Poacher – Yorkshirevania Puddi’

yorkshire puddi

I really do enjoy the exploration parts in Metroidvanias – Finding hidden power-ups and gradually growing your character stronger and stronger, all in all for the sake of a final confrontation with a certain powerful entity… it’s a unique feeling that lead to the birth of many titles and various additional concepts over the years. It’s all fun and laughs until the ending screen, where the rabbit-girl puts on a space suit and goes off-screen for her morning jog, followed by your total time of seven play hours along with a 98% completion rate message. Calling to the Sega of Ubisoft, you learn that there was an item that you missed, which can only be acquired by avoiding Dr. Willy’s burger junkyard. A moment later you also realize that the phone you are using is just a can of diet coke, which of course just adds to your crumbling desire to go through the same game over again. NO THANK YOU!!!

Poacher is a Metroidvania by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, which follows the adventures of an Yorkshire countryman named Derek Badger and a ghost lady named Rebecca on their quest to bring peace to an underground kingdom consisting of ghost people, dark ones and pelicans. The plot is quite easy to follow and is fairy solid, which is a good addition to the usual “Lonely exploration nation”. “Poacher” is quite similar to “Cave Story”, only easier and a bit more dull around the edges when it comes to the platforming, puzzle solving and boss fights. Though regarding that matter, maybe we should exclude the secret boss in the game, who can pose quite the challenge. We are talking about a learning curve of 20 to 40 minutes – even more, depending on skill and experience.

Poacher DONE!

In all honesty, while “Poacher” could have offered a bit more in many aspects, the length and the learning curve of the game are a good examples of how to set a good replay value. I’ve played through the game in total of three times, all in all to get all the achievements, which add quite a spice to the gameplay. I had fun on each run, especially on the last one where I figured out how to access the secret boss. I guess the main reason why I enjoyed the game was due to the fact that it manages to properly reward you for your efforts, while eliminating classic annoying bits that we find in many other games from the same genre. You get a map [And at some point additional marks on it that point out where various items/ \special places\ are located], you get check points at proper places – not too many close to or far away each other… You even get a GOOD hint at how to access the secret hard- ass boss!

You also collect money from slain enemies, which you can use to buy items from a shopkeeper, once you’ve unlocked him. For mere 350 coins, you can buy a self- healing power- up and destroy pretty much 80% of the overall difficulty in the game. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

I love the special skin for Derek that you can unlock once you do a 100$ completion rate. Shoot a baddie, Pound comes out flying instead of cartridge. NEAT!

I wasn’t really impressed by the moves that you acquire that’s vital to your progress, like wall- jumping, diving, etc . Classy, but a bit boring. Also, getting out of water could be really annoying, depending on location. *cough* screen transition *cough*

In the end, it’s all thanks to pudding and weird dialect to rack up some extra point for my final decision to give “Poacher” a 6.7 out of 10! NOW LET’S ALL GET DOWN TO THE PUB, HELL YEAH DRUNK GIRL GHOSTS!


Level Up! – A game to which you go back after you dropped it few years ago…

level up

People tend to drop games and try them again after a while.People tend to develop reasons for both of those actions.As far as mine go regarding the flash game “Level Up!”, I remember dropping it due to the simple fact that I could not handle the loss of progress back then.The game has a single boss, who was fairly difficult, but losing against it would make you lose lots of viable stats and that was a big “NO!” in my book.

But recently,I decided to give it a shot once again.I stepped back to it with memories both pleasant and unpleasant.A small Metroidvania,with interesting gimmick and well-made sprites and graphics.Each action in terms of moving/running,jumping or even being idle, levels up the more you do it,improving in quality one way or another.True,the game didn’t shine in terms of character design, but it was pretty fun to explore its world while collecting various types of gems,which you would use to unlock new areas or skills.

But then I remember about the boss that appears when you go to sleep.Back then it was a disgusting fight,which would usually end up with me losing it,along with the progress I’ve done during the day.I would also remember about the race-to-the-flag quest in the mines.I was never a fan of time trails.Time as a whole is a concept that really bothers me and I do not wish to see it in my videogems!HOWEVER!…

…Both of those “fears” were for nothing.Giving the game another shot with my current mindset lead to Me finishing it in no time.I realized that the attack patterns of the boss were fairly easy to learn and the racing thing was…well,I did it on my first try.[The achievment one took me a bit more though.] Maybe I was not really into the game back then.Maybe I did not caught on the concept in the game.Maxing out your stats by jumping and running around like a moron and bumping into enemies on purpose so you can rise your fortitude…those things pay off.OH THEY PAY OFF,ALRIGHT!

Level up! DONE!

The game could have done better with the plot.People say it was pretty lame,especially the ending.I think it was just flavorless.I can see for what the author was going, but honestly, they could have just simplify it.It would have been quite alright with the decent gameplay that “Level Up!” was already offering.Music was alright.Npcs are there…offering you quests…neat touches… decent amount in terms of enemy variety…menus…menus…

6 +level up score of 7.00 – 0.01 is a final score that I can just leave on the table,so I can go read my animes.