Free Fetus!

free fetus

From volume 327 of “True hell under the vast sea” called [ To wake up with your right sock missing!]:

My earliest memory of “True hell under the sea” was probably when I was in first grade. I remember that my grandmother gave me something that I had to bring to my mother at her workplace. While the whole travel distance takes between 5 to 10 minutes, I had to pass through a place with various ruined and desolated buildings, followed by a big park. However, this time it was different! A family of Gypsies had moved to one of the buildings. Their kids, three young boys – one around my age and the other two a bit older than me, where sitting on a bench, discussing god knows whatever crap. They didn’t saw me at first and I was honestly hoping that I could slip by unnoticed. Where I live, Gypsies are commonly associated with crimes, from simple thievery to rape and even murder. Age for them is but a nonexistent restriction for committing any of those! Things haven’t really changed on their end since back then… Anyways, a few seconds after I passed by them, the oldest one stood up and started walking towards me. A sudden surge of fear raced through my body. Looking at the boy’s visage, I could feel and tell that he was up to no good. My walking pace gradually became running. I was running towards my mother’s workplace through the park, with tears pouring down my cheeks. The Gypsy chased me down all the way to my destination! Even though I managed to outrun my pursuer and find a safe shelter, he still waited for me outside for more than half an hour! If there is one thing that I am really glad for is the fact that I wasn’t caught that day, otherwise who knows how that traumatic experience could have been further enhanced…

Covetous 1.1 DONE!

“Covetous” can barely be called an actual game! It tells a story of an undeveloped twin- fetus who resides in his…brother, ultimately making you help him eat its way out to freedom… or not! It’s a one- time hit really and even then, I was a bit disappointed from the finale. The game pretty much plays itself, wherein your contribution resides in playing flushed down version of a fetus- Pac – Man.

From volume 295 of “True hell under the vast sea” called [ Duh, who put the lights out?]:

“Fear is the first of many foes” – A wise champion character from a certain MOBA once said. Actually, he says it all the time, but this next thing happened before I even got into the whole lane wars trend. It was a month before my graduation from High School, before the [BIG] exams… I was walking down a street on my way to go and visit my poor, lonely grandma, who if anything, disliked late night visits, especially ones that occur after 9.00 PM. The weather that night was breezy, but overall, enjoyable. Armed with my phone, loaded with over 30 tracks, from anime and classic music, to random garbage that would cause a normal person’s ears to bleed, I noticed something in the distance in front of me. Three guys, casually walking and loudly blabbing. Since it was nighttime, I had quite some trouble recognizing them and besides, I had the tendency to not wear my glasses outside. One of them was a person with whom I had history back in grade school, wherein for no reason he crouched and fist-smacked me in my balls, no holding back whatsoever. He was also known among others for being violent, beating the crap out of people for his own amusement, young girls where gossiping about his tendency to intimidate young females and force them to perform oral sexual services in return for their own safety. Yes! This same person was about to cross paths with me yet again, with me being in quite the unfavorable position of one to three. The moment we came to cross paths, he jumped and screamed at me like an animal, followed by laughter from his own mouth and the ones of his comrades. He didn’t cared about my reaction, he only cared about the satisfaction of having no restrains and doing whatever the hell he wanted. On my end, I stood still and I said something of the sort of “What the hell is your problem?”, followed by me retaining my position and just starring in disapproval at them. A moment later, they have already taken their places to surround me and until the sudden surge of panic managed to wash over my mind, I already found myself lying on the ground, being kicked from all sides. My mouth was a gushing waterfall of blood, my jaw – a nightmare from beyond space and time. After a while, they got bored of kicking me and left. I stood up and proceed towards my grandma’s place. Upon arrival I was greeted with: “What happen? What did that horrible dentist did to you this time?!?” from her side. I had a horrible dentist back then…

There was a severe judgement coming from the local police station for my attackers afterwards, though unsatisfying from my own point of view. I retained a scar and acquired the knowledge to try and avoid being in an unfavorable position of a lonely, late- night traveler.

Free Icecream DONE!

If there is something in particular that I can say about “Free Ice Cream”, it would be that there isn’t any Ice Cream at all! In fact, you get to face various horrible things, from a butcher who can barely speak to having to kill a cat and watch it defecate all over the floor afterwards, along with the most horrible thing of all – Having to fix the electricity for your only escape – A stair elevator! Overall, this game is far away from the likes of “Samorost” in terms of pretty much everything, but it’s still fine to the extend of a single playthrough.

Avoid humans! Ignore humans! Hide from humans! Report to the local mini- market for any human sightings! HU –/ ll , – NS???

Moonlight Ghost – Smashing pot hit!

Moonlight Ghost art

“Moonlight Ghost” is a game made in [RPGMaker – Universe Unlimited] that I’ve played a few years ago and despite having hard time with the post- game boss, [After over 20 tries I gave up…] this game left me with a reasonably good impression. As I revisited this title yet again, I can say that my opinion on it managed to retain it’s position from past perspective. I’m really glad I came back to it once more!

Entitled “A reverse horror game, where you do the horror!”, this game is more of a enjoyable, “take your time” – comfortable experience, with fairly low difficulty. if you exclude the final two missions. The plot revolves around a Boy who, under the influence of the moonlight which was being powered by MAGIC, departs from his body and becomes a ghost. By acquiring this new form, the Boy becomes invisible to normal eyesight, thus, his main priorities shift to sneaking into women’s bathrooms and breaking the unlimited supply of barrels and pots in the city, along with playing the piano, ring church bells and throwing stuffed teddy bears into water wells, which is of course ruining a tradition from over a millennium! The truth is though, that you do all these things, [Except for the first one which never happens!] for the sake of making noise and scaring people around town. While the Boy has various reasons for scaring certain people, most of them are usually with good intentions, wherein sometimes even he is not aware of it until a certain point.  There are four chapters in total plus a bonus one, all bundled together with a pretty nice plot, good number of characters, enjoyable dialogue and even some exploration in the post- game chapter! There are secrets everywhere and you should try to find them all!

Let me tell you about the actual gameplay through! It feels like such a simple formula, yet it manages to be really entertaining. Why?

In each mission, there is a target. The target is a person that moves and it’s your job to scare them and delay them from reaching their objective in time. You accomplish this by attracting/ “scaring” them with noise, either by breaking, moving or interacting with certain item/ switch. Each person has a radius around their body, which picks on the noise that you make. The various noises that you make have their own radius as well, which plays quite the role in attracting/ “scaring” the target. Barrels and pots can be pushed and combos can be made by “scaring” the target multiple times in a row, which rewards you a huge amount of extra points! How does this all shape the gameplay? Despite how seemingly simple the initial idea sounds, you can tell that speed and strategy would be needed if one is to achieve good results! You don’t get anything from scoring an “S” rank on all the missions… YOU DON’T! Well, there is the satisfaction… but… I really wanted some unique reward… dammit…!!! To be fair, scoring an “S” is actually pretty easy, as long as you make sure that you get the maximum combo on each screen. A good advice – Try to either make the target run around a table or bring him/her all the way back from the exit to the start of the screen! This is especially crucial in the very last stage, where every step and combo is of the essence! The actual final boss “The Spirit Queen” is more about proper timing, as her speed is pretty INSANE! I’m glad I managed to finally beat her though, all in less than 10 tries! /////

Moonlight Ghost DONE!

The music was also pretty enjoyable and the graphics/art are quite pretty and colorful. You also get to unlock some art pieces, with some lewd art in between here and there. I’m sorry if you are Christian and you have problem with hair covering boobs or underwear on butts, but that’s just how God decided to test you! You can watch or you can go back to making your healthy meal of oats and frog milk, but let me tell you, there isn’t a third opinion and none of the initial two will lead you to Christian happiness! As for me, this game has lead me to my own happiness of giving it a solid 8.5 out of 10. I wish there were more difficult levels and maybe something could have been done to the plain nature on some of the characters. Is this last one even an actual problem or me trying to find excuses not to fully appreciate this game? I think the answer here is pretty obvious…

True Lice


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Alice is Dead – Just kidding, it slips out!



A few years ago, which is more than half a decade, I had a pretty old and busted PC. I was pretty much restricted to playing whatever came before 2005 and also, flash games. On the funny side, things haven’t changed all that much, if anything, I am continuing the legend via a crappy laptop. Anyways, “Alice is Dead” was a title that young me found randomly on the internet, as he was quite fond of what I despise now mostly, that being whatever and every creepy/horror garbage.

“Alice is Dead” is an adventure game, which consists of three episodes. Back in 2009, only the first episode has been released and for a time being, it was also the only episode that I’ve went through and experienced. I’ve never actually took the time to play the rest of the episodes when they came out, as university work was of a higher priority. That being said, I found episode one to be quite alright, with a decent atmosphere, shadowed plot and honestly, it was pretty much the “Boogieman” song that had the biggest impact on me. Came for the puzzles and creepy things, stayed for the catchy tune! The puzzles are alright! I am saying that overall for all episodes. If you want an adventure game with a decent puzzles, this is not a bad pick.


Alice is Dead 1 DONE!

Certain expectations crumble to dust, as episode 2 and 3 come into play. We see variety, too much variety, to the point of no good really. Voice acting, which I really didn’t enjoy. All these new characters, which of course played a huge role in further destroying my expectations for what I believed would happen after the first episode. And that’s not just Me really, I believe I stick along with a vast majority of people who no doubt wore the same shoes as I did. I wanted more of that specific feeling of desolation, as you walk the path of self-discovery. Sadly, I was presented with completely different results and while I’m quite upset about it, there is nothing bad with it. Maybe the author had an approach which does not click with my ideals, maybe it was a move born out of desperation or even innovation! WHO KNOWS? Whatever the case, the whole plot feels like a mess, but should you choose to pay little attention to it, by all means, enjoy the game.

How dead does Alice seems to be, it’s up to you! For me however, two legs are buried deep within, but the boney fingers are inches fit in my nostrils.


Chzo Mythos Series: Special Edition – 4 Games a post

chzo mythos

The Chzo Mythos series were definitely quite the hype back in the days, what with their innovative idea of “How about an adventure game with a horror theme?” I’m also speaking from my own perspective here, as I did miss on earlier console releases that started and further shaped the horror genre. The Chzo Mythos games were a fresh intake for me in the world of video games, to wherein I got really hooked and even reached the point where I made my first, poorly-made cosplay costume. However, time goes on and years pass, where now my welding mask is but a mere bearer of dust. Getting back to the games, NOW WITH SPECIAL EDITION “DLC”, HA, HAAA!] , made me realize that I’ve changed quite a lot over the years and I no longer see the spark in the series as I used to.

5 Days a Stranger DONE!

Talk about gameplay wise, the series offer a pretty huge variety when it comes to puzzles. One thing to note is the fact that they are not all the concentrated on item management as in many other adventure games. The strong points are mainly exploration and interaction with other characters, which is supported quite well with the idea of constantly changing environment. What makes differences in these series from others apart in this aspect is generally the pace and the set-up atmosphere. There are instances where you can feel safe and take your time to prepare for what lies ahead. This is pretty much the main formula for the series general appeal. This is the type of horror that I also really, really adore.

Difficulty wise, the games are on quite the average side, though paying attention to details can save you a lot of time. I generally had problem only with the “single book in the library” bit in 5D and the puzzle in the reactor room in 7D. It’s a cake walk where you have the potential to trip and spill your cream all over the place. Do you like cream? Yes.

7 Days a Skeptic DONE!

There is still much more to praise the series for, like neat graphics, great and atmospheric soundtrack and bugs that are still presented even in the special edition. I’m talking mainly about the locker part in 6D, where you can get stuck forever if you act before the shaking ends. You didn’t save? Well having fun replaying the game again, fucker! HA! I had fun though.

I used to despise some characters for being really boring and generic. Now I just see them as simple people with their own thing going on. I like this new outlook from my side. I really do. Another thing that I really enjoy in the series are the many locations you get to go through. I don’t think there is a single place that I didn’t find likeable.

Trilby's Notes DONE!

Did the series aged well? I don’t know! Am I 15 years old still? Do I still adore fictional serial killers, horror and occult crap? No. Is it really a matter of how a game ages or how we do, because I’m pretty sure it should be the second one. But definitely, the series were on spot with what was considered to be of interest years ago. They are still appealing and impressive no doubt, but they do not fit within the current time. Oh, a single decade can be enough to change everyone, but you and me. Mostly me. Not really.

6 Days a Sacrifice DONE!

Overall, I guess I’m good to go and say that Chzo can have my 7 out of 10 agonies, no more, no less. I’m keeping video games, soda and penguin scream attacks.