Aya-chan World [PC-88] – Go Speed Racer Go!


“Aya-chan World” is a pretty interesting entry for the PC-88. It’s a short game where you control a car and you must race on various tracks against a set timer. The timer itself is quite generous, so you can take your time searching for the finish line. As for the tracks themselves, they are a mess of colors, like some obscure art piece from a gallery made by baby that rolled over some paint and then took a nap on the canvas. It doesn’t look astonishing, but it’s quite interesting in it’s own way.

The first few tracks are a bit more straightforward, while the latter ones are a bit more maze – like. It’s nothing too complicated, but one might still feel a bit disoriented. The car itself controls alright, no complains about it whatsoever.

Aya Chan World 1.1 DONE!

After the completion of each track you are being rewarded with a lewd CG of an anime girl who goes by the name of Aya. The further you progress into the game, the less clothes will Aya wear. Are you racing to impress her? Is she racing and getting all hot and bothered by the INTENSE tracks? None of these questions matter really, as anime is a topic that’s beyond any reasoning…

Aya Chan World 1.2 DONE!

This is a game that you would play once and never again. There is no point in exploring the more complicated tracks as there is nothing really else to find besides the finish line. It’s not really a bad game in a sense that it doesn’t really do anything wrong, but on the other hand, it doesn’t bring much to the table as well.


Lab.Room 19 Winter NES event 2015 -2016 results!

Since 22nd of December 2015,’till 7th of January,I’ve managed to complete a total number of 28 NES Video Games.I took two days off to celebrate Xmas with my family,which means that I’ve managed to beat these games in exactly two weeks.The first and last days of the event are the once where I managed to beat more than 2 games per day.The other days I only managed to beat one or two.Here’s a list of the games that I managed to beat:

NES winter event DONE!

Astyanax [NES]
Barbie [NES]
Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers [NES]
Chip’n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 [NES]
Cliffhanger [NES]
Doki!Doki!Yuuenchi [NES]
Felix the Cat [NES]
Guerrilla War [NES]
Harry’s legend [NES]
Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu [NES]
Master Chu & The Drunkard Hu [NES]
Mega Man 4 [NES]
Mickey Mouscapade [NES]
Mickey’s Adventure in Numberland [NES]
Mickey’s Safari in Letterland [NES]
Mitsume ga Tooru [NES]
Monster in my pocket [NES]
Snow Bros [NES]
Spider – Man – Return of the Sinister Six [NES]
Super Mario Bros 3 [NES]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tournament Fighters [NES]
The Flintstones – The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy [NES]
The Little Mermaid [NES]
Tiny Toon Adventures [NES]
Tom and Jerry(and Tuffy) [NES]
Wacky Races [NES]
Yume Penguin Monogatari [NES]
Zen – Intergalactic Ninja [NES]


Most of these games are pretty easy in terms of difficulty.To be fair,I was aiming to cover games that I’ve beaten in my childhood and I grew up with overall.There are other games that I managed to beat during the event as well,but that was due to me using savestates or continues and that’s a big No-No for the LR19’s vault!One example was “Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom”,where during my whole blind playthrough I didn’t knew there is an actual way to game over.I got to the last boss,got a defeat,screamed in horror when I saw the game over screen.It was something that I didn’t enjoy at all.Like,spending around four hours on a game just to get at the last boss and get a game over and have to start again?WELL THAT’S WHAT THE SECRET PASSWORD IS!

…no thank you!But you know what,next event I’ll try my best at it again.

Another worth mention is “The incredible Crash Dummies”.It started pretty well,controls felt kinda wanky,but I was having fun,until I got to the jerk town called “The Sewers”.I hate those birds.I really do… I don’t know…The difficulty transition felt pretty weird…but you know…there is always next time!

Can’t beat all games at once…

I am really glad that I managed to beat “Astyanax” on my first playthrough since 11 years ago,when I last played it.I never managed to beat it,due to various defects in the cartridge,but now I just nailed it and it makes me really happy!

“Mickey’s Safari in Letterland” felt like pure helt on a nude beach.For real,I know that it’s supposed to be educational and whatnot,but god does it take so much time to beat atop the boring platforming and whatnot.Truly,I managed to feel how the day of a senior person feels like.It’s horrible!

“Yume Penguin Monogatari” was pretty fun.Simple and fun.Same goes for “The Little Mermaid”.I am really glad that I got to experience these games that are new for me.COMFY NES GAMES!

I didn’t managed to cover all games from my childhood though.While I wanted to try and play again everything that I did when I was a kid,there are lots of titles that were left untouched.I also didn’t managed to beat “Robocop 2” and “Bubble Bobble Part 2”,even though I used to nail these with one life and no hits when I was a little brat Flareuuu.~~~

Doki!Doki!Yuuenchi is the game that I enjoyed mostly.While it’s not the most amazing NES game ever,it has an appeal that really grabs me,as well as the best ending screen.I DON’T KNOW!I like cute stuff and soft romance!

…why else would I choose to make an event where I play NES games,if not to rescue all the cute girls in them…

Also,thanks to CAMELPUNCHER for suggesting me “Master Chu & The Drunkard Hu”.It was a magical game and I had a lot of fun.A LOT!!!

So yeah!That was the whole event in a nutshell pretty much.I’ll probably get back to NES games after a while,in a new event.Until then,I’ll be just doing the usual.Boop,boop!Video games!I am done here!…

Man,there are so many games that I wanted to do,but I really didn’t had the time for.>Bits of sadness!<