Squeeze – 124 tips on how to be the best lover in the world


For one thing, you need to have a certain level of tolerance towards various issues. The most common one usually being lying to yourself about the actual state of your life. The idea of panic has reached a point of a trend rather than an actual issue. One should take into consideration of what actual goals do they pursue when it comes to relationship. Do you like a person because you want to spend your whole life groping their slowly decaying flesh or because they have a really great collection of model ships inside bottles? Here’s another common issue – Having the guts to deny and say no. That goes both ways – for you and your partner. No video games. No three meals per day. No coffee. No way? Stay friends!

That’s all honestly! As simple as it might sound, once you get over these facts, all you need to do is remember the unique randomly generated sequence of over 31 breast groping moves and you’ll be on your way to satisfy your partner as the best lover in the world! Watch the eyebrows, don’t take notes! You can, but come on now! One should have a good memory when it comes to being the best lover! Taking down notes is for school nerds!!!

Squeeze DONE!

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Lisa the Joyless

the one and only great terry

Another challenge for the weekend where I’ll attempt to complete “Lisa the Joyful”,without any usage of the “Joy” consumable item.I’ve beaten the game already,so I kinda have an idea on how I might be able to accomplish it,but we’ll see…

Same setup as before.Same time,same method,same rewarding system.It’s dumb,but for a time being it’s how things are gonna go,until I can…I don’t know,have a better setup or something.

There was also a suggestion that I do the game without any consumables.Now how many weeks would that take me?Is it even possible?Who knows?I have some doubts but…you can never know…

So,yeah!Can’t wait to try doing this one!I think that it’s going to be tons of fun…or not…Until tomorrow,I shall never know!


Managed to beat four of the bosses from the list,before I lost interested with continuing the challenge.I was expecting this to be a bit more difficult,but the fact that I ended up with more than 600 magz. which I could use to get all the consumables I need to cover the rest of the bosses,along with the fact that I can just abuse the free-rng-based gifts,AKA free jerky and firebombs,really killed my mood for it.

Also,my weekend was more busy than I was expecting,so there is that to blame as well.[Really now?]

At some point I am gonna go back to the LISA series and potentially put them in the vault.For a time being though,I need a bit of a break from them.