Potluck – Joy Autumn Best Time!


It’s autumn! Autumn is my favorite season of all the seven existing ones! The invigorating cool temperatures are finally settling in, I get to wear all the sweaters in the universe, nature is preparing for the harsh wintery time ahead and brats are finally off to school, giving me the opportunity to actually enjoy a cup of tea in peace for once…

Potluck 2

To further enhance the whole magical experience of the season, I went and picked “Potluck” – A short indie game which I think manages to capture the whole [Autumn] feeling really well. You have your cute witches making potluck and the main witch protagonist who’s also named Potluck, demon king salesman stealing the potluck – a typical attitude from the profession around this time of the year, exploding tomato power-up and THE BEST SWAMP LEVEL IN VIDEOGMAMING!

Imagine “Pocky & Rocky”, but for the PC, way shorter in terms of length, but with really unique feeling to it! The music and graphics fit together so well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a good combination before. The perfect fit, where I can blabble for hours on how much of a good time I had with the game! I personally enjoyed the various enemy types, despite how simple they might look.They just feel so… in place with the rest…

“Potluck” is like a hundred- piece puzzle of a nice, nature scene [~] that you complete on a cold day. Also, shooting things. It’s fun!

Potluck DONE!

“Potluck” is free of charge and it’s for the PC, computer machine – a common trait for nice and good video games! [no] There is also an alternative version which, tunes down difficulty and destroys any challenge whatsoever in the game. My advice – It’s not a good idea to play that version, because for some reason / the which that gives you the exploding tomato power- up got evicted from her home and the building has been razed to the ground/ . The key to her house still lies around the swamp – a dark reminisce of how tolerant society can be towards things they can’t understand, like the said tomato that gives exploding magic.

“Potluck” receives the award for the comfiest autumn- themed game!


Poacher – Yorkshirevania Puddi’

yorkshire puddi

I really do enjoy the exploration parts in Metroidvanias – Finding hidden power-ups and gradually growing your character stronger and stronger, all in all for the sake of a final confrontation with a certain powerful entity… it’s a unique feeling that lead to the birth of many titles and various additional concepts over the years. It’s all fun and laughs until the ending screen, where the rabbit-girl puts on a space suit and goes off-screen for her morning jog, followed by your total time of seven play hours along with a 98% completion rate message. Calling to the Sega of Ubisoft, you learn that there was an item that you missed, which can only be acquired by avoiding Dr. Willy’s burger junkyard. A moment later you also realize that the phone you are using is just a can of diet coke, which of course just adds to your crumbling desire to go through the same game over again. NO THANK YOU!!!

Poacher is a Metroidvania by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, which follows the adventures of an Yorkshire countryman named Derek Badger and a ghost lady named Rebecca on their quest to bring peace to an underground kingdom consisting of ghost people, dark ones and pelicans. The plot is quite easy to follow and is fairy solid, which is a good addition to the usual “Lonely exploration nation”. “Poacher” is quite similar to “Cave Story”, only easier and a bit more dull around the edges when it comes to the platforming, puzzle solving and boss fights. Though regarding that matter, maybe we should exclude the secret boss in the game, who can pose quite the challenge. We are talking about a learning curve of 20 to 40 minutes – even more, depending on skill and experience.

Poacher DONE!

In all honesty, while “Poacher” could have offered a bit more in many aspects, the length and the learning curve of the game are a good examples of how to set a good replay value. I’ve played through the game in total of three times, all in all to get all the achievements, which add quite a spice to the gameplay. I had fun on each run, especially on the last one where I figured out how to access the secret boss. I guess the main reason why I enjoyed the game was due to the fact that it manages to properly reward you for your efforts, while eliminating classic annoying bits that we find in many other games from the same genre. You get a map [And at some point additional marks on it that point out where various items/ \special places\ are located], you get check points at proper places – not too many close to or far away each other… You even get a GOOD hint at how to access the secret hard- ass boss!

You also collect money from slain enemies, which you can use to buy items from a shopkeeper, once you’ve unlocked him. For mere 350 coins, you can buy a self- healing power- up and destroy pretty much 80% of the overall difficulty in the game. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

I love the special skin for Derek that you can unlock once you do a 100$ completion rate. Shoot a baddie, Pound comes out flying instead of cartridge. NEAT!

I wasn’t really impressed by the moves that you acquire that’s vital to your progress, like wall- jumping, diving, etc . Classy, but a bit boring. Also, getting out of water could be really annoying, depending on location. *cough* screen transition *cough*

In the end, it’s all thanks to pudding and weird dialect to rack up some extra point for my final decision to give “Poacher” a 6.7 out of 10! NOW LET’S ALL GET DOWN TO THE PUB, HELL YEAH DRUNK GIRL GHOSTS!

Life of D. Duck – To Pat Oorridge and beyond!


So what is it that makes a porridge so special?Well starting from the fact that it would never keep a track of your search and browsing history,a porridge is unlikely to make videos where it would scream at video game ghosts or for no reason whatsoever.Additional good trait for a porridge is that it doesn’t tend to be discriminative towards genders,not only because it lacks any,but because it’s a freakin’ porridge and it lacks sentience!

You can date a porridge,you can try to go all the way with it,but in the end,it won’t say a single word to you!Overall,you are a tool for the porridge!If the porridge can’t use you as a consumer,you are useless to the porridge.How would you feel if you went to bed without eating your porridge?Like,would you really consider going to sleep with the feeling of being worthless to a single bowl of porridge?

Let’s be real here!If there is a way for a person to reconnect once again with nature in these modern times,it will be more or less through porridge.The porridge will lead you to the heart of mother nature,reavealing you mysteries long forgotten alongside.It will also watch you as you are being completely obliterated by a wild,nuclear bear!

Porridge is pretty awesome!

Life of D. Duck DONE!

…and you know,in “Life of D. Duck” you get to make and eat porridge!With all the facts about porridge that we just went through,I am not really seeing any actual score that would fit with this great game!


What do you mean you don’t know how to enlarge a .pdf so you can print it in larger format?Just follow the porridge’s instructions man!Don’t just get a tattoo at the age of sixteen at the local barber shop!Stay out of the soda hell located deep under the sea!

Fat Wizard – Job Interview

fat wizard

Fat Wizard is game that simulates the course of getting a second job in this modern day and age.Play as the Fat Wizard and protect a huge dragon egg,which actually represents your dignity to keep your mouth shut to not whail at the people,who went through reading your job application and sent you a responce a whole weekend later,rejecting you in the most frustrating manner.Despite being male,the fact that the wizard is fat makes up for his solid gender identity,making this game the perfect hit for people with all sorts of opinions and positions.But try to apply for job with those to characteristics and you are bound to be busted!Throw fireballs!Build walls of lightning!Cast frostrings!Warp around the arena,collect and shove food up your belly!Find artifacts and cusromize your wizard powers to your likings!Realize that the only good items are the ones that provide your egg with more damage reduction/repairing.It’a fast-paced action!If you act slow,the egg would end up being destroyed by the waves of upcoming monsters!But that’s alright,becuase the Fat Wizard would still get his omlette!Sadly,in real life you won’t get the chance to get a job if you don’t hand your application before everyone else!WOW!Fat Wizard is such a good game with no possible risks!”Game of the year?”More like “Game of my life!”

Fat Wizard DONE!

It’s a free game and you can play it whenever!Just like the modern employer,who is free to play you for fool whenever!Too bad you weren’t that busty girl who got the position right before you!But that’s alright!If a free position is open,they’ll call you for sure!Unlike with this game however,where when the egg gets opened,you don’t need to call anyone,but enjoy your victory for yourself.I don’t know how any of this makes any sense,but the green blobby enemies are a real pain when you kill them next to your egg,since their corpse-goo-corpse-party can heal enemies!Have fun defending your egg against that!Or don’t!You’ll still win and there are unlimited opportunities for a new and better playthrough…

…just like there are unlimited opportunities at getting another,better job!I mean,lets get real here,they won’t call ever again!

[P.S. They didn’t called…]


Codename: Gordon – … :)


I find it a bit weird that I used to own a PC that would not be able to run this game,back in the days.The only way for me to play it was through the way-more-superior-than-mine PC that one of my friends had and would lend me to use every now and then.Man,that was such a long time ago…There was such a hype for Half-Life 2 back then and indie game development was blooming,which in one way or another led to the creation of this game.Codename:Gordon!A Half-Life 2 as a 2-D PLATFORMER?Now that,that managed to grab me right away.For its time,that was a pretty impressive idea!Nowadays however,It wouldn’t have impressed me in the slightest though…

Codename:Gorden offers to the player a full pack’o platforming action,along with elements of puzzles,original plot,classic Half-Life 2 characters,enemies and weapons/items,various difficulties for all ages and minds AND an unlockable bonus game.Now,I used to play this game all the time,always on the easiest difficulty,but for the LR19,I went through a whole new playthrough on the highest difficulty.

Gameplay in a nutshell – Direct approach towards the enemies would usually means death or a huge loss of HP/Battery.[GROUNDBREAKING DISCOVERY!]That being said,the enemies have a pretty basic patterns and tend to not respond if they are attacked from certain angles.Moving controls are alright,while jumping will make you praise God almighy each time you manage to successfully go over a pitfall or another obstacle.Grenades obliterate everything!They are the perfect tool for dealing with enemies fast and easy,thus letting you keep your physical and mental state intact.[?]/  There are five[six] weapons in the game – The crowbar,the pistol,the MP5 and the gravity gun.The crowbar is more or less your “Headcrab removal”,if any of them manage to jump on your head.The pistol is as good until you get the MP5.The gravity gun is pretty much a “Puzzle time” tool.By that I mean you’ll get to pretty much use it to solve puzzles to pass by areas or to dispatch enemies that would otherwise drain your stats by a lot.

There are also two bosses in the game,wherein the first one is pretty much a game filler.Regardless of the difficulty level or how you dodge its attacks,you are bound to win,simply because you just have a higher amount of HP.I’m not sure how the second boss fares on easier difficulties,but I don’t remember having any actual problems with it back in the days.On the highest difficulty however,I simply tanked its attacks,while tossing all the possible grenades I can carry at it,potentially finishing the work with the MP5.It’s kinda dumb how you can abuse the spawning powerups in the arena where the boss is.By not moving too further within’ the arena,the boss would not spawn,thus you can stock on all the ammo and powerups until you are full.OH MAN,CHEESING A GAME!I mean,come on!Actual dodging requires way too much work for how much I get paid and I don’t get paid at all!/////////////////

Codename Gordon DONE!

…AND THEN YOU BEAT THE GAME AND YOU UNLOCK THIS BONUS MINIGAME,WHERE YOU GET TO CHASE CROWS WITH YOUR CROWBAR!Ha ha!Get it!Crows…and crowbar…It’s a full-fledged-high-school-comedy-club all over the place.

I guess my conclusion on this would be that the game is pretty alright.It has its ups and downs,mostly downs,but hey!2004 was quite a long time ago…oh well.

I like the art.The music was alright.Not a big fan of the level design.It’s not bad but…egh…yeah…Plot was just there.It’s kinda amusing to a certain degree…I don’t know.

Have my 5.7 out of 10,Mr.the 2D-Gordon!