The Weekly Fields of Spookiness


When I started playing League of Legends, I remember that my first ever champion that I picked was Nautilus. I did fairly well with him in the game, despite not knowing how and what should I be actually doing overall. Then, in the next game I picked Fiddlesticks, as he looked like an interesting champion. I am also a sucker for crowd control abilities, ever since DOTA back in Warcraft III. However, I did not know that certain champions require ability power to work, so I end up thinking that Fiddlesticks is the worst champion ever…

Then came a time when lots of mobile assassins came out and they started being a problem on a mode that I really enjoyed – Dominion! I saw then from a Fiddlesticks player that you can ambush other players, regardless of how much they are ahead or good at the game and obliterate them with a perfectly timed ult. Truly, this scarecrow can be an ideal assassin, as long as you are on the right place at the right time.

Then, people started playing him support, mainly because Corki was really good ADC on bot lane, at the time. I was curious and tried him a few times, but another champion had my attention back then, that being Lulu. I just liked double killing the enemy bot lane constantly, since Lulu was pretty strong early on. That’s it really. My whole experience as a support main player revolves around the idea of just running around the map and murdering people. My warding system changed from one that could prevent me and my ADC from ganks to one where I would actively ward the enemy jungle and seek opportunities to go and murder people who casually walk through it carefree, thinking that they are in their safety bubble.


A fresh start is always a good thing. Perhaps I’ve been too harsh in the past on the game, but if anything, I would blame life itself that has been harsh on me. After spending almost 7 years on this game, I feel like I should do something with it. Like get a high mastery score or something. I’m not sure yet, but I’ll do my best! No more bad attitude, no more complains about Master Yi doing over 1000 true damage with few auto atatcks! I will still be upset about Renekton being the destroyer of fun in the top lane. I’m sad that Banner will be removed for a time being. I had a fun week where I sent promoted minion as a Fiddlesticks support to a Singed lane. The minion actually killed Singed as he was fighting my Maokai ally. I’ve never seen something like that before. I feel like that Singed has been gutted quite a lot and he struggles enough against lots of champions, especially those who have range or are of crocodile origin.


What you are going to hear from people who are to lane alongside with Fiddlesticks support is – Don’t use E in lane.No! Use E in lane! Having pressure on the enemy duo bot and them being low on HP could usually turn ganks from the enemy jungler into spicy triple kill for your ADC or… you. Either way, Fiddlesticks scales pretty good, not really as much with AP as with utility items and a bit of magic penetration. A free clock is good because you can dive any turret after the 8 minute mark. Future market is the best rune in the game. Who the hell needs sugary treats or minion acid flasks, when every item in the game will be as cheap as 100 to 250 gold less. I don’t know. Usually, on my first back, I get upgraded support item and a boot. I can’t afford the boot in this case without the rune.

Hell, I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford dinner tonight…

Thank for reading!

League of mastering – Soraka

raka the best

Today we master another support.Tomorrow – probably the rest of them!Such is the fate of a person who fills in for a position…

This lady here tho,playing her is not an easy task!Times have changed and the community of our “beloved” MOBA has so as well.Their love or complete ignoration for Soraka has turned into a burning hatred!Allies will hate you and call you useless,no matter how many of them you heal or how many enemies you’ve silenced!The enemy team will hunt you down for ruining their “ebin” plays and glorious teamfights!Can you take it?Can you take on the challenges of playing Soraka?

Marks are whatever.Magic pen/Armor/AD flat…They all go fine.I like armor.But I never use it.I do AD instead.But it’s fine.Get some HP/lvl or armor seals with the usual MR/CDR flat glyphs.Quints are whatever![Get some GP5 or Armor.AP/AD if you feel cocky!Don’t do MS quints!Why…?

Soraka is like a porcelain vase.If the enemy gets their hands on you,it’s most likely over…This is why COIN is a great core item on her.[The spellthief is not that good.Doesn’t change too much in lane phase and it’s harder to control fights or escape from bad situations,unlike with the coin!]What about the others?Like Janna,the porcelain vase with propellers or Nami,the vase that keeps dripping slippery goo all over?Even Zyra is a scary vase with a snake inside!Soraka is not like them.You have to play it carefully.That’s pretty much most of your game.The other being ulting in the right time and healing the right targets.Placing silence circle is easier than it seems!

Masteries are standart!You don’t need any points in offensive…Crucible is another amazing core item.New Arden is kinda fine,but not as amazing as I thought it would be.Still a really good item choice.CDR boots are the best.Mobility are overkill.Your passive,along with masteries and coin are good enough!Aim to use that ult more often!GET CDR MAN!Get Banshee or Hourglass and hope for the best!GA is not a good idea,I tried so and I regred it!Banner is a fun item to get and use.Pretty useful if ahead!Get locket for some extra protection!FROZEN HEART SUCKS ON SORAKA!

Lane phase is a struggle!Teamfights are a breeze!Heal people,make plays,try to survive as the enemy team hunts you down like a wild animal.I FREAKIN’ LOVE SORAKA!

Unicorn waifu done!

League of legends:Bard saves the world! =How to / =

portal job

Bard is good guys,I swear!Let me share with you the secrets behind being good with him!

Lich Bane is a good item! – Like,come on!It empowers your passive,it gives you AP to go with your 0.5 [And bellow!]AP ratio spells!It also gives you movement speed!That makes collecting chimes even faster!

There is no logic behind starting with any other skill than “Q” – Who would start with “E” and form an unique plan with his/her team for invading the enemy jungle?That’s just silly!Starting with “W” is even bigger bull’.Who would want to place those health shrines over the map so they can help the ally jungler or Top/Mid laner?It’s like buying early wards and warding various places of importance on the map.This ain’t LCS!Starting with “Q” is the right way,since it lets you stun people,thus it allows for good early trades in lane AND it’s a much better spell for invades.Like,come on!

Magic penetration and AP flat/scaling runes are good on Bard! – You can’t just ignore the fact that you have spells with 0.5 AP ratio and less.Huge heals!Big damage on your “Q” and passive!That’s right!It’s worth getting magic penetration just for your passive and “Q” damage alone!What else are you going to get?Armor runes?Health runes?CDR runes?That’s just stupid!

Chimes are important!Collect them all! – Screw lanes!Screw teamfights!Collecting chimes all the time is the only key to victory.Haven’t you watched the Bard cinematic?Didn’t you saw all the epic things Bard did?It’s because he got chimes!Chimes = Victory! More damage?More exp?Heck yeah!

For mother MEEP!

Ult your whole team!Screw up all the disengages! – Well,obviously some people are just not used to the effect of hourglass.That’s not your fault tho!They are the ones that lack experience for these things.

Pick Bard regardless of your ADC or the enemy team – Bard is a new champion!People are not used to him!NEW CHAMPIONS ARE ALWAYS OP,SINCE THEY LACK “NERFS”!Surely,in your hands he will lead any team to victory!Bard is good with any champion.What’s that?You lost all your Bard games?Blame your team for picking champs that don’t tick well with Bard.Easy!

Bard is more than a support! – Full AP Bard on mid?With his low AP ratio spells he will be a nightmare for any mid laner.On-hit top Bard?No popular Lissandra/Nidalee/Gnar/Rumble/Kennen pick is going to stop you!Splitpush all day with your many ways of waveclear and make epic plays with your TP!You get all the control you need!What’s that?Well…yeah…maybe…ADC and Jungle Bard? … I believe!I strongly believe!Hum!

I can keep going on and on about Bard,but that’s enough for a time being.Lot more things can be said about him and his playstyle,but I think I covered most of the main things!