Feedworld: Fiddlesticks Odyssey


On the dating simulator game called “A support in League of Legends”, when picking the character Fiddlesticks, you already start with negative 100 points. For each good ultimate execution, add plus 1 points. Add half a point for a good crow bounce. Romantic paths are pretty much impossible and just getting to the zero point score is a chore big enough, but it will save you from being reported by your team and getting a two week unpaid trip to Hawaii.

But watch out for actions that will add additional negative points! Like using “E” on the minion wave, getting caught early by a crowd control effects or not building a “Redemption” for your team as fast as possible! If you can’t save your ADC from a Blitzcrank who pulls them under the enemy turret, they’ll run it down mid for sure! That’s pretty much an instant Game Over! If you leave the bot lane to roam, they will open a grand buffet all- you – can -eat before you manage to even get to the mid lane! Free food usually tastes awful, honestly!


I am still waiting for a Fiddlesticks champion shard…


I was pretty skeptical about Aftershock, but it turned out to be pretty good. If anything, not a lot of people expect you to suddenly turn into the toughest nut to crack in the universe. You still do a pretty good damage and can poke down the enemy bot lane early, even without the magical squirrel. Stopwatch is a really good rune, which I feel is a must, as it could really give you the opportunity to turn around many sticky situations.


This is the “Fun Build” Fiddlesticks. You do it when you play with friends or when on a huge lose streak. That way you can add more defeats to your match history and brag about it on the internet at some stupid internet forum. Spend ten minutes saving gold for Twin Shadows and then enjoy your two seconds of fun when you cast it and spray the enemy with icy lasers. Even when you lower the item’s cooldown with runes and add to its efficiency with the Glacial Augment, it still feels pretty useless, IN MOST SITUATIONS! Maybe it could have been good if the ghosts left a speed buff trail or something. I don’t know.


This is the best Fiddlesticks rune page setup. You get cheaper items, free clock, free RG item, free ward, true damage and lower item CDR. You can chase people down and fear them, you can dive under enemy turrets with an early hourglass and not get a follow up by your team. It’s a rune page that provides you with lots of utility. Not having the Resolve tree does sucks, but I think that at the cost of some tank stats., being able to utilize items to catch people and scale faster pays off much better.

Ghost poro is good. You can use to to scout for early bot side crab enthusiasts and to prevent enemy ganks. Given how much time it takes for the warding items to be completed and how limited trinkets are, this is much better than the short living Zombie wards or the free 30 AP eyeball collection that… I mean, come on! 30 AP? And you need to stack it! No…

Come play with me on EUNE, “LR19 FlareEX”!!!

Manami and The 3 Mysterious Island – Finally, a video game title that can stand up to the new DOOM and illegal 4d4 rolls!



It’s Manami inside a fantastic game, with carrots and llamas trying to rape you with haste.

Get it while it’s hot, special Steam school days boat sale!

So platforming, don’t get trapped or you might get fucked!”Manami and The 3 Mysterious Island” is for the Akarin 42!

Can you bap?


AND only for systems from Akarin!

Can you play video games today?

Life of D. Duck II – Ecologically friendly and lawful evil!

life of d.duck 2

By sacrificing porridge investment,for the sake of longer playtime,much more involving puzzles and a really neat music,”Life of D. Duck” gets a sequel in the form of “Life of D. Duck II”!Here’s a rare sight – I typically don’t talk about the music in video games,unless they manage to hit the right spot for me.”Life of D. Duck II” does that quite well.While the music in the first game was neat and alright,the one in the sequel can get pretty catchy,to the pont of getting addictive as well.[Shout out to “Uncle Jubalon’s theme!]

“Life of D. Duck II” keeps the charm and flavor from the first one,while providing even more puzzles in terms of quality and quantity.It’s not like the puzzles get any more difficult,it’s just that their numbers goes up,as well as the quality of their formulas.[As long as you follow the path of a basic logic///cough,cough,you shud be fine!]You even get a list for your progress,which I found to be a pretty neat addition!In terms of playtime,the first game took me around 30 minutes,while this one however,I end up sitting on for around four hours and so.

Life of D. Duck II DONE!

You know,this  entry is a pretty good example of how sequels should be made!Keep the good flavor,take the good parts from the previous one and just add and improve what it lacked.[I am not a big fan of “Lets just remade everything thing formula…]It’s fine if we sacrifice the porridge for it…IT REALLY IS!Some of you might not agree with that,some might even start a riot about what is a healthy food and how we can protect our dying planet – and honestly,it’s fine!You get to experience that in the game in,I STRONGLY hope, [un]ironic way.You also get to meet more new classic D. Duck character,like cousin Anton and #Harry Hlopdusk#!Overall,you are up for some good times!

Now that I think about it,I guess I’m enjoying this game mainly due to its obscure nature,music and the fact that involves parodied Disney characters.After all,my 90s childhood was spent quite a lot on those,mainly on Donald Duck.[I didn’t liked the Mouse,but don’t tell nobody!I am a sucker for a loser characters!I don’t really like Anime,but keep that a secret as well!’]

I am giving this AGS game an 8 out of 10 and all the porridge in the world can’t stop me from doing so!

— [If I had to make a top 10 AG titles,I would gladly put this one of the list…. –

Life of D. Duck – To Pat Oorridge and beyond!


So what is it that makes a porridge so special?Well starting from the fact that it would never keep a track of your search and browsing history,a porridge is unlikely to make videos where it would scream at video game ghosts or for no reason whatsoever.Additional good trait for a porridge is that it doesn’t tend to be discriminative towards genders,not only because it lacks any,but because it’s a freakin’ porridge and it lacks sentience!

You can date a porridge,you can try to go all the way with it,but in the end,it won’t say a single word to you!Overall,you are a tool for the porridge!If the porridge can’t use you as a consumer,you are useless to the porridge.How would you feel if you went to bed without eating your porridge?Like,would you really consider going to sleep with the feeling of being worthless to a single bowl of porridge?

Let’s be real here!If there is a way for a person to reconnect once again with nature in these modern times,it will be more or less through porridge.The porridge will lead you to the heart of mother nature,reavealing you mysteries long forgotten alongside.It will also watch you as you are being completely obliterated by a wild,nuclear bear!

Porridge is pretty awesome!

Life of D. Duck DONE!

…and you know,in “Life of D. Duck” you get to make and eat porridge!With all the facts about porridge that we just went through,I am not really seeing any actual score that would fit with this great game!


What do you mean you don’t know how to enlarge a .pdf so you can print it in larger format?Just follow the porridge’s instructions man!Don’t just get a tattoo at the age of sixteen at the local barber shop!Stay out of the soda hell located deep under the sea!