Flare,The Vault and the video#games.Where is all of this heading to?


Nowhere.At least for a time being,it’s pretty much just fooling around,testing the waters,figuring things out.I have my own personal emotional discomfort do deal with as well at the moment,so things might not go as smooth and fast as they were intended to.


For the sad and depressing future,I’ve prepared a few things.One of them is a new page called “Junk box”,which will deal with achieving various things.By things I mean completing hacks and mods of various games,reaching a certain “status” in multiplayer games,collabs. and MORE!I am not sure when I’m gonna add it,but it’s something to look forward into the future.


Another thing that I was thinking about for a long time was adding an “Achievments” page,which is to deal with achieving records and whatnot on certain games.Alas,the hype for this died as soon as I kicked out the few people that agreed to participate and be part of this blog,so this page might not see any daylight soon.


I’ve mentioned in my old blog and at the start of Lab.Room 19 that I am going to make a brand new blog for No-Kywln only,which is to deal with things related only to it.Regarding to this,I’ve decided that I am going to let Lab.Room 19 adopt the project,along with any other future ones that I might end up working on.


The Lab.Room 19’s Vault[And potential future Junk Box]hold many secrets – Good and bad,pleasant and unpleasant,it’s a secret to everybody,but what lies within’ the iron box.Each Volume will consist of 50 entries[25 for Junk box].Every 25 entries will drive Hji to do something out of character,something unexpected.[Unusual?]Good or bad,you are the judge.At 50,what lies inside the Vault will awaken,consuming the games for it’s [futile?] existance,changing the world around [IT] in the process.[What about Junk Box?]

It’s still something I am working on,so bear with me…


More blog changes coming soon,GIVE ME MONEY and more!


Donate and I’ll play!FlareEX at your service!Professional video game bounty [hunger]!Growth~?Despite to struggle for my own survival in this cruel world,I’ll do my best to give back something in return as well!

Pay to get your requested game played right away!Become immortal and get your name into the vault!One time!Two!Even more!Be the king or queen!Sounds dumb?Of course!

% of the money will go into game development!Another one will go into improving my artistic skills.Wanna be part of any game?Give money!Don’t wanna?No way!Of course you want to help!Don’t be like that…


Also,no more League of legends posts.Due to reasons,mainly involved with “Riot” themselves,I am leaving the community,with the determination to follow my own dreams and not die until next month!

At a certain point this blog might even get its own Header and domain as well!Let’s all do our best and make dreams come true!



Le «commandant» sous la jupe de l’enfant était encore flaccid.It était oiutside pluies …


This is our lab’s mascot.Name’s Hji.This is a gif.

Also,people who accept their faults as something natural,making it an excuse for improvment and whatnot.We are disgusting,it’s a thing!