Moonlight Ghost – Smashing pot hit!

Moonlight Ghost art

“Moonlight Ghost” is a game made in [RPGMaker – Universe Unlimited] that I’ve played a few years ago and despite having hard time with the post- game boss, [After over 20 tries I gave up…] this game left me with a reasonably good impression. As I revisited this title yet again, I can say that my opinion on it managed to retain it’s position from past perspective. I’m really glad I came back to it once more!

Entitled “A reverse horror game, where you do the horror!”, this game is more of a enjoyable, “take your time” – comfortable experience, with fairly low difficulty. if you exclude the final two missions. The plot revolves around a Boy who, under the influence of the moonlight which was being powered by MAGIC, departs from his body and becomes a ghost. By acquiring this new form, the Boy becomes invisible to normal eyesight, thus, his main priorities shift to sneaking into women’s bathrooms and breaking the unlimited supply of barrels and pots in the city, along with playing the piano, ring church bells and throwing stuffed teddy bears into water wells, which is of course ruining a tradition from over a millennium! The truth is though, that you do all these things, [Except for the first one which never happens!] for the sake of making noise and scaring people around town. While the Boy has various reasons for scaring certain people, most of them are usually with good intentions, wherein sometimes even he is not aware of it until a certain point.  There are four chapters in total plus a bonus one, all bundled together with a pretty nice plot, good number of characters, enjoyable dialogue and even some exploration in the post- game chapter! There are secrets everywhere and you should try to find them all!

Let me tell you about the actual gameplay through! It feels like such a simple formula, yet it manages to be really entertaining. Why?

In each mission, there is a target. The target is a person that moves and it’s your job to scare them and delay them from reaching their objective in time. You accomplish this by attracting/ “scaring” them with noise, either by breaking, moving or interacting with certain item/ switch. Each person has a radius around their body, which picks on the noise that you make. The various noises that you make have their own radius as well, which plays quite the role in attracting/ “scaring” the target. Barrels and pots can be pushed and combos can be made by “scaring” the target multiple times in a row, which rewards you a huge amount of extra points! How does this all shape the gameplay? Despite how seemingly simple the initial idea sounds, you can tell that speed and strategy would be needed if one is to achieve good results! You don’t get anything from scoring an “S” rank on all the missions… YOU DON’T! Well, there is the satisfaction… but… I really wanted some unique reward… dammit…!!! To be fair, scoring an “S” is actually pretty easy, as long as you make sure that you get the maximum combo on each screen. A good advice – Try to either make the target run around a table or bring him/her all the way back from the exit to the start of the screen! This is especially crucial in the very last stage, where every step and combo is of the essence! The actual final boss “The Spirit Queen” is more about proper timing, as her speed is pretty INSANE! I’m glad I managed to finally beat her though, all in less than 10 tries! /////

Moonlight Ghost DONE!

The music was also pretty enjoyable and the graphics/art are quite pretty and colorful. You also get to unlock some art pieces, with some lewd art in between here and there. I’m sorry if you are Christian and you have problem with hair covering boobs or underwear on butts, but that’s just how God decided to test you! You can watch or you can go back to making your healthy meal of oats and frog milk, but let me tell you, there isn’t a third opinion and none of the initial two will lead you to Christian happiness! As for me, this game has lead me to my own happiness of giving it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I wish there were more difficult levels and maybe something could have been done to the plain nature on some of the characters. Is this last one even an actual problem or me trying to find excuses not to fully appreciate this game? I think the answer here is pretty obvious…


Don’t Look Back – Finally, I can shoot at all the pixelated fruit snakes that I want to!

dont look back

Yet another game with a minimalistic setting.This time though, you are given a gun and rather than exploring, you get to do a straightforward platforming,while shooting at pixelated fruit snakes, giant spiders and runaround postmen.You are also a guy who likes to stare at that one grave.There is also a boss and at some point you find the ghost of a female.Here’s where the special “gimmick” comes: Once you find her,you can never turn back to face her again!If you do so,she turns into dust and you have to redo the current screen section once again.Thank god infinite lives and constant checkpoints!

Don't Look Back DONE!

You know, a “restriction” gimmick in video games usually lowers down the difficulty, simply due to the fact that it also lowers the possible actions that can be taken.I am not talking about this game in specific, but video games in general.You know, like in platformers where they restrict you to jump or run and whatnot…Adventure games and RPGs where you get robbed or tossed in jail and all your items are taken away…  And many, many more examples… Yeah, I’ve never felt like I was being in disadvantage during those moments.You either feel like the game is going into a new direction or that it’s taking a break from its general idea.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really enjoyed myself with this title.Not because it was short or easy in terms of difficulty, but most likely because… I don’t know.This game doesn’t feel all that special in any aspect.Lots of things and ideas put together,forming but a mess.I’m glad I killed some time with it, but there is not much else I can add to that.

I’ll just add my score of 4.4 out of 10 for it.


Dumb-o-Ween [2015]:Bubsy 3D – A super-mega-ultra late spoopy edition!



Well,this is a post that I was supposed to publish around one month ago as a Halloween special…I don’t really have a solid excuse for it.The fact that this comes out so late is due to my own incompetence.


HALLOWEEN!Spooky pumpkin lanterns with weird faces,lots of candy,insecure parents who won’t let their kids dress up and go trick or treat,and of course,who can forget the horny teens who are more than willing to use the holiday as an excuse to share their most deep and disgusting fetishes!ANYWAYS…

I decided to get into the Halloween spirit and spoop myself with a game that has been rated as a really terrible by pretty much everyone… So in a one-two-three,with the press of a few keys I choose to try Bubsy 3D!

It’s kind of weird to try a game with the mindset that you are going to be dissapointed,especially if your mindset is based on other people’s opinions.I’ve seen a bit of Bubsy 3D playthrough and the game really looked awful…but you know,the best way to find if a game is actually good or not is to try it out for yourself!After all,we are all different individuals with different opinions.

So I did and…well,it was not as terrible as I expected it to be…

It can’t be helped however!The game’s graphics and models are really bad.To me it seems a bit harsh to say that,considering the year this came out but…yeah.You just can’t help but notice that the people working on the levels visuals didn’t do their job right.It was a new thing back then,maybe it was not that easy,but why even bother doing it when you can’t?It’s not a surprise most people would dislike this game,given the fact that graphics in general play a huge role in terms of creating the first impression.The death animations in the game were pretty decent and enjoyable.To me it felt pretty weird,considering how the rest of the game looks like.

The gameplay felt quite inconsistent in terms of difficulty.Some levels towards the end felt way more easier than the early ones.There isn’t a huge variety of gimmicks during the whole course of the game.If you are not going to be jumping from one floating platform to another,you are either going to be activating a switch or riding the hellish flying cars or the painfully looking water…uh,spiders?Another thing is that each level feels really long and annoying the first time you play it,but after that you realize that each level in the game is pretty short and there isn’t that much of a challenge into it.

The posing challenge is to actually find all the rocket parts so you can get the second ending in the game.I have to say,the people working on Bubsy 3D might have been on to something,because some of the puzzles that you have to solve in order to get various rocket parts were pretty decent.It felt like they had ideas,which they managed to input in the game,but they didn’t bother developing those ideas further more.

Actual enemies were not too rich in terms of variety.Their placements in the levels felt pretty chaotic and spammy.Another annoying thing was the fact that some enemies were placed in a way so they can hit you for sure.You get used to it after a while and you manage to accept it for what it is,but man,I really did not expected a game where I’ll actually develop a feeling like that!Bosses in the game are…well,the first boss was kinda challenging.It had a pretty interesting gimmick…The second boss was not impressing at all.It’s like…he was just there.A filler boss for the game!The last boss/es are a nightmare!I spent at least 15 lives until I managed to get used to them.After that they are baby cakes.Oh,yeah!The last level!The enormous spam of unkillable enemies!The level where you’ll find yourself mostly jumping all the time than walking!Actually,considering how sloppy the controls in the game are,jumping felt like the best way to move around levels and protect yourself from constant attacks from the billion enemies.It also helps you quite a lot with the terrible camera control!

Bubsy3D 1

The game is actually generous in terms of providing you with lives.[So you can keep playing the game and enjoy the feeling of complete suffering even more!]I also think that the placement of the checkpoints in the levels was pretty decent.I hated the underwater levels!Underwater levels in a nutshell were pretty much: “Aggro an enemy and get hit for billion times!Getting stunned after an attack,which ends just as your invincibility frames do has never been more fun!”

The powerups in the game were really helpful in terms of dealing with the enemies that were all over the place.Hit detection in the game was pretty terrible.Jumping on an enemy and killing it during its attack animation – That’s a succesful hit for it and minus one hit point for you!

There are a lot of jerkish bits in the game.They can really set up a horrible mood in the early stages.After that the game is quite easy to handle.Plot and endings are quite unsatisfying.I loved the music!The fact that a normal person would go insane listening to the tracks is just a mere reason for me to love the game’s soundtrack.No,really!The music really fits my current taste!You know what else is fitting?

Giving Bubsy 3D a 4.4 out of 10!


Ghost Trick – Ghosts,detectives and INCREDIBLE MACHINE!


Requested by Spirit_Dreamer!

I did it!I finished my first NintendoDS game!That’s right!I’ve never played one before!All the emulators that I’ve tried in the past were acting up and whatnot.Still,guy-requester sent me the game along with a really good working emulator!Thanks a lot friend!

I was expecting something like a “Monkey Island” style of gameplay from this game.I got “Incredible machine”.Yep.That’s what the gameplay of this game sumed up to be.It was pretty exciting at the start though.The levels also tend to provide you with new challenges,keeping the hype up to a point.Then it’s like:”Wow,the soundtrack of this game doesn’t fit with the gameplay at all!”It really doesn’t…The plot is pretty ok.The twisting tends to be pretty annoying.Ending was alright.Graphics were pretty awesome!IT’S A GAME!

I don’t really know what should I expect from NintendoDS games!I guess Ghost Trick was pretty alright.It has its ups and downs,but it’s overall enjoyable to play.I also did it in 2 days because I have problems apparently!

Here’s to the game with 7 out of 10!Pretty rad,with a bits of bad!