The MSX peach harvest

peach basket

The past few days, I’ve been browsing through the MSX video game library and the system really managed to grow on me. There are some pretty interesting and impressive for the time games, both in terms of concept, visuals and gameplay. Sadly, there are however certain emulation issues, mostly related to key bindings and certain ROM files not working properly. As a whole, I’ve been having a blast with the MSX, but I’ll be honest, there are some pretty challenging games on it that really managed to put a sweat on my forehead.

I’ve been picking on the “Peach up” disk station issues, which have some quality adult content on them. Most of it is vanilla, but there is some pretty unique content as well. You know, for those of us who might prefer their peaches a bit rotten along with the drink of a fresh morning dew! In general, I find the graphical presentation and the menu system of the “Peach Up” volumes to be pretty well- made. Latter issues even have some pretty decent animations alongside to spice up things even more, which is pretty surprising, especially given how smooth and good they look. I say that, but I don’t really know the full capability of the system, but hey! I am always willing and open to learn more about things that I don’t know so well!

I’ve prepared ten entries that I’ve cleared from the “Peach Up” disk station volumes! There are some more left, which I’ll probably do another time. For now, I just think that ten is more than enough for one post.

Pink Dynamite [MSX]

Pink Dynamite DONE!

This is a simple game of “Simon Says”, where you have to rescue two girls who are strapped in explosives. While the rounds don’t last for too long, the whole idea behind the plot elements is something I’ve never seen anywhere before. It’s a decent game, alright!

Naritaya Doujin Soft [MSX]

Naritaya Doujin Soft DONE!

A mere “Guess the number game”, where you get voiced directions by the girl as to weather you are close to the correct one or not. I’m glad that I have some knowledge in the Eastern Wonderland language, but I don’t think one would have any issues even without it. At least this game feels more interactive than the “Lipstick” series that I did recently…

Block Kuzushi [MSX]

Block Kuzushi DONE!

A pretty generic breakout clone, with a few power- ups that you can obtain every now and then. Power- up blocks are not random, but instead specific for each board, with a very noticeable display. The main power- up that tends to drop is the one that multiplies your ball. Taking into priority to keep all extra balls intact is pretty helpful, given that there aren’t things like the laser weapons power- up to help you blast through the levels quickly. Something unique for this game is that hitting the ceiling is a punishing factor. At early levels it will just increase the ball’s speed, but in later levels it will also shrink your paddle by quite a lot. The game is short enough though and you earn one extra life for each completed level. Once past level 8, the game will display all the erotic CGs that you’ve uncovered, them it goes back to level one and loops. Is there an end to these loops? I doubt it, but I would like to check up on it… one day…

Mirror Maze [MSX]

Mirror Maze DONE!

This is a really neat puzzle game about moving your character around on a board and flipping tiles by walking over them. You can jump and collect bombs or knifes to dispatch the various enemies that try to hinder your progress. Some of them just chase you around, but the vampires [?] are pretty mean, as they throw projectiles at you. They also move depending on which direction you take, so trying to rush certain levels is not always advised, as you can easily get overrun due to your own unaccounted actions. There are also wands. You pick up those and use them to clear every tile around you. This is the main and only method of clearing unreachable tiles. Take care though! You can only carry one item! Walking over another will replace the current item in your inventory with the new one that got picked up. Using a wand near tiles that are yet to be flipped, while having items placed on them, will remove those items during the flipping process. You have to be pretty careful, given that most levels are pretty picky regarding the number of resources you are provided with to complete your task. One wrong move and you can easily get stuck! You have two lives to beat the whole game and unlimited amount of continues [?]! Well, I don’t use those, but to be fair, after you go over the game once, it’s a pretty easy challenge to pull off! There is also an overworld map that you have to traverse and navigate in order to reach each level and ultimately, the final destination. The plot of the game revolves around freeing girls from mirrors and battling your nemesis to the point where you turn her into your loving wife [?]. Ah, this sounds familiar… It’s a pretty cute concept though, no?

A really enjoyable game overall!

Hyper Block: Kuzushichae Nugashichae [MSX]

Hyper Block - Kuzushichae Nugashichae DONE!

This is like a sequel to “Block Kuzushi”, what with new CGs and levels. New featured additions are the double paddle power- up and the levels where the gimmick is that there is no ceiling, so you have to control a second paddle on top in order to prevent the ball from leaving the screen. Extra lives can now also be earned through point accumulation as well, so as a whole, this sequel is really generous. There is also a new power- up that lets your ball  go through bricks, but it only lasts until the next bounce the ball makes so… It’s not very good…

Mirror Maze: Kagami no Naka no Aona-tachi [MSX]

Mirror Maze - Kagami no Naka no Aona-tachi DONE!

I guess this is a sequel to “Mirror Maze”, with a few changes and a major visual enhancements? For one thing, the mirror boards took to an isometric view, which can feel a bit weird at first. The frames on which they are placed look pretty sick though! This game looks really good just general! The puzzles are a bit tougher, given that the game tends to go places, when you take into consideration the wand range that can be abused. There are also more levels and the overworld map is still intact. It is not as interactive as the one in the first game though. However, extra lives have been removed and now you have a huge HP bar instead. This lets you be less weary of enemies, especially due to the fact that you can refill any lost HP in between levels at the hot springs place or via collecting health potions, which are fairly common in levels. Items are pretty much the same as before, though there are a few new enemies to deal with. The new additions revolve around mainly being more consistent in pursuing you, but they are nothing too hot a sun lotion can’t handle! There is a new character cast, with the opposition now being elves, who are quick to succumb to lewdness, as they are know to do in general. The main protagonist is now a girl, who I assume is set on a quest to free her potential soft- core lesbian lover. This in my opinion was the best game that I’ve played from the whole “Peach up” issues! Also, the jump now sees a bit more of an effective usage, given the new type of enemies. You also have to fight the final boss in this one on a 1v1 shootout party, unlike the first game! It can feel a bit tough at first, but the patterns in the fight are not anything too complicated. If you have some average experience with SHMUPS, this should be anything from a cake walk to a soup talk.


Outer Limits Bangai-hen II: R-Police Saiyo Shiken [MSX]

A card battle game, which took me a while to understand how it works. I’m not sure if the system in it is based on an actual card game, but it feels so to a certain extend. From what I can understand:

Red beats green.

Blue beats red.

Green beats blue.

In a case of the same color, the lowest number wins.

There are two additional cards. One of them lets you block any attack, while the other lets you win against any color and whoop a whole bunch of damage. Honestly, that card is your ticket to winning pretty much any round. As long as you manage to get it, that’s it! Just slam that shit right at the start, otherwise the CPU might get a chance to use the block card against it… Of course, they also need to get it, but you know! Better safe than sorry! But if you think that the CPU might have the good easy- win card AND you have the block card, save it until later in the round. The CPU always tends to use it either right at the end or up to two more cards before that. Oh, but if you don’t have a block card and they have the super- special card, then you are pretty much fucked! This game is somehow RNG reliant to a certain extend, but with a bit of trial and error, it’s manageable. It helps that it’s also fairly short, with only a trio of opponents to go through in a best of  three matches. The first opponent starts with less HP than you, the second has the same amount and the third one has a tad bit more. The game can be pretty frustrating, but I really like the main menu soundtrack! It’s weirdly catchy…

PS: It’s also usually a good idea to save on cards with low numbers and use them mostly at the end of a round.

Joshi Ryo Meguri: Seesaw de Peroncho [MSX]

Joshi Ryo Meguri - Seesaw de Peroncho DONE!

In this game, you bounce two guys on a seesaw, as they go flying around stealing female clothes from a girl’s dorm. The ladies of course are on the guard and will do their best to try and prevent that! The control that you are provided with in this game is mostly based on where on the seesaw one of the guys will land in order to send the other one flying at a specific angle, with a certain force. Keeping track on each guy sent airborne is pretty important in order to secure a safe landing. The girls in the dorm throw items at you and will even hit you hard with a frying pan, which will change the travel path of your airborne fella quite drastically, to the point of being lethal. I mean, we are talking about the value of personal space here, not getting your napkin dirty or anything! But this game is pretty short and even with just only two lives in stock, it’s nothing too complicated. At least not after a few tries, that’s it…

Seesaw de Peroncho Special [MSX]

Seesaw de Peroncho Special DONE!

More of the same, with MORE levels, MORE items to obtain in each stage and MORE extra lives. Completing a stage now rewards you with an extra 1-up and there is an actual difficulty curve now! You don’t just start straight into the claws of the harpies, which can give you some room and time to get used to the physics and controls in the game. Other than that… there isn’t anything new or special, it feels more or less like a more generous extension of the first game… I guess the items that needs to be collected now have smaller hit- boxes, but their number has been increased so… It doesn’t really change a whole lot gameplay wise.

Outer Limits Bangai-hen: Pikopon Nuide Nuide Game [MSX]

The last game in this list is a 1v1 math battle. You just calculate the equations that appear above the characters and depending of which one has the highest value, it will be the winning condition for the round. Your goal is to help the guy beat the girls, by successfully attacking them when the winning condition is on his side. This is simply done by pressing the directional key that is corresponds to the girl’s direction. However, if the guy doesn’t have the winning number and the girl does so instead, you will need to avoid her attack, which is done by pressing the opposing directional key as to the one for attacking. Simply put, it’s [Left] to attack and [Right] to defend. The girls can defend as well and you will also lose rounds if you attack a girl without having a higher number than her. As you progress, each new girl will have faster reaction times than the previous one, so it can get pretty tough. The last girl sometimes reacts so fast, you can’t even defend on time no matter how early you press the key! A good way of dealing with this issue and the game as a whole is pretty simple: Just attack when you have a result of 100+ and defend when you don’t! Rarely, your opponent will be able to beat a number as high as 100+, so this seems to be the safest bet one can make. Because, come on! Is it even possible to calculate both equations in time within’ the later stages of this game? Maybe! But I personally struggled with it, so here is my alternative solution! Don’t let the smell of cheese cloud your judgement!

Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice [PC-98] – Needle on the path


A lot of medical tools tend to look pretty grotesque and disturbing. The mere sight of them tend to fuel our imagination with excess ideas of an outcome that would cause us an unimaginable amount of pain, once said tool is put into use. However, in reality, the actual case usually ends up being that you feel little to nothing… I’ve recently had a really messy visit at the dentist, where it took a while for my tooth to get pulled out. For how bloody and unusually painful it was, it still didn’t reach THAT point of uncomfortable experience that my mind fantasized about earlier, before the visit. Perhaps medicine has advanced to a point where one can be always at ease regardless of how extreme the situation is… or maybe I just grew up? … [?]

“Totsugeki Masui Shoujo Alice” is one of the best “Pipe Dream” clones that I’ve ever played!

Still, RNG can screw you up majorly if the game doesn’t decide to give you the proper pieces, especially in later stages where the field is already filled with paths and there are few empty spots where you can discard.

While the game doesn’t have a direct answer to this issue, it offers others that makes things a bit more tolerable. One of them is the addition of 1- ups that you can collect. While they require a bit of additional work for you to collect them, a stage containing one usually means that you don’t have to worry about failing it, as long as you collect the extra life beforehand. Another thing is that instead of having to deal with a flow of liquid that slowly fills up the space and the path that you created, your only concern here is the main character Alice, who can move freely as long as there is a proper path set for her. Backtracking is an option and in some stages a key element for success. You can also make Alice move faster, which is pretty important for stages with tight time limit, which are usually the result of the player being forced to place path pieces on one another, as the game is forcing the lose time intentionally. These stages are the only pain in the butt, but there are things that you can do to prevent consecutive losses. Trying to discard as less pieces as possible is a no- brainer, yet again, it is still quite affected by the RNG. Don’t place pieces that would drain the timer near the goal if Alice has still a way to go! Wait for her to get closer, then after placing the piece, just fire her up to go as fast as possible. There are items that can refill your time meter, but they also require some additional path building to be obtained… usually.

( I really like how the level designer/s put items out of reach to tease the player. You don’t see that kind of design usually, but I still find it quite charming when I do, even if the joke does not have that much of a high impact.)

The game has a decent difficulty curve. It paces between throwing hard and easy levels at you, but in general, it’s quite low in difficulty overall. There is a save and stage select feature as well! If you are looking for a great adult content, this one offers only nudity, with one of the girls being on a plain, boring black background for some reason. Either there was a blackout or she was hiding in a basement, one can only wonder as to why that is as it is.

Personally, I am quite satisfied with this game. If you are wondering what do syringes have to do with this game, I guess it’s the main character’s weapon of choice, which she uses against a guy/s…? [?] You do have to collect one before finishing every 5th stage or else… you just can’t enter the house and a life is lost instead if you try to do so.

Don’t ignore a need for a syringe! Vaccinate today!

🍇 Nanoha Snake 🍇


I remember watching the Nanoha series around… a decade ago or so. I also remember dropping the show for a while halfway through the first season, because I found it to be incredibly boring. Then I came back to it an year later to finish it, along with the other seasons, only to be left completely unsatisfied in the end. Around that time I’ve seen many other series in the magical girl genre and I’ve come to realize that if it’s not a parody or has a high substance of comedy bits, it just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever.

But the thing with the magical girl shows is that they have pretty memorable characters, usually due to their colorful and detailed design. It’s quite common for one to end up liking the characters without much care for the quality of the actual franchise. I’ve met once with a person who said that they’ve watched all of Nanoha’s seasons and the conversation never went beyond that. They did liked Nanoha’s character because of her being a cute magical girl and… that’s it. Leave to the cute appeal to cover for the blandness!

Here we have “Nanoha Snake”, a flash game, clone of the classic “Snake” . As far as those go, I think this one is kind of alright. There are two modes – The first one is a bit slower in terms of progress and it requires a good snake management in terms of your overall increasing size. In the second one the snake moves a bit faster and you also progress so as well, but it’s nothing all too complicated. I was at the age of three when I played my first snake clone on the highest speed, which was faster than what you have in this mode. God bless bootleg handhelds… The speed in the first mode increases as well, but not all that much. It’s generous enough in consideration to the fact that you have to manage a snake that grows almost half the screen size.

After eating enough grapes, a bar fills up and Nanoha loses her clothes gradually. Once you fill the bar on any of the two modes, a CG mode can be accessed where Fate makes appearance as well, though she cannot be undressed… [?]

I find the first mode to be way more challenging and entertaining, but if you are too desperate to undress Nanoha, just do the second mode. I’m sure that will satisfy your nostalgic feelings of growing up with this bland- ass show, just as mine were satisfied with playing a decent game of snake.

BodyConQuest I: Abakareshi Musume Tachi [FDS] – Touch a dragon, feel a dragon


I want to go on an adventure where I bump and hump my enemies through battles, while beheading their commanders with my stainless steel body. Where women would undress for my entertainment, just because I have a conversation with them. A world, where the only woman in which I have interest would refuse to show me her ass, no matter what I do, even if I saved said world from a certain demise. That’s BodyConQuest for the FDS! The first ever RPG in which I had the pleasure to experience combat that revolves around colliding with your foes and boy it’s… pretty fun.

As far as the actual adult content in this game goes, the most you are going to get out of it is full nudity and not much else. I didn’t even knew before my second playthrough that you unlock additional scenes by talking more and more with some of the girls. The plot of the game is actually pretty alright and to a certain point it feels more rewarding to get and experience the sweet ending, rather than just looking at wenches meat flesh.

The game is pretty simple and easy. Just run into things to kill them, level up, get stronger, traverse plain and boring dungeons, get loot! Equipment is especially important in this game in order to be able to deal with stronger enemies, so make sure to check every shop and every corner of every dungeon for a potential higher tier item. You don’t need much grinding in order to progress. Maybe spending 5 to 10 minutes on each new type of enemies would be a good idea, just to be on the safe side, if that’s your thing. There is a key that you can miss if you don’t find and walk on the right spot on the overworld map, but all it does is let you speak to the locked hermit guy, who just tells you a hint for a puzzle thing that I managed to solve by myself. It also unlocks a shortcut to an area, which you don’t really need… Bosses are pretty easy, just aim for the head and make sure you are geared properly. Otherwise, there isn’t much more to this game. It’s a simple, fun and quite enjoyable game. It won’t blow your mind, nor will you be able to blow your load, but it’s quite suitable for a late afternoon tea break.

Bodycon DONE!

I forgot to mention that there are also spells in this game, each of which, from the start, is overpowered enough to further ensure your success. The music didn’t strike me as something grand, but it was quite nice nevertheless.

Maybe one day I’ll play the sequel. They say it’s pretty tough, but hey! I managed to learn how to properly wash a table cloth with the cleaner, I don’t see how can anything else in this universe be more challenging than that!