another note, it seems that if you don’t reveal the red Orc Base, you won’t have to deal with the Level 10, Red Dragon attacks, which is quite nice, since on Hard difficulty, the number of Dragons who attack you is set to TWO! [Sending a shade to scout the red Orc base would trigger him to attack…it seems…] Also, Arthas ultimate is really good for turning attacks around, even though all you can get from the reanimated units is to bring one tower or so. Still, it’s something…

Did I have trouble with the last chapter? Of course! I had to replay it five times in total. Why? Because I underestimated a lot of things. One of those, which I think was the most crucial one,is the gold income. You can’t really stand up to all those attacks without a good support of towers and units. And for that you honestly need more than just the gold mine that you have at the start. Expansions and upkeep management is really important!!! Even then, protecting Mr. The Lich Summoner can end up in failure if you are not careful! Having trouble with the final attack from the fully-upgraded humans? Had enough of those pesky Archmages and their annoying Blizzard spell? Gryphons swarm over Kel’Thuzad and one-shot him before you can even heal him?

Possess and enemy sorceress with a banshee. Use the sorceress to remove the Lich out of sight! There! That’s the secret to deal with the hardest part of the mission! The rest really depends on how many towers you can build and if you can keep your Fel Hounds and Infernals healthy enough all the time.

Very Pink Game – Very Pink Post!

very pink game

“Very Pink Game” is a game that’s very pink,where you play as a girl named Ivy,who,despite not being pink,is set on a short journey to find her friend,who,believe it or not  [SPOILER// IS ALSO NOT PINK! //#SPOILER!

Following the game’s title,one can expect lots of pink in the game,both in terms of visuals and gameplay: Spend a worth of twenty to thirty pink minutes doing the most pink fetch quests that you can ever encounter!Meet memoriable pink NPCs like Jimmy Fries,Ghost Hunter,Donut Witch and Old Guy at the pink port.[THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY PINK! ^%#sprorliers] Look at lots of pink things!YOU KNOW,IT’S VERY PINK GAME! Steal a string from the Old Guy at the port.Watch as he goes full pink mentallity over your course of action.That’s right!You get to abuse your pink powers of pink interactions to their full pink power potential!

Very Pink Game DONE!

Whaaat?This was the author’s first pink game?Well ain’t that radically pink rad!Despite the lack of anything in the title screen but pink,this game can pinkafy your heart with it’s simple nature,colored in pink all over with decent sprites and more pink.PINK!

It is a title worth of bearing a VERY pink score!

There is also a music in the game,but it’s way too pink to be discussed here!This is a pink friendly site after all!

The Great Work – |.\.\.The Knytt-like-fetch-quest./././|


Now why would I say that about this game?Well,to be fair,it does not really focus on exploration and platforming all that much,like the typical Knytt-style games tend to go.The game revolves mostly around the usage of items and mainly on taking item X to place or person X.There are few really neat puzzles and…yeah.That’s pretty much it.The game is quite short and the world is pretty small.That’s the two core elements that are the reason for the game’s limitations.Is that a bad thing?Most certianly not!


Of course,we still have the classical Nifflas style of good atmosphere,along with great visuals,all in all combined with a spicy-casual plot and enjoyable gameplay.While the game is short and there is that feeling that there could have been much more to it,we still see some new ideas being implemented.The addition of equippable/usable items,swimming,item-store-teleportation-box and the ceiling climbing are just bits that prove that the Nifflas is willing to expand his ideas,while keeping the bread and butter intact.Still,I wish those could have been used a bit more in some way,but hey!I’ll take it!

…and there I was,questioning the one-time usage of the Bottle of honey,not knowing the true nature of the game.Way to go early game assumptions…YOU KNOW WHAT?IT’S FINE!The game can have my 7 out of 10.