Fear less! – Achievement unlocked!


This game is one heck of a cute Run’n’jump,where dying,upgrading your character and replaying the game is a must!Achievements exist,for good or for worse,wherein they are the main goal of the game,if one so desires to complete it.

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In a nutshell,the gameplay of this game revolves around good timing of your jumps and attacks.[You murder woodland crittarz]If you suck at those,just collect enough coins and upgrade your character ’till the game becomes too easy.Oh wait!You need to do so,since the game requires you to get all achievements if you want to beat it,thus including all the upgrades.

As most Run’n’jump games,you also have that “Distance traveled” meter,which may or may not have something to do with fulfilling a certain achievment in the game.Sadly,you can’t expect to travel a lot on your first try,due to your low amount of starting HP and since there are various obstacles that requires you to have certain upgrades in order to be avoided.That is of course,unless the game’s RNG decides to take a pity on you and not spawn them.

Fear Less!DONE!

What I didn’t like about “Fear less!” is the fact that on your first,blind playthrough the goal of the game seems pretty unclear.Before I got all the achievements,I kept thinking that to beat the game I actually have to travel a certain distance.Other than that,I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game overall.It has pleasant graphics and a straightforward gameplay.The plot is quite simple,wherein a girl has a nightmare about a scary wolf…and you know…forest…and her being dressed in red…like,cmon!Obviously,this game was inspired by none other,but the popular tale of Robin Hood!

The music in the game is alright.Not really amazing,but just alright.I don’t know!

6.8 out of 10 for this qtkak.