177 – Special Valentine’s day event! How cuddling and hand – holding saved the life of my pet fly Humphrey!


How could I even say “Yes” to her? She might have stared at me in disapproval with her chestnut-brown dark eyes, but it was me who was truly disappointed! If she is unwilling to travel to the center of the Earth to find my corpse and mourn about my death, I am not really expecting her to fight the giant cyborg-monster later either! I mean, come on! “They” put a lot of effort into stealing and using my brain to bring that pile of garbage into motion! Then again, it’s just easier for her to close both eyes, sigh and go home! That won’t solve anything though! If anything, she is bound to keep her title of being an old lady that nobody likes, let alone LOVE! What awaits her within’ the burning depths of her hellish home is just more dirty underwear all over the place and week old popcorn,scattered like a pack of sheep on the floor.EXTRA BUTTER!

Her cat is not even going to come and greet her! The cat is death. It killed itself because it hated “her” so much! It was to be expected, as suicide cases tend go in high numbers around people who can’t acquire all 200′ “chests”. Yes! That’s right! You go and look at yourself in the mirror! Who can admire those disgusting slabs of meat-flesh, mainly your “Adventure Island” pair of eggplants?! If you think that you have a sexy legs and a nice ass, then I have news for you! You are absolutely right! But one can see just as much at the stare of the vile Medusa! “Hello, Medusa? I’m sorry about earlier… How about a cup of coffee and some “Jason X” tonight?” is what she thought I would say. And I did.


There is a hook and bait for every fish and fish for every bait and hook. The reason why you are alone on Valentine’s day is because you value the life of every fish and you would rather let them back in the water. I won’t though! They might drown!!!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

LISA:THE FIRST – In a certain way,the title suits this game pretty well.


First one of the series!It’s where the saga begins!The classic that started it all!Also known as the game that didn’t managed to impress me back then when it was released,nor did it now after I replayed it.Still,it’s quite amazing how the author started from it and managed to continue the story via two really well-made sequels!Starting from a fetch-quest-I’m-sure-it was-Yume-Nikki-inspired-game and finishing it all off with two full-on=fledged- RPG action-system adventure island game games is quite an impressive improvment.

My reason for disliking this game doesn’t lie within the engine being used for it.Nor does it lies within’ the plot itself.I thought that the plot was alright even before the sequels were released.What I disliked about LISA:THE FIRST was the gameplay in it.

I mean,yeah,find item X,bring it to place A,open path B or get item Z – Fiddling around with items is usually what most RPGM2k3 games are all about nowadays.[Implying that most people still use RPGM2k3,what with XP and VX existing!]Also,the game tries to implement exploration,which is supposed to make the gimmick above more exciting.The problem however lies within’ the fact that the game is pretty straightforward.Some of the areas might be vast in size,but each has few options in terms of where you can explore and with who you can interact.There is also the classic puzzle of pushing an item to make a path or block an enemy!Magical!But that’s alright!You know how you fix all this?

You make a segment with enemies moving in various patterns,which you need to avoid touching! – This also ends up being the biggest challenge in the whole game!

Lisa The first DONE!

The way this game is made really reminds me of how I made my first game in RPGM2k3.The only difference between my project and this one was that I made the enemies send you straight to the Game Over screen.I also liked to do that with tilesets,aka deathblocks.That’s how you lose your RPGM2k3-make-a-game virginity usually.It’s pretty amazing!I should have set the title for this post as: “What is like to lose your RPGM2k3=make-a-game virginity!”,but that’s fine.Yeah.It’s fine…

This game has a great music though.Especially the “Call” variations.That one piece of soundtrack makes all of this way better!

I liked the flavor in some of the areas in the game.As a whole,the LISA series are pretty good at recreating “that” state of desolation that I enjoy in my videogames.Also,here’s more negative thoughts on the game – That one place where you can go through the tree tileset and climb on the rooftop of the house[?] and the fact that one of the VCRs can screw your game completely!Here’s me being harsh on the first game of someone!Hear me roar!

My beastal roaring that gives 5.4 out of 10 for LISA:THE FIRST!

Uptodayz – Empty


Added [1] screenshot for “No-Kywln:Reverse” in the /Kickstarters/ page.

Official Kickstarter page will be made after the release of the demo.

New blog page “Junk box” to be added soon!

Regarding to game requests,do take into consideration that long games could take Me from weeks to months to finish,let’s not hope for an year!You are always free to cancel your requests,as well as giving unlimited number of them.Order of requesting and value of donations play a big role in potentially getting your name/s on the list.It’s a thing.

I feel dead inside.