Attack! Month to 500!


Let’s spice things up a little! For the next month, I am planning to do a total of 101 new entries for the “Gran _-‘D” volume! I wish to cover various popular titles, series and alternative versions of games that I’ve already beaten. I will post daily updates on twitter, saying a thing or two regarding the entries I complete for the day! Meanwhile, I will also keep posting every now and then here, as I have prepared the material for the remaining few entries ’till the 400th mark! Once I’m done with this silly monthly experiment and I hit my 500th milestone, I’ll take a break for a while and focus on something I’ve been holding off for quite a while!

I have picked games of interest from various consoles, mainly the Game Boy. I am not entirely sure regarding their overall difficulty, but I think it’s balanced enough for me to be able to pull this off. After all, most of them are platformers and I eat those for breakfast!

If you wish to observe my progress and chit- chat, you are more than a welcome to join me on Discord. Why not stream it? I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of streaming in general. I know that most people enjoy sitting on their asses and stare into the oblivion of boredom for hours, but I am a man who values original and quality content. If you haven’t figured that out by my posts in this blog and thought otherwise, I pity you, oh, rotten salmon of the moon lake on Neptune!

I am now on [RetroAchievements] and that’s quite the thing!

3rd turn story!

Mainly, I decided to register just to have fun. Then I thought that I might use the opportunity to further update the JunkBox and solidify and enhance the value of various entries in the vault. As a rule, I would do only games that I have cleared for LR19 first! I do not plan to use “RetroAchievements” as my main method for super-clearing games, but rather, as a way to add more entries to the JunkBox.

Honestly, it sounds like a good way to work on entries, but some achievements are way out of the way regarding actual super-clear, to the point of being stupid and really silly!


Bird Week – A journey through the seasons!


Upcoming Winter event? Not this time! This is going to be a MULTI – SEASONAL event! Starting from December 21, I’ll attempt to beat every existing level in the NES title “Bird Week”, all in all until I get the crash screen [That’s 999 levels in total!], which I’ll also try to record.For the long journey ahead, savestates are allowed, but only between levels, for the sole purpose of saving my progress, so I can take a break and do other things.Like sleeping and eating food.Also, going to the toilet, work or attempt another suicide.And of course, playing other games,worse or better, depends on the perspective.Getting a GAME OVER will result in a reset.Updates regarding the progress of this event will be posted on my twitter, until I accomplish my goal. Given that, I’ll probably be done in 10 years…

…but becoming a master of the bird seasons is a title quite worthy. This will be a challenge that I am more than likely to regret entirely!

I mean, it was either this or beating every SNK Athena game… I am quite creative when it comes to events alright!

LR19’s “High School Kusoge” event results!!!


For twenty-six days I’ve been playing some of the “worst” games that were ever made.I was planning to cover over forty-five new titles.Fifteen of them were never even touched.Five were dropped due to various reasons, mostly because I could not run them on my machine.I managed to beat only seventeen titles from the rest and fail at the remaining eight.Overall, I’m quite happy with the results!I managed to clear the E.T. game and “Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon”, which were some of my main priorities for this event. I’m sad that I couldn’t find time for certain titles, like “Friday the 13th” for the NES, but what can I say – My life has been pretty busy lately.


The games that I managed to clear are:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Worst Game Ever
Dontrel Dolphin
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [Atari 2600]
Family Dog [SNES]
Felix the Cat 3 [NES]
Fighting Fruits
Link: The Faces of Evil [Philips CD-i]
Mario 4: Space Odyssey [Sega Genesis]
Revenge of the Sunfish
Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon [SNES]
Super Donkey Kong ’99 [Sega Genesis]
Super Maruo [NES]
Titanic 2005 [NES]
Titenic [NES]
Valis SD [Sega Genesis]
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon [Philips CD-i]


So there you have it! Tremble at the ending screens of these “horrible” creations!Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you are enjoying yourself and having a great time! I certainly could have done better for this event, but hey! – There is always next year!

LR19’s Halloween Marathon – High School Kusoge: Eat your egg!Become an egg!


Last year for Halloween, I made a special event where I decided to pick a game that’s considered to be horrible in every aspect and play it all the way through. That game was “Bubsy 3D”. A terrible game indeed, with a fame that’s a bit … undeserved. From my experience, things could have been way, way worse.


Instead of making a new special event this year, for Halloween, I’ve decided to put up a brand new volume! I’ll focus on playing not just one, but many, “shitty” video games, fromĀ  various generations and for various consoles! A running marathon starting from today ’till the end of October.Lab. Room 19 rules will still be intact, enhancing the whole experience even further! My overall goal is to clear as many titles as I can, capture as many end game screens and make the spookiest Halloween poster out of them!

I’ll still make posts about other games,perhaps not too many,as I would mainly focus on the marathon.

Onward! Until my brain becomes mashed eggs!

Updates and score for the titles will be posted on my twitter account.The final poster will be published both here and on twitter.