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This was requested by Sapphire SlimeMaiden, who was kind enough to donate fifty octopus dumplings, all delivered via a very rude drone. Thank you! I love food, especially when I actually get to consume it!

So, long ago, a darkness felt on the lands of Parthoris. Cities burned and people complained. Meanwhile, in our world, there was a hype over various horror- themed RPGMaker games. That was a few years ago, back around the time I started university. I remember my friends talking about games like “The Witch’s House”, “Clock Tower”, “Invaders”, “Kekcroc”, “Life is peanut”, “Ib” and what the hell is an IB? How do you even pronounce it, I asked? Is it Ai – Bee? – to which I was IMMEDIATELY corrected and scolded. Thus, given that information in mind, I started calling the game Ai – Bee and then I had no more friends.

To be honest, “Ib” was one of the games that I really and truly enjoyed compared to other titles of the same genre that came around that time. The game presented a pretty innovative take on the horror genre, what with a theme of being lost in a weird art gallery, all in all with dozens of interesting characters, events and solid puzzles to enhance further the overall gameplay. Ib, a girl, nine years old, is the main protagonist of the game. Crimson- red colored eyes, chestnut-brown hair, red skirt, white blouse and a huge big mac in her hand. What seems like a casual visit to an art exhibition with her parents, slowly turns into nightmare of art and roses. It’s up to you to guide Ib to escape from the unnaturally behaving art gallery, one way or another!


The structure of the game revolves mainly around solving puzzles. That being said, the variety is huge, without any actual recycling or instances for backtracking. The art gallery is composed of levels, which are indicated by the different color of the flooring. Usually, your main goal is to find a key so you can proceed to each new level. However, once that is done, there is no actual need to go back to previously visited places. As a whole, the game makes sure you’ve go through,seen and explored everything. Ib do have an HP meter, which is represented by a Red rose. Harmful encounters exist in the form of actual moving enemies and certain interaction with specific objects. However, given that you get to restore all your potentially lost HP at water vases and that Ib outruns every existing enemy in the game, it is unlikely that you’ll find yourself getting a game over. The only factor for that is probably the lack of knowledge regarding certain areas, mainly the [panic] ones.

“Ib” took me a while to fully complete. No doubt, this is one of the entries I’ve spent lots of my personal time on. Continuing with further explanation of the game, I’ll also note down certain aspects that were the main reason for me to replay the game over 15 times!

At certain point in the game, Ib meets two additional human [?] characters – Garry and Mary. At that point, once they join party with Ib, interacting with specific objects and responding in certain ways during conversations will ultimately determine their fate, as well as your own. Numerous endings with different outcomes are featured in the game, with some being pretty easy and obvious as to how to obtain. Now, I’ve played the game before a lot and I remember managing to get to every single one without any problems whatsoever. The same thing also happened on a session around a month ago. HOWEVER, after the request, I started having trouble getting to endings which I was always able to. How could have that happen?…

The “True Guertena Exhibit” is a place that unlocks after you beat the “NewGame+” dungeon, which I’ve never seen before, but I really enjoyed as an addition. However, for things to unlock in it, you need to replay the game various times. This made me fly through the game a number of times, missing on objects, interactions and sections which I thought to be…

… of no actual value to the game’s main requirements for a successful run. Saving time eh? And I was wrong. I went as far as to consult with the actual wiki and I saw what my downfall was. Everything in the game matters, even reading a simple note that stands on the side, looking unimportant and whatnot. But on a single run where I’ve went through everything and saved at key locations, that would let me view the endings that I desire, that could have never been the case. Is the intended replay value a huge minus to the game’s structure? I’ll let you be the judge. I could say a thing like: “Maybe the game could’ve had at least some sort of point indicator regarding your actions, be it even indirect one.” I’ve played a game recently with such and I was really pleased with the results. I’m not sure what to say about “Ib” when it comes to that matter. Maybe I just lack common sense, maybe things were placed way out of their way? Who KNOWS?

IB 1.1 DONE!

In the end, I still like “Ib” for what it is – A really fun game, with good puzzles and bits of classy horror. Yes, horror should be experienced as an idea, not as an actual feeling! Don’t watch “Jason X”.

Did I mentioned that I like the graphics and music in “Ib”? If not, there it is! They are pretty great. [spoiler///…;l, I LOVE MARY/..\\\ []] I remember Ib fans hating Mary fans for some reason, while Garry fans being just “Whatever…” GOOD TIMES! 9 out of 10 this gmae!

Red Eyes is creepy! I hate the places where it pop- up randomly! I really do!

Yes, there is also… the Hardcore modification of “Ib”, which adds that one fan- made ending and the option to play through the game with only 1 HP. However, there is a place that still heals you, as to make the puzzle for the fish key… possible/fair??? I don’t know, I’ve managed to play through the modification with full HP due to that! I’m laughing. [T]


I feel pretty great and I am willing to work on things!

Secret Hji

I was thinking about making this post when I’m done with the 50th entry for the NES volume,but there you have it!At this point I was unable to wait anymore!

Here’s what happend – I moved back to my home town,got my own place,got a job and now I am in an environment where I am free to do as I please.All that in less than a week?Madness!

Indeed,I was not really happy and my motivation went down the drain,but hopefully,now that I’m back home,things would be different.Like having more posts/entries per month and…finishing that one game that I made few years ago.Also,posting more crap on Yuuybu.Whoa!So many amazing changes and promises!Let’s see how I’m gonna blew this one out!

Thanks for stopping by!Here’s your lunch money!

Nunchuck Charlie – A Love Story – [-] Mixed feelings

Nunchuck Charlie

Here’s a game that showed a great potential in the early part of my playthrough.Nunchuck Charlie – A Love Story – is a game about a guy and his teddy bear.Thhhzzs bear gets kidnapped and you outta travel through some weird places and save him from a bird-queen-crown-bird-bird.The game starts out with you having to make a dish out of cucumber and coconut by chopping them with your nunchaku.That’s pretty great!The art is also pretty enjoyable!The cast is pretty interesting too!Man,I wonder what this game has in store for me further ahead?

…and then you just go around and you beat enemies.AMAZING!You also solve puzzles,which are pretty much “Hit that thing” or “Push that thing with your bare body”.It was pretty disappointing,I am not going to lie.I guess I am pretty disappointed in the game due to it’s low difficulty overall.Even the achievments are quite easy to obtain.I don’t know.I feel like this game had a potential flavor,but it was just not used…at least not in good way.[Good is defined as “How I wanted it to be”]


There is also a potential “New game plus”,where you get to //s#poilersspoilerspoilers\\\,but overall,it’s the same game all over again,if not even easier.That’s…yeah!No!No…

Then again,fans of the easy genre would love this game.You can also notice few neat touches in the game in terms of interact- SPOLERSPOILERSPOILER!!!

… and everyone is spoiling the new “Star Wars” movie.Talk about humans being themselves in this modern age of maturity!This is game related somehow,I DON’T KNOW!Here’s 5.2 out of 10.My mother loved it so it’s alright!