RA Invasion [Part 18] – Delayed Invasion

There has been a lack of invasion posts recently, with a pile- up of entries from over three months ago. The reason behind that is that I really want to focus on finishing other, older volumes before anything else. RA as a whole has a huge library of entries and achievements that I can totally sink myself into, but I am not in a real rush. If anything, I have already enough on my hands, what with my Steam library, stuff from the past that still haunts me and billion gifted games that I have yet to even touch.

In the world of tomorrow, there will be a time when RA will get even bigger priority than the one it has now. Until then, I want to take it easy and deal with whatever graves I already dug.

Adventures of Lolo [NES]

Thank God, this one doesn’t have any levels that require you to displace the original positions of static enemies! Well, that gimmick isn’t all that bad, but when you have limited lives to work with, it seems a bit unfitting to have it in your game. I still dread the day when I have to go back to the EU version of the Game Boy game and do it all in one sitting… This one though, it’s pretty decent! Fairly challenging, but a bit short. Limited lives can be a bit of a bummer, but the levels are pretty easy to learn. I’ve played this one way back, over a decade ago and I was never able to get a grasp on how to deal with some of the latter levels. I do loved it back then and I’m glad to see that it still holds up! Probably a good place to start with if you wanna get into the “Eggerland” series. As for the puzzles and the levels themselves, they are just as great as in every other game in the series. But you really need to put down your gray on the table, man!

Bootie [NES]

Here’s another NES homebrew by the Mojon Twins, featuring the same levels from “Yun”, only with different enemy placements and a new gimmick behind the overall gameplay. I don’t know if this is a running gag that they have been doing, but as I have said before (I think…), it’s kind of amazing how much a game can be altered with just a few changes here and there. What’s even more amazing is that It still retains a certain entertaining value, only though, with a new twist to it. Perhaps they’ve discovered the ultimate level layout that can fit in with anything and anyone. It’s pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie…

Love Hina Advance: Shukufuku no Kane wa Narukana [Game Boy Advance]

I don’t really know anything about the “Love Hina” series. Suffice to say, this game did not fill me up on it as well, apart from giving me a vague idea? “Love Hina Advance” is a visual novel on the GBA, though decision making has a time limit that tends to vary. In general, there’s not rush, apart from that one place in the game that doesn’t really matter all that much. The plot puts you in the shoes of your typical guy getting into a situation that puts him surrounded by a whole bunch of girls. A classic anime value that has mutated into quite the eldritch beast nowadays. The “Love Hina” series blossomed around the time where light- heart approach to romance was a thing. In a sense, this formula relies on patience, but it builds up to a pretty grand final usually. This is why I like anime media from the early 2000s, it used to focus on this aesthetic quite a lot and I really do enjoy it. Originally, I picked this title on a whim while browsing through the RA catalog. I thought I would be done with it in no time, but it still took quite a while, mainly do to the multiple endings. Don’t get me wrong, there is a save option and a single playthrough takes around thirty minutes or so. I just like to take my time with things, as I have mentioned earlier. While you can increase your affection with the girls via making certain choices, it all comes down to which one you ask for a date at the end. The requirements for a good endings are not even all that high, as just few hearts would usually do the trick. However, you can also die in this game if you lose your HP, another stat that you don’t see in this kind of games all that much. There are generous checkpoints that also heal you, along with increaseing your maximum amount of HP every now and then.

I wouldn’t say it’s mostly trail and error for this one, as there is genuine logic behind handling each situation that presents you with a choice in order to progress. The girls are pretty energetic and have solid, colorful personalities. The soundtrack is also pretty good. There are even hidden songs in the game, which I would display on how to find in the game on a video that’s bound to go live by the time this post is published.

Some stuff in the game seems a bit weird and out of place. I don’t know if it’s due to the fan translation or if this product as a whole was a rushed cash- in. Overall, it wasn’t all that bad, but I would not recommend it if you are looking for a decent visual novels.

Dig Dug BB – The new old, oh, wow!

It’s been a little more than over a decade since I’ve last checked in with the the “Fate” series. Well, I did watch and re- watched the “FSN: UBW” movie a few times, which was quite the entertaining piece of media. But apart from that, I’ve never really followed the series further. There are like, exactly, billion new versions of Saber, wherein’ we used to have only Classic dandy blue Saber and Lion Saber. With the second one being way too overpowered, I’m surprised they kept adding more and more to the crowd. Now you have funky fresh neon Saber, Crimson Ketchup Red Saber, Sissy Pink Bunny Saber and the list just goes on and on. People strive to expand their projects as much as they can and there is nothing wrong with that. But I’ll tell you right now, at some point, you have to look at the pizza that you are making and realize that there might be another one flopped right on it, slightly burned out and with every ingredient that should not be on a meal from this kind.

“Dig Dug BB” is a game that recently popped on the internet, due to a certain event of some kind. I did not really pay any attention whatsoever. It’s just “Dig Dug” up to level 7, with the main character sprite being swapped to a new one, that being of the character BB from “Fate”. From what I’ve briefly read in the wiki, BB is supposed to be a backup A.I. of Sakura Matou, but not the original and cool one that has tendencies for fish and at that point I stopped reading.

I’ve played “Dig Dug” when I was a child and I did not do well in that game. But now that I had the opportunity to dive into it once more, I’ve had a pretty good time learning the mechanics and advanced gameplay tactics. Sure, one can just blast through the seven levels by just harpooning every single enemy! – But I took the time to actually try and get over the second threshold for an extra 1-UP. Though I did abuse enemy cloning to do it… You drag a lot of enemies to a stone, eat the ground under it, but don’t move right away! Wait a few seconds and as the enemies are approaching, move into the closest enemy in order to commit suicide! The enemies will disappear, but the stone will still fall and collide with their positions as if they were still there, racking up points in the process! Once the stage restarts, you’ll see that every enemy is safe and sound. You can repeat the process as long as there are other stones and you have extra lives to spare. Though to pull off big score chains, you do need a lot of space for the enemies to line up, so using stones that are placed higher up is a must! I also don’t know if this glitch still works, as they might have upgraded to a higher revision of the game recently. I played once today and I could not manage to pull out the trick again so… yeah.

Vegetables appear in the center of the level once you break two stones! Well, gems, that’s it! I’m glad they kept the enemies look the same though. I don’t know. I can’t imagine a lot of people being excited to play a “Dig Dug” sprite hack in this day and age, given that the game was not all that appealing even in the past, mainly due to its harshly scaling difficulty. Well, that’s Arcade games for you! What else can I say about this game… Take into consideration how you dig the tunnels! Enemies that move through the ground tend to be slower, but once they reach a tunnel, they’ll go back to their usual pace. Have trouble leading a lot of enemies to a stone? Wait a bit until the siren rings, which would make everyone go super- aggro on you! They’ll also get faster, so be careful! Use your harpoon as a tool for crowd control first and second as a weapon, unless the situation gets too dire.

Happy inflating!

Gamer people, Dear reader [Chapter 19] – Unreasonable accusations by your typical potatoes

My homeroom teacher from grade school was a pretty nice lady. Though a bit uninformed regarding certain things, which is fine, we can’t expect someone to possess the whole and vast knowledge of the universe, really. Although, given her position, you would expect for one such as her to be a bit more tolerant and understanding. There was this weird obsession with parents and teachers, up until fifth grade, where they wanted more from the children than just doing their best at school. They were also pretty open about the kids who did poorly. Loud and clear, it was made sure to be known that they are trash and impotent regarding any “bright” future that they could achieve. I mean, they were right to a certain extend, but their method of handling it was clearly not a very optimal one. Video games were hated with a passion. Any mention of spending time on a video game in school lead to huge pandering and criticism from the teacher’s side, who also made sure to set it as an “Bad” example of how one can spend their free time. Of course, they had no experience regarding video games as a whole, but their speech was motivating enough to appeal to lackeys among the students, who, also without any experience due to one reason or another, would eventually set off to form a group that would focus on discrimination and general abuse, both physical and psychical, against those who do not “fit” within’ their point of view on “ideal”. This is but a mere example of how a mere lack of understanding can fuel up some bad tomatoes and turn them easily to rot. They think it’s “Justice” to go against those who think in a different way. You know who else thought they did “Justice” a favor? The people who invented the guillotine.

Listening to awful things being said by awful people is actually a pretty valuable experience. It helps one easily reflect on themselves and think about how to further improve beyond their current state. The frustrating part is when you see people try to pass certain garbage out as being the other way around. Don’t forget however, humans will always be humans, especially if they keep seeing themselves as nothing more than what they are. Even those who pretend to know human nature as well, would do no better, as they sit down and try to explain their religious belief on the “Lion King” movie and how that is somehow connected to the fact that you are depressed, lonely, lazy, irresponsible, not in full control of your being and to a certain extend being addicted to video games. I mean, I have yet to beat “Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games”, but you don’t have to brag about it, jeez!

Journey to the Center of the Melon

🎵 [“Melon Journey” is but a mere fetch quest, as far as those go. There is nothing more beyond the horizon.] 🎵

The screen of a monitor lit in the night.

A quiet sigh came out: From me,

(before the melon took my mind. Right now!)

I shut the door to my room to break free from the pursuing sadness,

saying “Any game is fine, just bring it on!”

Encounter of a storm,

by the time the town was already in sight,

I realized I’ve been counting bricks.

Take me to Melon Journey

saying you want adventure, you can’t get enough of this.

Night of Melon Journey

hidden by innocence, your gameplay was top- notch

wasn’t it?

🎵 [“There isn’t any actual replay value past the initial run. The dialogue doesn’t really differ for any of the two playable characters that are available for one to choose from.] 🎵

The numerous bricks lying in rows on the town’s square,

hugged and embraced by the shadows of trees, rooftops,barriers, signs and lampposts.

(As the Melon takes you.Right now!)

Suddenly laughing at the obscure challenge that was hard to handle,

numbers slipped through my mind as if dancing.

Evading reasoning, what I was looking for?

I don’t need it to love!

Take me to Melon Journey

as if to lure me, it asked a certain question.

Night of Melon Journey

arching my back and saying that it’s not a game

like any other

a tear drops.

🎵 [“For the most part, any feelings that I have for this game are probably due to sentimental values. I do remember playing it back at a time when life was getting me down. This game helped me quite a bit with getting over my depression…”] 🎵

Saying “If you don’t relax, the Melon will be gone”

it seduced me into reaching to a wonderful world I would never want gone.

Take me to Melon Journey

Saying that ignorance is a bliss, doesn’t it fit perfectly for this?

Night of Melon Journey

Looking back at it, my gaze was full of cheer,

wasn’t it?

(Fall in your Melon…)

(Lost in the Melon…)

(Fall in your Melon…)

The End

Dream World [Watara Supervision] – Psychic Bootleg

Around a month ago, I was not even aware of the existence of Watara Supervision. I stumbled upon a compilation of all the games on the system while browsing randomly through videos on YouTube. At first, I wasn’t all that impressed with it, but was still a bit curious and willing to give it a chance. Eventually, I started seeing titles that were pretty much bootleg versions of some of the most popular games for the time. The whole look of the system reminded me a lot of the old Asian handhelds that I used to play as a child. They were my gateway into the world of video games! They were the sparks that ignited this passion in me, which even to this day, still burns brightly! Finally, I saw it… “Dream World”… The game, the final kick in the nuts that sold me on to the whole system.

I was really happy to learn that the emulation for the Watara Supervision is quite decent. A certain person was also kind enough to provide me with every existing ROM for each game on the system. There are around 50- something or so in total, not a huge number overall. I thought to myself that it might be a good idea to try and do every single one of them. I know I had similar plans for the CD-i as well, but that system does not have the best emulation software available. Besides, there is little to no information for the games in the Watara Supervision library. So maybe after I’m done with most of the older volumes that I’ve been dragging now for years, I can do a new one just for this system and try to beat every game on it?

I’ve already done a complete playthrough of “Dream World” that you can watch on my channel:

“Dream World” is pretty much a bootleg of “Psycho World”, a game I tend to go completely crazy about, as well as all its different ports on other systems. I noticed the similarities right away – The PSY and HP bars and their position in the HUD. The main character who looked pretty similar to the one in the original game, especially with the way she attacks. Enemies drop power- ups in transparent spheres… The structure of the first level is pretty much a scrapped and watered down version of the one from the Game Gear version.

This game is pretty awful overall!

The PSY bar has only one function – Its drained a bit each time you switch between your different psychic power attacks. That being said, there is only one additional attack power that you can obtain – fire. This, along with HP refills are the only drops for enemies, which are pretty rare. HP refills you get once or twice per level, usually within’ a specific area. Sometimes they don’t drop at all, but the one drop HP refill tends to be pretty constant. Two is like getting an actual good Christmas present at the age of 30 that is not wool socks or razor blades. The fire attack I find to only drop in the second level. It does zero damage to normal enemies and only affects the second, third and fourth boss of this game. That’s right, there are only four, pretty short levels in this game. You need to carry the fire power all the way from the second level until the end. If you die once, it’s lost and it becomes virtually impossible to progress past any of the bosses.

The normal enemies tend to appear pretty quickly on the screen, but their patterns are quite simple. What makes this game hard is the issue with the controls. They are pretty sloppy and sluggish. I recommend never letting go of the fire button in order to keep a rapidfire barrage of projectiles always intact. This will save you from the constant enemy swarm and it is pretty much a MUST if you want to be able to deal with the first boss without losing too much HP. Beware of the dreadful bees! It’s really easy to get stuck into one and they will drain your HP in no time! It becomes especially tough in the last stage, where they tend to appear above the firing level of your gun. You have to time your shots well while jumping, because they can be pretty unresponsive, especially in situations like the one described above. The hitbox of your shots and the enemy sprites is pretty… weird. Enemies cannot be shot directly in the back, only the front and bottom are vulnerable. Depending on where they appear on the screen while getting shot, enemies can either die in one hit or take up to… three or so. I think this might also be relevant to the power- ups they drop. Well, the bee that drops the first fire power at least follows this theory to a certain extend, but even if I let it live for a second or two, there were times where it still didn’t drop anything.

The level design seems pretty bland and bad, with enemies being spammed all over the place. That is until stage 3 and 4, where the game has you perform some ridiculous tasks. In stage 3, you have to get over a huge hole by jumping on a flying bee a few times. If you fall, you get stuck with nowhere to go and suicide in the nearby waterhole is the only option. Do take into consideration that the controls in this game are pretty awful and that you take a huge HP drain per second while in contact with an enemy. Stage 4 has a long path filled with numerous enemies that seemingly, do not end at all. Once you bypass both of these challenges, you’ll be disappointed to find that they both lead to a dead end! What a jerk!!! The thing is, there are waterholes that lead you further into the level, bypassing the need to deal with these pointless tough areas. To find the correct hole was pretty much a trail and error, which is such a further downgrade for the game as a whole.

The boss fights are pretty simple, but damage is usually unavoidable, at least for the first two stages. The third boss does not even attack you unless you approach him! He just flails his hands in one place, begging you to just turn off this awful game and rethink your life. The forth boss is just a reuse of the second one, though when you enter the room, you are out of his reach. Once you kill the final boss, the floor bellow you collapses and your HP bar slowly drains out, leading you to an inevitable game over. I’ve done some additional research on the whole room:

O. If you manage to go to the far right side of the screen after the boss dies, the game will immediately issue you a game over screen.

OO. You can jump on the bear boss and stay on him, though life would still be drained from you.

On another note, I replayed the game again for the sake of getting 10K score points, just for show. It’s an awful game, but in a pretty interesting way. Obviously, a little effort was put into it, with a pretty obvious rush towards the end. It also uses pretty cheap means in order to prolong its play time and stale any potential progress. Still, it’s pretty fun to play a bootleg Psychic World clone where you get to fight a bunch of animals, who seemingly managed to escape from the local Zoo.