True Lice


♪ This is something hella’ great! ♫♩

♩ ♬ It’s something mega hella’ great! ♪

🎹 What is it? It’s Lab. Room 19’s two new volumes! 🎹

💀 Horror games per day [?], up until the Samhain date. 💀

/$/ Arcade games per buck, win yourself something from the STEAM truck! /$/

❣ Make sure to also donate or draw us a cute Lab. member today. ❣ 🙇

☢ Where are the new posts? ☢

🌠 Where are the good video games? 🌠

☮ I am too lazy for either of them, so just relax! ☮

⇬ What about the updates? ⇬

✟ When is my request going to be done? ✟

🐌 Take it easy, there’s plenty of time! 🐌

☂ I tend to take my time a lot, don’t be surprised if you fell asleep on the spot. ☂

🐧 But even so, accept my deepest apologies!!! 🐧


Lab.Room 19 – NES “The Revenge!”

The winter NES event turned out quite well,so I decided to keep playing NES games and potentially add to the number in the LR19 vault.

I am still going to play non-NES games and keep the main volumes intact.Consider this to be an extra-extra special volume.This time I am going for the straight “100” and I am not going to back off on it!

Also,I just wanted to have a reason to keep playing NES games in general.Also,I enjoy making huge posters of “Game Over-THE END-COMPLETED-DONE” games.

So there’s that.Now let’s see how many years would this take me!