Month to 500 results are in, but also, some minor status updates

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So in the period of one month, I’ve managed to cover 47 video game entries in total. It’s a decent result, though not really satisfying in the slightest. I’ve been having some issues, both with making some of the games work and completing them. Apart form that, I’ve been having a hard time dealing with some problems that my PC machine has been experiencing of lately. It’s nothing too grand, but I would probably focus on acquiring a better toaster this summer. I’ve also had some health issues myself, but again, they are nothing to be quacking all about.

While the marathon lasted, I also started working on a game. An actual game, that I am thinking about potentially selling, once it’s done being developed. The reason for me to do that is because I had an idea and an opportunity, which were further supported by a certain people who are willing to give me a hand in the project. Teamwork is great, even if sometimes the quality is not as clean as a bride’s dress in a ketchup factory.

So for a time being, I will post updates on twitter regarding the game development. In addition, I would like to finish the marathon, even though the initial results are already in. I’ll probably combine both of these and try to be done by the time my birthday comes, as I have special plans for that day and onward.

I still postponed some planned posts for the site, but surprises are meant to be surprising. Have you changed your socks recently? You should do that!

Lisa the Joyless

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Another challenge for the weekend where I’ll attempt to complete “Lisa the Joyful”,without any usage of the “Joy” consumable item.I’ve beaten the game already,so I kinda have an idea on how I might be able to accomplish it,but we’ll see…

Same setup as before.Same time,same method,same rewarding system.It’s dumb,but for a time being it’s how things are gonna go,until I can…I don’t know,have a better setup or something.

There was also a suggestion that I do the game without any consumables.Now how many weeks would that take me?Is it even possible?Who knows?I have some doubts but…you can never know…

So,yeah!Can’t wait to try doing this one!I think that it’s going to be tons of fun…or not…Until tomorrow,I shall never know!


Managed to beat four of the bosses from the list,before I lost interested with continuing the challenge.I was expecting this to be a bit more difficult,but the fact that I ended up with more than 600 magz. which I could use to get all the consumables I need to cover the rest of the bosses,along with the fact that I can just abuse the free-rng-based gifts,AKA free jerky and firebombs,really killed my mood for it.

Also,my weekend was more busy than I was expecting,so there is that to blame as well.[Really now?]

At some point I am gonna go back to the LISA series and potentially put them in the vault.For a time being though,I need a bit of a break from them.