Aya-chan World [PC-88] – Go Speed Racer Go!


“Aya-chan World” is a pretty interesting entry for the PC-88. It’s a short game where you control a car and you must race on various tracks against a set timer. The timer itself is quite generous, so you can take your time searching for the finish line. As for the tracks themselves, they are a mess of colors, like some obscure art piece from a gallery made by baby that rolled over some paint and then took a nap on the canvas. It doesn’t look astonishing, but it’s quite interesting in it’s own way.

The first few tracks are a bit more straightforward, while the latter ones are a bit more maze – like. It’s nothing too complicated, but one might still feel a bit disoriented. The car itself controls alright, no complains about it whatsoever.

Aya Chan World 1.1 DONE!

After the completion of each track you are being rewarded with a lewd CG of an anime girl who goes by the name of Aya. The further you progress into the game, the less clothes will Aya wear. Are you racing to impress her? Is she racing and getting all hot and bothered by the INTENSE tracks? None of these questions matter really, as anime is a topic that’s beyond any reasoning…

Aya Chan World 1.2 DONE!

This is a game that you would play once and never again. There is no point in exploring the more complicated tracks as there is nothing really else to find besides the finish line. It’s not really a bad game in a sense that it doesn’t really do anything wrong, but on the other hand, it doesn’t bring much to the table as well.


Hot Slots [NES] – {🍅} {🍅} {🐟}


When it comes to gambling, I usually prefer it in the form of video games. Of course, without any real money being involved in it. I’ve had my craze of purchasing lottery tickets for three days straight. It’s not a good feeling to depend on a piece of paper to grant you a large sum of money, given how low the odds are of any potential success. I honestly regret to this day any moment of my life where I’ve tried my luck at gambling. Even though I didn’t lose all that much money, I still would have rather prefer it if I had the brain to purchase more useful things, like food or light bulbs.

Hot Slots 1.1 DONE!

Every now and then, you get to win a little bit. Just enough to afford another ticket or coins, but never enough to cover your losses. One can easily get addicted, but just like drugs, any outcome of the whole thing will usually end up badly. Will winning a million dollars really change your life? I hope you are ready for Beggar Wave 127! No amount of turrets can stop that! Then you lose control of yourself and before you know it, someone shoots you in the head, while you are inside your car, near that one mountain resort you wanted to spent the weekend at. In case you don’t own a car, but rather have a girlfriend who is younger than you with six years in between, then good luck on paying for everything neither of you ever wanted…

Hot Slots 1.2 DONE!

Gambling can be fun. Maybe every now and then you want to liven up your boring life. Maybe you are playing cards with friends and betting some small sum or something of lesser value. In my case, the video games that I play let me gamble all I want for no cost whatsoever. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty boring. That goes not only for gambling video games, but for gambling in general. Don’t try to explain to me or compare types of gambling, they might be different in terms of feeling and experience, but for me, they all come down to the point of being completely dull.

Hot Slots 1.3 DONE!

Of course there are regional differences in this game. The Japanese version of “Hot Slots” uses Yen as currency and the text that appear when you trigger any of the sexy girl scenes is put in pretty frames. Hire me, please! I would benefit a lot from having an actual job! I am really good at video games!!!

To be successful in this game, I found that stopping the slots as soon as they start spinning, yields better results way more often than when you wait a bit. Want a fun challenge? Try to beat all three girls in a row with only 50 coins! Good luck! You can do it! Wow, you are amazing! Just… incredible! Thank you drive through!

LR19’s new volume and future project


The second volume is taking a bit too long, so I’ve decided to move on to the third one.It has been briefly announced not a long ago anyways, so I might as well start filling it with entries.With that, my current goal is to finish the rest of the second volume, do the third one and be done with the SNES side project.To be fair, I was thinking about giving up on the second volume’s theme and just fill the rest of it with random games, but I really wish to take my time and clear more of Matt Thorson’s titles. They are quite tough, but fun and well-crafted.Definitely worth my time, I think.  In the meantime, I’ll cover titles from Ben Yahtzee Croshaw. The reason why I choose him is because I’ve played most of his games before and I kinda’ want to add more games that I’ve cleared in the past to the vault.

After I’m done with these three volumes I’ll open up a special event.A gauntlet where I’ll try to clear randomly picked retro games, within’ a certain time period. One thing that might interest YOU, the reader: There will be rewards!I’ll be giving out video games for people via STEAM!Still, it’s an event that is way far into the future, but heads up! – Things could always change for one reason or another!


Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic – How I learned to not trust and fear video game sequels


Since I was done with “Magic & Mayhem”, what with being reunited with a genuine,pleasant experience from the past, I decided to actually move on to the second game in the series: “Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic”, and potentially be done with the brand as a whole.Stating in some of my recent twitter posts, I’ve expressed quite a dislike towards the second game, followed by a [fantastic] video respond as well.I wouldn’t call the actual factor for my negative response being that I grew up mainly with the first game.I played the sequel years ago as well, but I didn’t made any actual progress back then.

The second game was made by a different company.It was also made three years after the first game.It also gives you the same graphical feeling that you get in “Empire Earth” and “Age of Mythology”. Back then graphics like that were the stuff I guess. Still, I do not like them all that much.They feel pretty rough and plain.Same can be said about the animations.Units and wizards feel overall boring and lifeless.At least the music in the game is pretty nice.As for the gameplay,  the classic formula from the first game is still intact: Control your Wizard, summon creatures,cast spells and try to defeat the enemy wizard/s.Capture and guard places of power to regain mana, collect items, eat a pie and drink some wine to restore life.You still have the magical portmanteau where you can put ingredients into talismans for various combinations of spells.Of course, there are new ingredients and spells in the second game, but some from the first one remained.The campaign has lots of levels, but sadly, it’s not all that challenging, even if you set it on the highest difficulty.Lots of characters in the game, lots of plot as well.The dialogue in the game is VOICED and the actors are just TERRIBLE! “Yes, we hire just the best people from the local comedy-drama club.” You need to look at it with this mindset, otherwise you’ll be in for more than over 30 levels of pure, acting horror.

Here’s some more pointers about this “wonderful” game:

<> Some maps are HUGE, making certain matches drag on for way too long.I got bored to death. <>

<> The spell “Bury” is now a low-class spell, which makes it pretty spamable.This renders pretty much every undead unit useless.<>

<> Totems now have actual HP bars and can be attacked by creatures and wizards.Given that, they don’t feel as cost efficient as they were in the first game.[And as a whole!] [Except for “Totem of Guarding”.] <>

<> Aurax, the main character in the game, is a huge, obnoxious asshole. <>

<> Lots of lewd bits in the game, mostly with the revealing outfits on some of the female wizards.Also, TOTEM OF LIFE! And sentient, lady trees with knockers. <>

<> The spell “Judgement” got the “Bury” treatment as well, which renders every summoned creature in the game useless. <>

<> The spell “Gorgon Stare” now acts mostly as a snare and it doesn’t grant full protection from sources that inflict damage.Gotta love casting this on any player and just spam “Meteor Shower” on them until they die.You can also summon “Storm Giants” around the enemy wizard for the same effect. <>

<> [Third level in the campaign.] Nadia, Aurax’s sister, will keep casting fireballs at the skeletons, killing both them and the villagers who fight them.Have fun trying to earn those extra XP points by keeping the villagers alive.GREAT ALLY! <>

<> More questionable actions from both the allied and enemy A.I.<>

<> Some spells are A MUST if you wish to complete certain levels.They really are, I’m not going over the board with this statement! [Exmp:The “Heal” spell in the sewer level and the “Heal” spell as a whole.] <>

<> Collecting and hoarding items through the early to mid levels in the campaign will let you just breeze through the last ones. Screw PoP capturing, I just wanna find the enemy wizard and use my 5 “Storm Giant” statues,along with my 10 “Centaur” ones. <>

<> In that “one” level,my overpowered army keeps killing the Necromagus during the cutscene that triggers after he is low on HP. Since he becomes your ally that you must keep alive, the game just sends you to the “You fucked up!” screen. <>


There are few things that I enjoyed in this game. One of them being is that you get to unlock additional characters for “Battle”/Skirmish/Multiplayer/ mode. Each character has their own stats when it comes to speed, durability,size and whatnot, which is kinda neat. You unlock a secret “Stickman” character by speedrunning the “Greenhenge” level.I had fun with the whole unlocking process only, the reward itself is not all that satisfying.I’m not really into stickmen as a whole. I like that units receive visual upgrades when they level up.I also like that the upgrades they receive fit with their needs.The slow become fast, the vulnerable become tougher… there’s something for everyone!That is, until a wizard shows up and cast the “Judgement” spell.I think it’s time for me to cast my “Judgement” spell upon this game as well…

So then, I hereby give it a 4.5 out of 10.

If I could improve this game, I would definitely tune the mana cost on various spell, the efficiency of the “Bury” and “Judgement” spells and the size of some maps.///I would also remove the plot and voice acting from the campaign.///

Manami and The 3 Mysterious Island – Finally, a video game title that can stand up to the new DOOM and illegal 4d4 rolls!



It’s Manami inside a fantastic game, with carrots and llamas trying to rape you with haste.

Get it while it’s hot, special Steam school days boat sale!

So platforming, don’t get trapped or you might get fucked!”Manami and The 3 Mysterious Island” is for the Akarin 42!

Can you bap?


AND only for systems from Akarin!

Can you play video games today?