LR19 Stream Schedule 2020

Yuame Burg

Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

Monday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Tuesday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Wednesday 6.00 AM – 12.00: Retro Achievements /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Joruney

Thursday 6.00 AM – 12.00 : Entry /ANY/

2.00 PM – 8.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Friday 6.00 AM – 2.00 PM : Omnistone Journey

Saturday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Sunday: Rest/ Game Challenge /ANY/

Apart from what I usually focus on, there is also the addition of the Omnistone Journey project. It’s a recent thing that I’ve been thinking about, regarding as to how I want to handle League of Legends as a whole.

The project goal would be to win as many ARAM mode games as possible, using the Omnistone keystone only. Along the way, this will also set additional things up for me in terms of obtaining all champions and potentially, a level 5 for each of them. I am not sure at this time if I want to do something with the level- up system. A goal of reaching level 1000 seems kinda nice…


Apart from the Omnistone Joruney streams, I am prone to end early the others if the goals for them are reached. For a time being, I am willing to settle for doing one site award for RA streams. As for the entry one, I would do so as long as I beat the game with all LR19 regulations being covered.



For too long have I’ve been mocked for my lack of driver’s license! I’ve suffered ages having to miss on dessert every Friday! When was the last time I even had good shoes?

Well, I will not stand for this no more! It is time to expand! To conquer new territories! Every Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be going through Retro Achievements library, looking for new potential entries that I can add to my vault. I will post and talk about both the games and the achievements sets. In case an entry takes too long or does not meet the requirements of LR19, I will also make sure to write about that as well.

I will probably invest more time in this once I’m done with older volumes, some of which have been dragging on for years now!


Change into food


First of all, I’m going to finally update the vault with additional new images.Not fully, but enough to cover most of the emptiness.

As stated before, I won’t focus on any additional volumes until I’m done with the current ones.This will also let me actually focus on adding entries for the junkbox and the gauntlet as a whole.The junkbox feels empty and neglected, which is a shame from my end, since I’ve created it quite a long time ago.The gauntlet is a new addition that doesn’t deserve a similar fate to the junkbox.Both of those need a bit more love and attention…

On another note, I have quite a lot of Steam games left behind as well.Few people have been upset by me ignoring their presents and requests regarding that platform.Thus, I would also like to spent more time clearing as many of them as possible.

Apart from that, there’s not much to say. I’ll still play the video games and write about the video games and video games.

Happy New Year!


LR19’s Retro Video Games Gauntlet/ Announcement for additional new volumes!


The “LR19’s Retro Video Games Gauntlet” is an all-time open event, with unlimited counter set for entries, unlike in other LR19 volumes. [RVGG] was inspired by a certain thread on 4Chan’s /vr/ board and was further modified by adding the LR19’s super-clear rule.

Starting at NES, I will be working through various titles in this order:

Commodore 64
Sega Saturn
Playstation 1
Sega Dreamcast

Each game will be picked via RNG and will be announced on my twitter account, along with further updates regarding progress and whatnot.After the game is announced, I am given the time of three days to complete it (a week for RPGs). If I fail to complete the said game in time, I get to move on to another from the next console in line. An option to give up is also present, but I’ll try to avoid using it as much as I can, if not at all! Overall, I just wish to cover as many games from different retro consoles as possible. There are lots of consoles that didn’t get their names in the list and the reason for that is that I either have trouble emulating them or that I just don’t have any interest in the said console.[At least not at the moment…]

REWARDS! That’s right, I’ve mentioned that before! You can win a free Steam game! I’ll either gift people random things OR I’ll announce the game that I am willing to give away beforehand.ART SUBMISSION is a must if you wish to get into the oven! Don’t let that put you down! Do your best, regarding of your skill! Promote the LR19’s mascots via art submission and you shall earn games from various qualities and prices.PM me on Twitter,Steam or Skype if you need more information! Winners will be announced on twitter, along with the prize that they got.

The event will be active when I have free time on my hands.Again, Twitter is a pretty useful tool for letting people know when and why.Apart from that, I think that’s pretty much it…



The LR19’s fourth volume is where I play anything Touhou Project related.I am up for some Touhou and I wanna play the Touhou.Unlike other normal volumes, this one is set for 100 entries in total!

A new sub volume that focus on adult games.Few people asked for it, by which I mean three in total, but I’ll do it!Thinking about them low-quality, Ryona games… HECK YEAH!

I have a new goal in mind.I wish to clear every title on a certain console.I choose the Philips CD-i . I am curious about what games it has in store. The Zelda games that I cleared during the HSK event really grabbed me. My mind desires more of this console…MORE!

Sorry about the brief and rushed second part of this post.I don’t actually think that it would have been any better if I put more effort into it…


…and then I was like, Man, this video game is GREAT! /moments


I remember video games since the mid 90s, when the hot stuff in my country were the handheld “Tetris” devices, Famiclones and PC games. Due to the fact that they were a brand new experience, they all had a great and unique vibe within’. However, there were titles that managed to leave an incredible impressions on me, which still remain to this day.

I am going to list some of those in this post, state my opinion on them and share my past experiences.

“Jazz Jackrabbit 2”

This is a game that I played on my cousin’s PC in 1998. PC gaming as a whole was a brand new experience for me, so I had trouble working with the keyboard.I was mostly used to the Famiclone’s controller at that time. [Nowadays is the other way around…] I got hooked on the game and I don’t think it was because it was a new experience for me.I played many other PC games after and pretty much none were as fun as Jazz Jackrabbit 2. To this day, I still think it’s a solid platformer, with great music and neat level design. Quite buggy and glitchy, but still pretty fun. I played it with pretty much every one of my friends.They are not my friends anymore. PRO TIP: DON’T STOCK ON AND SPAM THE HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE WEAPON WHEN YOU PLAY AGAINST FRIENDS!

I’ve actually tried doing the game for the LR19’s vault, but gave up for a time being.Windows 7 doesn’t like the game, but I’ll get back to it eventually and fix the compatibility problem. It’s a TBD title!

“Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight”

My uncle had lots of cash on him one day, so he let me pick one of the expensive Famicom cartridges at the local market. Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight blew my mind right away. “I never knew NES games can look this good…” was one of my thoughts.I remember being 8 or 9 years old and I remember having hard time with the game. I played it a lot with my brother, but he was no good at it, mainly because he didn’t played it as much as I did. Eventually, I managed to beat it.I have to say, it’s one of those games that I felt good spending time on.

I cleared it again for one of the LR19 NES volumes.It got 12th place in the ranking list.

“Heroes of Might and Magic III”

I was introduced to the game by a friend at the local gaming club.Two weeks later I already learned everything about the game and I started building my own levels.What did I like about this game? Everything! RPG with variety, great music and FUN gameplay. Troglodytes! Magic! Turn based! Troglodytes! There is so much content in the game and the learning curve is pretty fast and easy.

I tried doing it for the LR19 vault.It went pretty well, but I need to get better at Impossible difficulty if I wanna super clear it…


One of my brother’s friends gave me over forty CDs with nothing but games on them. Oni was in one of the CDs! I remember playing it with a friend of mine who kept saying: “I really wanna fuck Konoko’s ass!” I also remember having lots of fun with the game, what with the fighting system and the huge levels that I really liked to explore fully. Bosses were fun. The plot was exciting. This is one of the games that I really wanted to see a sequel or at least a multiplayer option. Sadly, it never happen and I hope it stays that way. A new Oni game after so many years would just be… ugh, NO!

I kinda wanna do it for the vault by beating it on the highest difficulty.Just kinda.At least at the moment.

“Neverwinter Nights”

Another one from the forty-CDs pile that I got gifted. I remember playing it while i was really sick.I also remember playing it when I was supposed to go to school… and table tennis practice. I also played it a lot with my friends. The cinematics were really impressive.What was new for me was also the character customization. – Not only in terms of visuals, but gameplay as well. Hell, this is my favorite game of all time and Deekin is still as rad as he was back in the days!

I wanna do it badly at some point.Along with the many exciting modules…Everything! I LOVE NEVERWINTER NIGHTS! [The first only!]


There are many other games that left me with the same feelings as these five.I would say though that these ones are the most memorable.Most.