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I spent most of my life living high up in the mountain. Among pine and rocks, in a pitiful excuse for a town where I’ve set up a nest. The nearest body of water is a pretty shallow river. We don’t talk about that river. It’s a boring river. I’ve never seen any fish in it, but they do say that it gets a bit more lively as it goes further down the mountain into the plains.

I’ve never wanted to go on that school trip during high school. By no means I wanted to have fun at a beach or dip into the lukewarm waters of the sea itself. I still remember the awful daily breakfast that we would get composed of dry bread and the worst tarator I’ve ever had. Among other awful memories from that trip, the one that stuck with me over the years was how I almost drowned when I decided to dip into the sea for the first time in more than a decade.

Kunoichi Drowned DONE!

If I have to describe the experience of gradually losing oxygen and having water rush inside your nostrils, ears and eyes, all of which is done in differently timed segments, depending on the waves mood, I would say that it was pretty exciting and thrilling. It’s a type of fear which taught me that there is no reason to fear death. Even the cases where pain is a major factor would usually end in a pretty unique bliss. Fear? What fear? Fear gets alight by misunderstanding and lack of proper information. If you’ve known death even a little bit so, you would not have any actual reason to fear it.

During the moment when I was drowning, I felt a lot of sadness building up inside me. It was not however due to my life being endangered, but more so because I felt… really lonely. Even with all the people around who were on the verge of panic, it felt like I was all alone in the whole universe. I wonder why that was?

Perhaps this is the feeling that invokes ultimate fear in the minds of all who live when it comes to the subject called “Death”…

It’s a trip beyond wild, honestly.

🍲 Ore no Ryomi 1 + 2 🍲


Bring the pretzels and the beer, ‘cuz now we are cooking with fire! Man, this sure does bring me back to a good time filled with joyous memories… I used to play “Ore no Ryomi 2” in middle school all the time, along with a friend of mine. We really liked to do a co-op, where one of us will operate the letter keys and do the cooking, while the other would use the mouse to accept and deliver orders, along with reading out the various recipes that needed to be done. The funny thing is that I never payed attention to the title of the game back then, so when I was looking for it recently, it took me a while to find it. Other things that I didn’t know is that there was a first game and that both of these games were inspired by another game for the PS1. In first place, I decided to search for these games because I saw their sequel, “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” and I was like, “Didn’t I play something similar back in the days? I really had a good time with it, didn’t I?”.

I did.

The spaghetti sauce in this game is within’ it’s simple, yet fun structure. You get to tend to your own restaurant, buy upgrades for better income and to make certain chores a bit less of a pain, set up menu to serve and you are good to go! The first game is pretty linear, with only a few options, but it’s still quite fun. The second game kicks it up a notch by adding achievements, challenges, rating system and all that jazz. Also, way more meals that you can serve. So how does these games works anyways?

Once you set up your options, you start a day. Orders show up on the left side of the screen and you click on each one to accept them. You can do only one order at a time, so it all comes down to learning how much time does each one takes. Delivery is not restricted to any number, so that also because pretty important to know the further you progress into the games. The cooking is done by reading the request by the client, the recipe for it, which is also accomplished by legend of keys and their mapping to the ingredients, pressing the corresponding keys in the correct order and serving the final result.

Striving to avoid mistakes and have as many perfect days as possible is what makes this game so fun and challenging. Getting that extra income makes quite the differences when it comes to progress. It also lets you bring the game to a higher difficulty sooner, which rewards you further even more for doing good. Multitasking becomes hell with progress, especially in the second game during the new addition of rush hours. Me and my friend used to laugh a whole lot during those. They were hard, sometimes even ridiculous due to RNG, but amusing, really amusing!

In the end, the games do have their issues. Their repetitive nature gets boring after a while, even with a fully upgraded restaurant. You gradually learn how to deal with orders and how to just let go sometimes. Not every day can be a perfect one and accepting that fact would help you move on to a brighter future. The newspaper articles have a very specific time period to their content, which hasn’t aged well. Along with that, they also bear a man’s first casual attempt at comedy. At least I hope it’s like that and not just a fully developed routine.

Both games are free, so if you can afford their sequel, just have some fun with them instead! For all the money that you can’t afford to spend, it’s a deal you can’t really complain!

Miminazori + Miminazori ONLINE – A tight fit


Wake up and harass the maids! – A classic fetish trend of a two decades past, which has seen a decline over the years, naturally. What is it about it, really? Is it the uniforms? The clean and elegant clothing that might fill one with the desire to ravish the wearer? Could be the status that a maid upholds. No badger would decline a pretty girl (or a boy) who can tend well to the house and can cook one ‘Hell’ of a soup. Literally! Spicy soups are the best, especially during winter season, along with some fresh bread! We had it all when it comes to anime maids back then: Robot maids, ninja maids, monster girl maids, eldritch abomination maids, image board maids, elegant maids, drowning maids and of course, but not least, the smoked cheese craving maids. It was a paradise for a man of culture, ethics and awkward social interactions!

The Miminazori games have a decent selection when it comes to fulfilling one’s natural urges to lewd anime maids. By decent, I guess three is as good of a number as any other. You have the young, little sister and animal ears complex girl, with curious attitude towards anything, even nuclear physics. Then there’s the tsundere elf, who, following the natural order of all things, is bound to be bullied until the end of eternity for her insecurities towards acts of lewdness. The ONLINE game features another elf girl, who is the shy and submissive type, that would probably even agree to be tied to the bottom of a ship and sail the seven seas, without a single complain about her situation. All and all, the plot in the two games is pretty easygoing. As far as the adult content goes, most of the stuff is pretty vanilla, with minor exceptions here and there. I would advice you to think carefully about bringing this game to church though…

The gameplay of the Miminazori games consist of using a cursor to traverse though a tight path from point A to B, while avoiding going out of bounds. There is a decent amount of levels that pack up lots of gimmicks to keep things interesting. From moving platforms and hurtful projectiles to hidden traps and… some pretty tough boss fights! I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this game at first, but it turned out to be lots of fun! The difficulty is pretty high, but you have unlimited lives so… Even then, having to redo some of the later stages every time you die can feel quite punishing… Is that a good thing? I personally enjoyed it! Another thing that I liked about this game is the way it handles replay value and difficulty curve. Initially, you start by playing the easiest routes and once you finish those, additional paths open up somewhere in the stages that lead up to harder challenges.

I really wish to commend the very last stage of the “Miminazori” game. The pressure it had on me really got me going from start to finish and that’s a feeling I haven’t experienced in years. Thank you for this beautiful work!

❤️👊 AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting 👊❤️


My first exposure to fighting games began with the initial purchase of my famiclone console. “Yie Ar Kung- Fu” was probably what introduced me to the genre, although I didn’t really thought about the game as much at that time. It had an interesting concept, although for how minor and limited the content is, the game was as fun as to just clear one loop every now and then. Then the Hummer hit shortly thereafter!

My dear brother brought one day a cartridge with “Mortal Kombat II” on it, which he borrowed from a friend. I really fell for that game! It had a small roaster of interesting characters to pick from, few, but simple combos and a pretty catchy music. When we didn’t knew any better, that game did seem like a masterpiece and I even went to record my own playthought of it on a VHS. The recording was lost however, once we had to return the tape to the person we borrowed it from. It had Disney’s Robin Hood on it and my recording starts shortly after the movie ends. I wonder if that person found it and enjoyed my Scorpion playthrough, with the bonus of a three minute pause for toilet break at Sonya’s stage.

Thinking back about it, the game had a pretty interesting feature – Projectile spam was handled by limiting that type of attack to only two at a time, after which you have to wait a bit for it to recharge. This is probably the only fighting game that I have played with such an implement and I wonder how would modern games of this genre feel like if they did something similar.

My brother brought another bootleg Mortal Kombat game shortly thereafter from some other friend of his, but I don’t remember much about it. It wasn’t as good as the Hummer Team one, what with way more sloppy controls and… the character roaster sucked? I think what contributed to that thought process more than anything was the fact that the sprites were pretty bad. Hmm… I don’t know… I should really try to track down and find this game at some point…

Then I bought my very own cartridge that had “Dragon Ball Z – Super Butoden 2”. Another bootleg classic from Hummer Team alright! This is a game that I learned to beat by just spamming Goku’s dash attack and I’ve never changed my style of play ever since, no matter how many times I go back to it. Projectile spam was not limited and I remember one of my cousins beating it by just crouch- kicking. Like any other Hummer Team fighting game, the hit detection was pretty awful and you could easily pin down an opponent by just timing your attacks well with their recovering animation.

AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting DONE!

“AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting” is another game by Hummer Team, but I never had the pleasure of finding it on the market. Man, I wonder how would I have reacted as a kid to it back then… For one thing, it features Hentai Images, which were taken from another game that was on the PC- 98, but I have to be honest, the FC transition makes the images look pretty good nevertheless. As for the game itself, it has the classic Hummer Team fighting necessities that I mentioned earlier. The only difference here is that the A.I. on higher difficulty can quite easily lock you down with combos and prevent you from recovering. Ah, so it’s not so fun when the tides have turned around… Well, that’s easily preventable as long as you avoid direct approach in fights. But really, this game is way harder than other Hummer fighting games when set on highest difficulty. Well, by other I mean that ones that I’ve played so far. I’m looking at you “Kart Fighter”!

This game features all female roaster, with the names of the girls being twisted around by a professional bootleg Chinese flute master. One of Ranma’s attacks remind of of Quan Chi from “Mortal Kombat 4”, which is another game that I really adored back in the days.

I guess it was a “It’s all cute girls and they fight” selling point. Were there any other games like that before this one? Did they fancy cat fight gamesoft during the age of dinosaurs? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did…



The Touhou volume? That sure exists alright! I mean, what better way to start it off than with a one hell of a banging, fan- made flash game? Just a little bit off- topic here – I think that the way I am going to handle this volume is by doing at least one official game, alongside four others, made by people of the shadow realm. While I did set the closing entry number for the volume to be at one hundred, that does not mean that there won’t be another Touhou volume somewhere in the future… I hope… After all, there is a whole lot of Touhou gamesoft out there…

“Marippy” is a decent “Mappy” clone, starring characters from Touhou Porject, namely Marisa as the main, playable character and Alice with her doll army as the opposing threat. The plot follows a short tale of Alice stealing Marisa’s personal belongings in order to satisfy her perverted fetishes, like owning a clean pair of bloomers – Truly, the most underrated fetish of all time!

This game is way easier than the original “Mappy” game! For one thing, it’s way shorter, with only eight levels in total. I think the controls are quite alright. I don’t know really how can you make a Mappy clone with bad controls, when the only keys that you use during the course of the game are Left, Right and an Action button. Then again, you never know what the future might have in store for you! One different thing regarding the gameplay, compared to the original, are the doors shooting projectiles, which you open and use to dispatch enemies. In the original, the projectile needs to travel and get into contact with the enemies. In “Marippy”. the doors shoot up an instant laser that clears everything on the floor in line. I don’t know if this makes things easier or not, but it definitely requires a different timing and consideration regarding the enemy positioning than the original.

Marippy DONE!

You can certainly breeze through the game in no time if you focus on just collecting the items, while ignoring the bonuses you get from collecting pairs. Well, I guess it’s fine to go for them in the early levels, given that the pace of the game starts off slow and easy. Earning additional points can net you a few extra lives that can be of quite some help when it comes to later stages, where the difficulty kicks in by quite a notch. I personally gave my body and soul to get almost all bonuses and I still could not surpass 100. 000 points. Is that even possible even if you collect all pairs? I’m pretty sure that it is, but honestly, I am quite satisfied with my current result as it is.

Signed with the quality seal: ” Single Afternoon Killer”.